Sunday, April 6, 2008

Mr. Croc

I bought a really cute soft toy for Ethan last Friday at Concept Living (if you don't already know, it is the shop that sells Ikea stuff at Warisan Square) during the long lunch hours break. When I first laid my eyes on it, I immediately thought it would be perfect to be used as a bolster for Ethan especially as he grows bigger ;p

Mr Croc
Mr. Croc waited patiently at my office before meeting his new owner ;p
Mr Croc with his new owner - BTW, do you notice how similar their clothings are? ;p

The two having their afternoon nap - same sleeping position hehe..


papajoneh said...

hahahahahhaa. I love the sleeping position. hahahhaa. hebat, sungguh hebat si Ethan dan si Croc tidure bersebelahan. Sama warna lagi tu baju. Aduuuuuuhhh.. so cute :D

Ratu Syura said...

Awwww.... that's so cute!! And looks so comfortable to sleep with! Hmmmm.. maybe I should get one for myself! haha..

Jewelle Tan said...

I'm impressed he is not afraid of the croc! Brave Ethan!

wen said...

hehehe!! really similiar..hihi

Neneth said...

So cute pula that crocodile..

saifulrizan said...

hahahhaa. the last picture. sangat cute!!! :)

Anonymous said...

So cute ur baby ethan with the croc lagi :-)

cindy said...

Wahahahahha so cute!! Matching clothing too! LOL!!!!

Aunty J said...

Hehehe...tula after I put them both on the bed then I realised they have matching clothings! haha

Ratu Syura:
YOu know what, my hubby wanted to use it as his bolster at night, and of coz me said a big NO-NO...strictly for Ethan only!! haha..

Jewelle Tan:
Hahaha...ya brave Ethan haha..

Hehehe...unplanned matching clothings hehe...

Ya ba Net, cute apa lagi...get one for your Hakim la...hehe..

haha..ya ba cute kan...sama posture lagi tu hehe..btw, thanks for dropping by :)

Hehehe..thanks :)

haha...tula sia pun tiak sedar till I was taking their pictures hehe...

deanacakes-kk Sabah,Malaysia said...

ya ya sama oh..

thewonghome said...

aduii... so cute!! hahaha!

Shemah said...

so adorable!!! geramnya.. i actually thought that you beli satu set the baju and Mr. Croc! hahaha.. rupanya coincidence!! But anyways, really cute! Cubit pipinya for me yaa?

Aunty J said...

hehe ya ba same-same oh..

hehe..thks :)

hahaha...ya ba cam beli sama2 oh kan ok nanti sia balik this evening sia cubit his pipi for u ah :)