Monday, January 17, 2011

Love bite

No, its not what you're thinking...rather am talking about special 'love bites' by my cutie pie Eli ;p

As of today, our precious baby Eli has 4 incisors (2 at the bottom and another 2 at the top). Looking at the "When to expect babies' teeth" guide I posted much earlier, I'm expecting at least another 4 more incisors before he turns 1 in March. I guess he must be trying to satisfy his biting instint because of late Eli has been sinking his baby teeth on me!! Just yesterday alone I received two love bites from Eli! ;p
The second love bite I received yesterday courtesy of baby Eli ;p
When it comes to brushing or cleaning his teeth/ mouth..forget the finger brush or a towel..this will do less damage to my fingers, thanks to Pigeon!! ;p

Our little treasure ;p

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