Wednesday, July 14, 2010

They were in town..

During the last school holidays, hubby's SIL and the kids were in town for a short break. So what better time for Ethan and Eli to meet up and play with their cousins including the latest addition i.e. Baby Sarah...she is such a chubby and cuddly baby...I tell you, those super chubby legs are to pinch and bite for!! ;p
FIL with Adam, Ethan & Farah
And now with Eli minus Adam ;p
Baby Sarah is only 6 days older than Eli but just look at the size difference!! At 3 months old she was already 6.3kg!! Oh btw, pardon the shiny & oily face was a very hot afternoon!! ;p
FIL with his two lil' heroes ;p
Just look at her!!
Me & my precious lil' treasure ;p
If only you could see Sarah's chubby will be like me wanting to bite and pinch them!! haha..
Cute lil Adam who is about 4 month younger than Ethan...
The kiddos with MIL and SIL :)

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