Monday, April 7, 2008

The "pregnant man" ?

Yes, it is true, he is a 34 years old man who is happily married to his wife Nancy. They operate a small business and stays in a normal neighbourhood. Unusual as it sounds, Thomas Beatie who from Oregon is 6 months pregnant and he is going to give birth to their first child, a baby girl this summer. If you wonder how this happened. Well, technically, he was once a woman called Tracy till he decided to become a transgendered man.

This couple's extra ordinary story became a hit especially after their first TV interview by Oprah in her Oprah Winfrey Show recently. Here's one of the video clips from the Oprah show. This is just part 1-3 of the interview. I heard there are 5 parts. If you're interested, do a search in and you'll get the rest of the videos.

Alternatively, here's a report from CNN's Headline News - ShowBiz Tonight on the "Pregnant Man"

If you have no patient to wait for the video, go to Oprah's site to read about it.

Understandably, if you're really keen to have your very own flesh and blood, you would try everything that's possible. If you ask me if I'm disturbed by this revelation? Well, not really because he is after all born a woman and that his female organ that could give him a baby is still intact. Since his wife is unable to conceive anymore due to health reason and he has the ability to do so, I'll say why not. After all, it is their life and I think they have the right to choose and do what they fancy. Besides, I think their story is more acceptable than those who are into Drug Abuse !! My only concern is how their daughter will be able to face the questions and remarks throw at her once she starts schooling. I just hope the parents would be able to prepare her well to avoid future headache and heartache. All the best to the unconventional family! :)


kaDus_Mama said...

Yay!! If i can ask my hubby to take turn to get pregnant for our 3rd baby, for sure i will! haha biar dia rasa macam mana pregnant nie!
Bout the pregnant man..its still acceptable bah..better than those who do drugs kan..
But i'm wondering lah..if he can deliver the baby without c-sect..mana lah keluar tu ah?? heheheee

Tweety Muttley said...

it did freak me out when i saw it on tv! may be old school of thoughts! i don think i want see a pregnant man...phew!
lots of Qs in the head and i think i will blog that later!
i just can't picture the men i know pregnant...
will our asian men have the guts???
tweety muttley