Sunday, December 28, 2008

A day to celebrate

Today is the day my hubby turns a year older...36 years old to be exact :) so Happy Birthday Darling!!! Muaaahhh...too bad hubby is still offshore ...we'll just have to postpone the celebration till he comes home then ;p

Hubby with his best bud ;p

Besides hubby's is when Baby Theo returned home from Damai Specialist Centre!! Yippie!! I'll let my SIL, Lisa tells you the rest of the story whenever she is ready ya ;p

Baby Theodore Zachary Tuining
Birth date: 27th Dec 2008
Time: 10.35pm
Weight: 3.82kg!!
Length: 52cm
Okay the names Alvin and Theodore sound familiar to you?? ...No? Well, if we have a Simon in the family, we would have the Chipmunks in the family!! But then again, since we have 2 Alvins (hubs and my bro who happened to share not only the same first name but also their middle name...strange but it's an interesting fact hehe..) that would do isn't it!!?? hahaha....


Deana E said...

wah..still cuti ka joyce..hehehe happy new year!!!

emelda said...

Happy New Year Joyce!! All the best in year 2009 and please wish your hubby happy birthday and hugs and kisses to Ethan. :)