Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Free bag of your choice??!!

Yes, you've read it right and it is for real! So if you've not heard or read about it yet, hop on and join the very first Joint Venture GIVEAWAY CONTEST of Malaysian Online Baby Shops (MOBS). And for its first JV giveaway contest, MOBS is organizing it with that sells affordable yet chic and classy bags for any occasion. You name it has it i.e. casual bags, sling bags, grab bags, laptop bags, evening pouches, shoulder bags and many more.

Now close friends will say I have too many bags already. But you know what, too many is never enough for any girl who hearts versatile styles that comes with affordable prices right ;p I have always go for classic and elegant style simply because it will be eternity evergreen. Hence, I don't need to worry about it being out of style or out of season. For that, I would love to own the MUSE Onyx Black Patent Quilted Satchel from the Classic Corporate category in
I simply adore the design and shape which was inspired by Yves Saint Laurent. It is made from patent faux leather and gold color platings. It has triple function: grab bag, shoulder bag or sling bag that comes with adjustable shoulder or sling strap. It is top zipped and has single compartment with 3 inner pockets. Furthermore it has bottom feet to keep bag standing - me likey coz what's an elegant bag that looks sloppy when you put it down eh ;p Personally, I feel that this bag is not only suitable for the corporate world but it is chic enough to be used during one of the many shopping trips with your girlfriends as well as a travelling companion. Looking at the size i.e. Height: 9in (23cm)Length: 11in (28cm)Width: 5.5in (14cm), I won't be surprise if it has enough room to put some baby stuff such as a diaper, a small pack of baby wipes, a change of baby's clothes such as a romper and even baby's milk bottle for a dash to the supermarket - what someone like me (a working mom) always wanted i.e. a multipurpose elegant looking handbag for any occasion! ;p

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wen said...

hmm very tempting.. its never enuf for women, be it bags, shoes or clothes eh.. :)