Friday, March 11, 2011

My family through the eyes of Aishah

We have a special visitor at work today and she is a very artistic and talented little lady...see her drawing of my family...yeah she pays attention to details that she is able to highlight my thick lips and Eli's spikey hair ;p
..based on this picture....
..and am not putting her fabulous effort into waste so it became my first new office wall decor ;p
Thanks to our special guest, my wall doesn't look so empty anymore ;p
and if you wonder who's that lilttle lady is, here she is - meet Aishah, the little artist ..aren't she adorable :) 
She's the lovely daughter of my colleague Neneth :) 

To Aishah, thank you so much for your special piece of art..indeed a priceless masterpiece worth keeping!  And as an appreciation of your hard work, Tante Joyce dedicate this special entry just for you ;p Keep up the good work as who knows you might be the next Picasso ;p
Aishah & myself :)
Us again with her masterpiece behind ;p

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CathJ said...

very nice drawing.. and yes she is so particular with your sexy lips too... kids.. the really observed.. ^_^