Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tip of the day: Walk faster with chicken legs!!??

Last Saturday, we brought Ethan to Taman Rimba again and this time with his cousin Joshua tagging along. It was all well and as we were on our way back to the car, Joshua stroked a conversation with me that gave us all a good laugh afterwards :)

The conversation:
Uaua, jangan jalan telampau cepat ba...tunggu Aunty J ba (Uaua, don't walk too fast, wait for Aunty J)

Joshua slowed down for me to catch up with him before he said...

Joshua: Haiiiii...napa uncle Alvin sama Ethan jalan lambat oh?? (Sigh....why do Uncle Alvin and Ethan walk so slow??)

Me: Ethan masi kecik ba..mana dia buli jalan cepat macam Uaua (Ethan is still small, he can't walk as fast as Uaua..)

Joshua: Tula dorang tiak makan kaki ayam...kaki ayam bikin capat jalan tu... (it is because they didn't eat chicken feet as chicken feet can make one walk faster...)

Me trying very hard not to laugh and said...

Me: Ohhh ya ka ...makan kaki ayam buli kasi cepat jalan ka..aunty tiak tau oh...(Really? I didn't know eating chicken feet enables one to walk faster...)

Joshua: Ya betul tu...tapi makan tu kulit ja la bukan tu tulang (it's true...but only eat the skin not the bones...)

I just nodded my head and tried very hard not to laugh!! But can't resist to share it with the rest upon bukling up in the car which gave hubby and our domestic helper and the next day Joshua's mum a good laugh :)

As they say, kids do really say the darnest thing!! hahaha...

Oppsss...I almost forgot to share some photos :)

Three's a company :)

Ready, get set...

Go!! Two happy boys having fun :)
My nephew Joshua a.k.a. Uaua :)


Mama UauaMomoi said...

hahaha.... my dear Uaua.. funny how he can think such way kan.

Mama UauaMomoi said...

hahaha.... my dear Uaua.. funny how he can think such way kan.

Cath J said...

ha??? Makan kaki ayam???? kalau jalan kaki ayam di rumput I believe lah hihihihi... like my son... my mom kasih jalan kaki ayam di rumput... nah... belum 1 tahun sudah

Jewelle Tan said...

Ha! So ini theory daddy or mummy si Joshua ni??

Actually ada orang percaya lots of chicken legs make you travel more tau!

Evelyn LG said...

:D so cute.. makan kaki ayam boleh jalan faster .. but I always makan kaki ayam pun slow juga .. :D.. They really had so much fun kan di Taman Rimba, nnt la when I'm back to KK sia pi cari tu tempat.. sure my kids berabis main :D

Mama Mia said...

LOL..sia tida pernah dgr pulak ni theory. Tp yg kasi jalan anak kaki ayam di rumput tu mmg effective la.. :)