Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ethan in Playschool

We've enrolled Ethan in playschool since 4th January so that he will have more activities thus be able to learn more new things. Furthermore, he will be able to socialize more with children of his age and hopefully be more discipline and independent. I think teachers seems to be better at it then parents or grandparents as we tend to be soft hearted and spoil our own children or grandchildren ;p More importantly I want him to have some activities so that he will not feel neglected when Eli arrives since he will be pretty occupied at school during my confinement and maternity leave.

We've have expected that there will be some resistance from him or any child that goes to playschool, day care centre or school for the first time. He didn't realised that we will leave him at the day care on the first day. He probably thought we brought him out for an outing to play at the school and have some friends around. He didn't even realised we were gone when we left him alone there. It was only after sometime that he realised we were missing and started to sob for a while. But his teachers told us that not for long as he was more fascinated with the amount of toys in the centre ;p But he learnt pretty fast as the next 3 days was a bit of a struggle to leave him there as he protested and cried when we left him.

It was a heartache to hear him cry but we just have to bear with it as that's what all parents will have to go through once the children starts going to school...and not only the crying but also having to bear the possibility of the children getting sick more frequent while adjusting to the school bugs. In fact Ethan had to rest at home for 2 weeks the other day as ordered by his paed as his cough and flu didn't go away for almost 3 weeks plus high fever after kept getting infected...his paed did warned us that this is expected till his antibody get adjusted to the new environment ...he even told us that he won't be surprise if he keeps seeing us for the first few months...I thought to myself oh dear what have we done...but then again it is something we will have to go through sooner or later anyway...

After the 2 weeks rest from playschool and him fully recovered, I thought we will have to start all over again sending him to school...but surprisingly it wasn't as bad as I thought...although he did resist and sob for a while but only for a very short while before he started playing with the toys there.

As of now, I'm glad to say that there have been improvements and changes in him since he started schooling. He listens to instructions and can wait for his turn as opposed to previously. He also plays with his new found friends there and got pretty attached with one particular teacher i.e. Teacher Jojo ;p Just this morning he didn't want to let go of hubby's hand when he sent Ethan to the playschool but as soon as he saw Teacher Jojo, Ethan totally forgotten abt hubby! haha...The only concern I have is that he is still not eating the food at the centre...the teachers said he is still new and still adjusting to the new environment...but luckily he still drink his milk and now mixed with cereal since he doesn't want to take rice at the centre..and he eats his bananas without fail everyday. I'm please with that coz at least banana is still carbo so he won't be starving. I do bring him some biscuits or toasted bread from home too in the morning. So at least he still have something in his stomach...just hope he will start to accept the food prepared at the centre soon..

Overall we think he does like being in the school despite the mild protest in the mornings coz each time we fetch him after work he will not exactly want to go home per se. In fact, he will sort of want to show us what he can do in the school by playing with some of the playground 'toys' like the slide, the rocking horse etc. He even protested when we carried him to the car to bring him home ;p

But what I like most is seeing his happy smiley face whenever he sees us in the evening...just show how glad he is to see us and that he misses us hehehe....the thought of it just melt my heart :)

On the way to the playschool for the first time

He was pretty much occupied with the toys there that he totally forgotten abt me and hubby ;p

Enjoying himself :)
In his school uniform and sunglasses ;p

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