Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The last of CDs...for now ;p

The much long awaited CD has finally arrived in the mail end of last week. I've actually pre-ordered this particular OS Blueberry pattern with snap buttons from a few months back. But Grace's supplies (shipment via sea) from the US have only arrived recently. Nevertheless, I'm very much satisfied with the happy and vibrant color of this CD. Don't you think the colours spell "FUN" ? :)

Anyway, I think I shall stop CD shopping for now as Ethan has plentiful of them now thanks to his CDholic mom!! ;p And even if I have to buy more, it will have to be OS (one size) only when we get pregnant with 2nd baby ;) So for now the CDsholic mommy shall rest her poor fingers from clicking away!! Fingers and toes crossed!!


deanacakes-kk Sabah,Malaysia said...

hahaha..yea i pray you will have a baby girl soon..and your hand sure click faster this time hehe

Aunty J said...

Ayoyo Deana..if girl me pokai oh! ahahaha..