Sunday, November 1, 2009

Mutaquinbaby diapers - last day of sale

This is an announcement I got in my mailbox this morning from Muttaquinbaby... just to share with the CDs mommies in case you're interested ;p

"Hi all,
This is the last day for the "buy2get1free" coupon :) I also wanted to mention I stocked more aio's and also some front and side snapping larges :) thanks for your reading!

I got this in my inbox at 4.05am today (1st Nov), so if you're interested wait no more ;p

So did I get any? I certainly did! Ordered the fitted 3 Step Rise 1 Size which I can test on Ethan since he is not fully potty trained yet and of course for our second baby later on :) Yes, I've started my shopping for bb #2 especially on diaper covers, prefolds, just a few sized cds and a few fitted as I intend to fully cloth diaper bb #2 ...that is if he is not as super heavy wetter like his big bro Ethan hehe.. but for sure I will start bb #2 on cloth diaper earlier this time...I only started cloth diapering Ethan when he was 6 months old. I intend to start CDing bb#2 after his confinement...for the first few days or weeks I may put him on either prefolds or the traditional napkins with cd covers on...


Deana E said...

Hi Joyce..ya i remember you are quite sceptical about CD before. Last holiday in KL I feel so glad I use CD coz when I have to buy disposable pants for sona and there are like so expensive..i started the 1st day. you can use liner and take it out after the baby poo and still can use the cd. they poo littel bit only so that works for me. i bought few fleece and normal liner ( washable) i also use the dispo liner. do not but too many small CD, baby grow fast. i have few small, more of M and L now.

Aunty J said...

Hi Deana, thanks for the tips especially the fleece liner...I'll prob will add on the liners...I only bot S size diaper cover...CDs, I only bought M size. The rest are mostly from Ethan either OS or L size cds :)

Bonnie said...

I bought mutt too on their sale. now waiting patiently for them to arrive. HEHE. But dint know about the free shipping. Is it still on?

Aunty J said...

Hi Bonnie, i've emailed Michelle abt the free shipping..will let u know when i get a reply from her ok :) I bot another AIO for the free shipping order. So all in all together wt the free diaper i won, i'm waiting for 5 diaps from Mutt ;p