Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Forget American Idol, here comes Ethan!!

Ethan started to sing with some real wordings recently...not the whole song but at least a few short's his version of Row, Row, Row your Boat ;p

Our lil' singer stayed up a lil' bit longer than his usual bedtime last night...he refused to sleep and changed into his pj so we asked him to sing instead heee... this was taken around 9.30pm...although he was obviously pretty sleepy but that didn't deter him from singing us a song with a big yawn in between ;p

I love to see him doing this each time he finishes a song - self praising!?? Nah... he was merely mimicking us as we normally do that (like most parents would) whenever he finished a song heee...


Jewelle Tan said...

Kesian kena dera si Ethan ni menyanyi - sampai yawning2. Si Papa Ethan tu bah, hilang macho di belakang, ha!

wen said...

self praising..hmm very confidence of himself..good!