Monday, February 22, 2010

Gong Xi Gong Xi in the Roaring Year...

We've been quite busy for this year's was almost like a CNY marathon celebrations as we've been house visiting since CNY eve with the last one just last Saturday..although it was only 1 house per visit but we stayed on for quite a while in each house...Such an eventful for us :)

CNY Eve - Had the reunion dinner at PIL's

1st Day CNY - Open house at Uncle Tony & Aunt Grace home

2nd Day CNY - Crystal's 7th and Zac's 3rd birthday party cum CNY celebration. We would have gone to another open house next to my parents' house but unfortunately it clashed with the birthday party which we've already committed earlier...

3rd Day CNY - CNY celebration at my best friend's home - as usual I'm the only non-family member around and after marriage I am (plus my own family now..) still always the non-family member around but I don't feel ackward as I always feel at home with all of them :)

8th Day CNY - Open house at Uncle Wong and Aunt Roslyn house

We had a bit of interruption during the lion dance...initially the dance troupe and hubby's cousin arranged the mandarin oranges, cans of beers and chinese vege as above...

But b4 the lions continue their stints, Ethan without much thinking, quickly decided to re-arrange the mandarin oranges as above without permission...sigh... this boy really has a mind of his own...tsk tsk tsk ;p
Picture: Taken from Aunt Anda's album in FB

It was tiring for me but it was good to see how much fun Ethan was having during all those visits especially the lion dance last Saturday :)

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how come lisa never update her little people blog anymore?