Monday, December 14, 2009

My lil' musician

Like most kids, Ethan likes music instruments ... including violin which sometimes he will pretend to play when he hears the classical music I put on for baby#2 or certain songs... Drum is another instrument that seems to caught his interest...I initially wanted to get him a set as Xmas gift but we changed our mind after the 'noise pollution' he made at MIL's using a plastic soup spoon & a big empty water container a couple of months ago...don't think it will be a good idea especially when baby #2 arrives ;p He will also pretend to play piano on MIL's dressing table or on a box at times.

At home, he only has his guitar and xylophone as music instruments but he broke his guitar a few weeks ago. We intentionally did not want to get him a new guitar as a lesson for him so that he will know how to appreciate and look after his toys. But he is one lucky boy as he got a special surprise from one of this grand uncles from hubby's side two Sundays ago. His grand uncle Edward & family just got back from a family vacation and bought Ethan a really cool guitar from Cebu...and guess what, not only did Ethan got a new guitar but he was able to play with 2 other guitars belongs to his lil' Aunt Katherine and another one of his grand uncle Edward's guitars too! Aren't he lucky?! ;p

Hubby's uncles especially from his mom's side are music incline lot. They love to sing and they can easily form a band. His Uncle Edward is one of them who loves to sing and plays the guitar well and our Ethan has always been a great fan of his :)

Ethan with grand uncle Edward and his brand new guitar...unlike his broken toy guitar, this one looks like a real guitar with real guitar strings and all :)
Notice the way he holds the guitar...not so pro yet eh ;p
This cute pink guitar belongs to his 11 yrs old Aunt Katherine...see how he holds the guitar now...looks more like a pro hehehe...
Another small guitar belongs to his grand uncle Edward...

And what happened after all that hard work of plucking 3 guitars??... a blistered finger of course which Ethan thought was a sticker 'stucked' on his index finger though he did said 'pain, pain' when he showed it to us hehehe...and for the past 1 week although it is almost completely healed...he will still repeatedly 'report' to us about his lil' wound so we can blow and kiss it better ..such a 'drama boy' eh ;p


Cath J said... many guitar.... and ada Pink guitar... ^_^

wen said...

ouch! luckily its not serious!