Friday, February 19, 2010

Not Needs juz Wants

I'm sure every mom to be, be it the 1st time mom to be or 2nd/ 3rd/ 4th mom to be, we always have our needs and wants when it comes to shopping for our new bundle of joy. I for one not excluded and even though we have most of the things we need since our precious Ethan was born almost 3 years ago.

We have almost everything except 3 items that I intend to buy next week or after Baby Eli is born i.e. Medela Mini Electric Breast Pump, Baby Car Seat (I'm eyeing a particular brand in Kids Avenue, Times Square) and Bengkung Moden.

But somehow there are still other baby stuff that I wish for or long to own but it is not a necessity;p Although a part of me would love to own them but instinct tells me not to buy simply because it may not be practical or worth buying as we plan only to have 2 children. Oh well, still no harm in sharing them with you right. Who knows you may find some of them useful especially if you intend to have more children and/or just started your family planning :) And who knows I might just decide to get some of them after all and sell them as pre-loved items later on ;p

1. Fisher Price Baby to Toddler Portable Rocking Chair

This can also be found in Little Me, CT Department Store, Toys R Us - this seems practical as can be used for Eli and Ethan. But Ethan may dominates the chair most of the time instead ;p
2. Baby carrier
I have baby ring sling and pouches but these seems tempting too ;p

Either Patapum Baby Carrier (in dark chocolate)

How it will looks like

Chocolate color


Littlepods Soft Structured Carrier

3. Infant Stimulation Baby Crib Set

This set I sooo want to buy but I can't find online seller that ship to international address...sigh...How nice if any of the Malaysian online shops could sell more RBW brain stimulation far I can only find very very limited choices...sigh...
4. Kiddopotamus: Snuzzler Head and Body Support

5. The First Year: Close & Secure Sleeper

Can also be found in Little Me - doesn't seem to last long I supposed. The most will only be used for a few months hehe...
6. Bumbo Bay Seat in Lime with Tray

7. Thermos Combo Pack - either one of this sets


These two sets are value for money coz the original price was RM199 but now they are only RM99 a set - very tempting indeed...I'll probably get a set...

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Deana E said...

hahaha..i like the title.i also sedang cari cari what i WANT..hehe