Friday, December 21, 2007

Airway infection

My baby has not been well for the past few days...all due to airway infection.

We brought him to the paed on Wednesday and he was given antibiotics, flu and cough medicines. But this morning we were a bit worried as his breathing seemed to be a bit heavy. So again we went to the paed just to have another check on him. The paed told us that the heavy breathing is due to the heavy mucus in his chest. It was quite bad that the paed said it is better to use the nebulizer on him so that the medicine will go straight to his lung to loosen the mucus in his chest. Best not to prolong the situation in order to prevent him from getting asthma too. Consequently, we were also asked to bring Ethan back to the clinic this evening to see if he needs another dosage using the nebulizer.

Ethan was still breathing quite heavily this morning. It got us both worried and so decided to bring him back to the paed just to check on him again...But as we were about to step out from the house, Ethan vomited and a large portion of the vomit was his mucus!! Thank goodness his breathing improved a lot after he had vomited the mucus out! Thus we decided we'll only go to the paed this evening....Despite the airway infection, Ethan is his usual active, playful and cheerful self though he seems to have lost a bit of his appetite...with the irritating mucus and cough...can't blame him right...hope my poor baby will get well soon....

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