Friday, February 19, 2010

Hair cut problem for your lil' boy?

If you're like us who has a bit of difficulty to persuade our lil' boy to go for a haircut, you might just want to try or to consider a child friendly or rather a lil' boy friendly hair saloon in Millenium. Well, I guess even if you don't have problem bringing your toddler for a hair cut, you can always bring your lil' boy(s) there for a bit of hair cut fun too ;p

We got to know about this particular shop thanks to my SIL. The shop is near CKS Millenium and in between Dr. Kissey Clinic and I-Ching Bakery shop. So far we've patronized the hair saloon twice and are pleased with the friendly service too :)

His first time at the shop b4 Xmas...the owner and her mom and staff were very friendly and managed to make Ethan feels at ease on the car. And finally allowed the hair stylist to cut his hair. Here him with a pack of biscuit thanks to the owner's mom :)
Ethan 'complaining' to the hair stylist that the hair made his hand itchy ;p (He refused to wear the we had to keep putting talcum powder on his neck and hand to avoid him itch all over ;p)

Can't recall what Ethan was telling the hairstylist..
This was Ethan's second visit to the hair saloon b4 CNY...we had to wait for about 5-10 minutes to persuade him to go on the car and play with it before the hair stylist could proceed to trim his hair ;p Here him warming up with the car...he even asked for his sunnies. Such a vain lil' boy eh ;p
Busy vrooming away...

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