Monday, March 2, 2009

Fashion & technology are a perfect match!

A few weeks back, I made an entry about me being so much head over heel in love with the limited edition of Vivien Tam's netbook. Well, today it came back to haunt me especially after I've got to know that it has been launched in Malaysia about 2 months ago! Yeah, I know, am a bit outdated but hey I don't have the time nor the luxury to actually find out more especially after the "regret to inform..." reply I received from HP people that said the super duper stylish with a good enough specs (at least for me who don't need it for some powerful applications..) was not available in Malaysia then. Yes, you read it, I was sooo in love with it that I actually wrote to HP to simply enquire where can I purchase it in Malaysia and even went around Karamunsing shopping complex to scout ard for that red hot chilli and sexy gadget! I must confess, I was unable to wait for the reply via email on that very same day that I actually clicked and asked their Live Online Customer Service for the availability and pricing in Malaysia (email seemed like snail mail to me at that very moment!! hehehe...) Sadly of course, the answer was "Not available in Malaysia" :( But surely they would have known if it will be coming to Malaysia in the near future then and delight the excited customer that I doen't come with an external cd drive though but I found out from ebay that you could order one that is compatible with the VT netbook with a year's waranty...

Oh well, anyway, I found out from here that the selling price is RM1999. But I saw from here and here that the actual cover and the red tone was not as what I have visualized in my head...hmmm...never mind, I'm still reading reviews about it and so far the specs reviews are a-okay except negative vibes those who are not into girly designs...I think I will have to meet my potential "new love/ new toy" face to face (hopefully this weekend hee..) before I will decide if I am willing to part with my moolah and pay additional RM300 for a sleek looking "digital clutch" ;)

Have a look at the ebrochure...Now who says techy gadgets can't be sexy and stylish ;p As Vivien Tam put it “The fashion-forward woman no longer has to sacrifice glamour when staying in touch with all her favorite digital content. And the flower and vibrant colors suggest good fortune, happiness and prosperity in the Chinese culture.” I likey though I still have to see the actual look in real life first -yeah I know, you can call me a fussy pot but it has to fulfill my criteria before I will take it home right ;p


Deana E said...

hey..this is super come not available in malaysia? when i was in kl ealy this month i saw so many cute acer small but mostly black la. i bought laptop bag only la.I think i'll never buy HP anymore, had 2 bad experiences already.

wen said...

i love it! but too bad i have already bought a new laptop months ago!!!