Thursday, August 19, 2010

Noah's Fullmoon

Time flies and before we realised, Baby Noah celebrated his fullmoon on 1st Aug. Ethan of coz as usual had so much fun during the party.. eating, playing, discovering and 'bullying' his cousins and new friends ;p

As for Eli, it was the first outing for him...previously we didn't bring him out much except to MIL's , the clinics or doctor due to the inconvenient cause by his reflux..but now that his reflux is almost gone we can enjoy bringing him out more :)

Baby Noah being baby of coz was in lala land most of the time during his party but he is such a cutie pie nevertheless!!

Come and enjoy the photos in my FB

And oh.. I've asked Hannie to make a page especially for baby Noah as one of his fullmoon's gifts.

The final look after the page has been framed up :)

And talking about Hannie, here's another page she made on Ethan recently :)


chegu carol said...

happy full moon noah!
and hi joyce, lama didnt singgah here :)

Lorna said...

Huih, hebat la si Fon Mee punya design... happy full moon, cutie! (si Noah ya, bukan mommy dia hahah! ok la bah, mommy dia pun kiut jua...)

Lorna said...

Sori, bukan mommy, but aunty :P OK la, mommy pun buli la. Sot sudah saya ni.