Thursday, March 10, 2011

1 Year Old Eli

Yay!! Eli turns 1 time flies and my precious lil' guy is growing up so fast!

Happy 1st Birthday my cutie pie...Daddy, Mummy and KoKo Ethan love you very very much....hugs and kisses...

As of 8th March Eli weights 9.05kg and is 75.5cm in length...more about him in my next entries especially on his 1st Birthday Bash and his Baptism. Stay tune ;p

Oh BTW, you can have a sneak preview on Eli's birthday party at Glo's from Inspired By Gavin Such lovely pics she took! Oh..Glo specializes in taking children and children events using natural light can contact her if you wish to engage her fine services :)

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CathJ said...

Happy birthday to Eli... ^_^