Friday, February 20, 2009

Another brilliant piece of art by Hannie!

As I wanted to give something different to Baby Theo as a fullmoon gift, I've decided to once again asked Hannie to custom made another page for me's how it looks like and how it turned out to be after being framed. I certainly love it and so did the others when they saw it :)

The final look of the page with another cute card by Hannie :)

And she remembered me on Valentine's Day too ;p
I am now looking forward to 2 more projects with Hannie i.e. my wedding pics on a scrapbook page and Ethan's page...yes, though we have been married for over 2 years now, yet we have not put up any of our official wedding photos on our wall ...blame it on technology as all the pics are conveniently stored in cds hehe...we do of course have the usual normal wedding album and the coffee table magazine wedding photos...But since I have a feature wall project at home going on where I will showcase photos of my family and extended family..I will make sure my official wedding photos will be up soon..I'll show you once they are up okay ;p
Oh btw, Jewelle did an entry about Hannie's creative hobby too :)


hannie said...

Glad that you like them especially the cards, they are fun to make. :D

Mama UauaMomoi said...

Thanks a lot Auntie J... wanted to do separate post about it also but couldn't find the time... :-(

Anonymous said...

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