Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday

This year we didn't get to attend any of the Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and even Easter Sunday of the reasons is that Ethan is by doctor's advice not to be in a crowded or confined area. This is mainly due to him getting cough/mucus on and off since Feb till late March...took him longer than it usually does...he did recovered but it came back again for about 3 times ...this was before his bad throat infection (and no, the throat infection was not due to his cough but due to infection from others) and since he has sensitive airways the doctor is afraid that it may turn into asthma (touch wood!!) if we are not careful. Hence, his paed discourages us to bring him to shopping malls, churches included. Reason being there are bound to be someone ill inside the building which can trigger his cough/mucus. As he is not fully recovered his lung is still vulnerable.

Anyway, since hubby is away for work, both me and Ethan spend our time at home during the long weekend. Only went out for groceries shopping and had a couple of visits from his downstairs cousins and aunt. My parents dropped by too. Ethan got his Easter eggs from my parents and SIL, Lisa. and And to celebrate Easter Sunday, my dad invited us for dinner at the Chinese restaurant at DJunction. Here are some pictures for the sharing :)

Dodu with Ryan

SIL, Lisa with her 3 Muskeeteers - Moira, Joshua and Theodore

Busy lil' E roaming around - I didn't manage to take pictures of him chasing after Joshua and him running around the place coz I was too bz chasing after him!!

After tired of running around it's milk time! ;p

And soon after that...he began to feel restless and wanted to get off from the high chair again!! No stopping for him I tell you, and that goes same to me chasing after him!!

Here him curious about what's in the cupboard...notice his right hand already on the cupboard while the other hand has that ala' Saloma hand gesture!! So not macho la Ethan!! haha..

SIL, Jasica with big eyes Ryan ;p

Wanted to take a picture of Allie but she was in a bad mood - she wasn't feeling so well..poor girl didn't eat anything except for the fruits ...

Candid shot - Baby Ryan was pulling Ethan's hair and had just let go, Momoi was nowhere to be found in this picture coz she was looking at us while Lisa tried to persuade her to join us...Allie was not in photo taking session mood ;p
This was the best we could least everyone was in the pic - yeah all ladies...all the men in the house (except for my dad and the boys of coz) were either working or outstationed ;pCute little Theodore who was very good through out the dinner ;p
Our Ethan boy finally decided to say hello to Lil' Theo as we were leaving ;p

As we got home Ethan was fast asleep just 15 mins after I got him ready for bed...well, with all the running around he would have been really tired!! I then had a relaxing time surfing and blog hopping...phew...what a bliss after the chasing and yelling after Ethan for about 2 hrs!! hahaha...I think I will think twice before I will bring him out alone again...even my Dad told me Ethan really gave me a good exercise that night!! hahaha...Anyway, hope you had an awesome Easter Sunday :)


Anonymous said...

i haven't join my family easter gathering for quite sometimes now..when i got married to a muslims and follow hubby to here in kuching,i am not often going back to kk.sometimes i do miss the celebration..huhu..anyway,your easter is still meriah bah kan..ethan..jangan nakal2..

Cath J said...

Woww... sooo blessed with soo many cute litte one... ;-)

Carol said...

I can imagine kau bekerja keras chasing after Ethan. Nevermind lah Joycie, cuba kau pi timbang sure hilang a few kilos tu :-D

Aunty J said...

Don't worry coz am sure you'll hv the chance to join your family in other occasions or celebrations :)

Hahaha..thks ;p

Haa..u can say that again! Hahahah I wish 5kg of my lamaks ilang tht night!! hahaha...

Mama UauaMomoi said...

hehe nice picture and good narration... hard to enjoy the food with the kids running around... we should have more kids running day instead of makan session next time...

Evelyn LG said...

Wah so happening!.. so nice to see all the little ones .. You surely had a great time yah!.. btw.. Sia macam kenal ko punya SIL Lisa bah.. mm.. she looks very familiar to me.. I'll blog hop nanti.. :)

Nick Phillips said...

I didn't attend all those services too ... bad me!

I hope Ethan gets well soon :D