Monday, April 7, 2008

Ethan is 10 months old today!!

Yes, my little prince charming is 10 months old! His weight about 2 weeks ago was 9.8kg. I shall update this entry once we bring him to his monthly check up at the government clinic next monday. Till then, enjoy his 10th months old pics! ;p

Not so good mood in the morning ;p

On the way to grandma's

Him trying to read with his book upside down! ;p

My multi-tasking baby - drink milk, sleep and "read" at the same time hehe..


Nessa said...

Happy 10 months old to Ethan :) Muah, muah on his cheeks!

emelda said...

adeh deh, happy 10 months old my dear boyfriend!

Sia mau gigit itu tangan si Ethan oh...macam sedap saja. Giritan sia ni.

jppmom said...

happy 10th months old ethan..time really flies kan? mcm sekejap saja udah dorang besar..ndak lama lagi tu berlari-lari udah tu...kiss him from jppmom ok..muaaahhh!
BTW, multi tasking is normal for us kan ;)

Aunty J said...

Thanks you...I oredi kiss his cheeks for you...hehe..

Nah capat kau balik sebelum bf kau jadi gantua! hahaha...sia pun selalu gigit2 tangan dia and his paha tu....mimang siok oh mau gigit2 tu ...bikin gerigitan haha...

Ya time really flies like nobody business!! Ya paning la kami nie once he starts running ard...

Ok, considered it done!! His cheeks oredi panuh saliva kana kiss haha...

Yup we ladies always multi tasks...unlike men haha..

tanakwagu said...

tahniah, cute tu baby oh, macam sya mo kubit he:)

Nick Phillips said...

Happy 10 months to Ethan then. He does have cute chubby cheeks ... hehehe ...

cindy said...

Happy 10 months old, handsome Ethan! Woohoo.. nanti besar handsome macam Ethan Hawke tu! :D

osindak said...

Wah inda lama lagi Ethan 1 year old oh!! Ada big bash ka? hehe mmuah for Ethan!

Tweety Muttley said...

happy 10months old baby Ethan! my kisses to you dear sweety pie! i am just waiting to see you run round my apartment(soon i guess!!
ummmmaaa to you!
aunty tweety muttley

FloDawn said...

Happy 10th month Lil'E hehhe!

suesue said...

Wah already 10 mths. So fast and he is so adorable.

Shemah said...

Aunty J, you know what my son said when he saw Ethan's pic? He said, "Awwww... he's beautifuuuull.. Nenen again.. so cuteeee.." LOL!

But it's true.. he is all that and more! Happy 10 months to your lovely baby boy! :)

Aunty J said...

Thanks for dropping by :)Hehehe...pipi dia siok cubit tu hehehe..

haha..yeah my chubby cheek Ethan :)

Waaaahhhh...harap2 oh kan..tapi nanti sia yg paning pula haha..

Ya ba tiak lama lagi mau 1 yr old odi...nie la nie..belum decide lagi..coz family members ja pun ramai uda...hehehe

Tweety Mutley:
haha...don't worry I'll bring him to paint your home red!! ;p

Thanks!! :)

Yeah..time really flies huh...

hahahaha...beautiful lagi tu cute la si Buddy kau tu..and thanks for the wishes :)