Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Off from work

Yup am officially having my advance maternity leave as ordered by my gynae since Monday. Why? Basically because I had a premature birth previously with Ethan which was rather complicated. He was 35 weeks and 2 days when he popped out :) My gynae informed me that I'll have 35% chance of a 2nd premature birth. Hence, to prevent this from happening my gynae has asked me to rest at home from week 32 onwards which I started at 33 weeks 4 days instead ;p Honestly speaking, I'm glad I got the chance to rest at home (which is contradictory to my initial concern of having to take early maternity leave for fear of being bored at home...) as I was getting heavier by the day and climbing up the staircase which is like 3 floors up (am not exaggerating, the staircase is that high..) though our office is on level 1 is no joke for me or any heavily pregnant ladies ;p Besides that I've been pretty tired the last few weekends as was busy getting things ready for the arrival of Baby Eli...

Anyway, here I am at home resting and enjoying some quiet me time besides getting things ready for the special day :) My hospital bag is almost done and so is baby Eli's bag. Just need to get some snacks nearer to the date. So most likely we'll be bringing 2 bags plus Eli's stem cell kit and some snacks.

Baby's clothes etc are all arranged nicely in his chest of drawers. My confinement chinese meds, herbal bath for both me and Eli and vitamins are all arranged nicely in the kitchen cabinet. What is missing are some herbs/ foods during my confinement which we will get nearer to the date...will need to wash and sterilize bottles and the breast pump too.

So you'll probably see me posting more entries especially the so outdated ones now that I have more free time, so stay tune :)


Deana E said...

have a good rest mummy...2nd pregnancy is more tiring than 2nd one right. sona is becoming more clingy now. she knows she has adik in my tummy but i am not sure if she really understand about ethan?

Cath J said...

Have a good rest and have a very nice day... ^_^