Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pearly SIE

For those who are living in KK city, you must have heard or been to the recent Sabah International Expo 2008 (SIE 2008) at 1Borneo last weekend. It started last Thursday and lasted till Sunday evening. My colleagues and moi didn't want to miss the chance of visiting some of the booths especially when this event is only organized once in every two years. I've been a loyal visitor to this event since it started especially to some specific booths. Guess what kind of booths am I talking about? Well, being a person who has a craze for accessories, I will always without fail love to visit fairs of any sorts especially international ones with accessories/jewelleries booths/stalls hee...Of coz SIE is no exception as one of my main reasons to visit the event is to grabs some buys from the accessories or rather pearls booths. Unfortunately much to my disappointment..there was only one booth from the Philippines that was selling pearls :( Previously there were a few booths...but this time the group from the Philippines shared one booth and only 1 person was selling pearls. Oh well, I just had to make do and managed to grab these :)

5 sets of earrings but since I don't have any matching pendant or ring for the jade earring (unlike pearls which I have quite a few to mix and match - my colleagues call me the Mother of Pearls so what do you think hehe...) I managed to get one of my friends to help me asked the seller to make a pendant and a ring set for the jade earrings heehee...

I bought these from the previous SIE in 2006 :)

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