Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"Kedai bundle" anyone?

If you have not explored "kedai bundle", perhaps you may want to consider it one of these days. I have been to a couple of really huge "kedai bundle" in Tawau and Keningau and I must say although I didn't know what to expect...but I kid you not how surprise I was looking at the things that can be found at such places. Mind you, those are second hand stuff but they are mostly imported from Korea or Japan and of good brands and in good and some in great/excellent conditions."Kedai bundle" as they are popularly known have a lot of things to offer in terms of shoes, handbags and mostly clothing. I've bought quite a few still in good condition handbags many years ago in Tawau and quite a few jeans clothing for kids from Keningau few years back too. I have always wanted to visit one of the "kedai bundle" nearby in town like the one near to the Phillipines Market and the one in Dongonggon but I've yet done so.

I guess many may not even consider going to such places to shop. But I have quite a few friends who can pretty well afford brand new branded clothing yet still go to these places to shop. When I asked why, they said why not. Those are authentic and it is the same as buying used items from ebay. The only difference is that "kedai bundle" are found in the "pasar gantung" area - not a glamourous area to be seen shopping I must admit ;p But from what I gathered from a friend who is married to a Japanese guy and have moved back here from Japan, Japanese likes to shop so most of their clothings are still in good conditions or not even worn when they give away. I personally don't mind to shop at these places especially for jeans clothing and kids clothing as kids do grow up very fast and normally those items are used only for a short while. So to me even if they are used, (of coz we need to use our common sense when choosing and buying right..) they are not heavily used if you know what I mean :)

Anyway, when I read Joyce S.'s entry yesterday, I was really surprise and excited to know that they even sell diaper covers too! When it was time to wake hubby up, I excitedly woke him up and persuaded him to bring me to the one in Dongongon ;p But we had an appointment and came home late yesterday so we didn't manage to go. Fortunately I left a message and asked Joyce S. to help me buy and much to my delight, she has kindly help me buy 2 sets yesterday and even managed to get 1 free diaper cover!! Wooohoooo!!! Here are the diaper covers she helped me buy. All 7 pieces for RM20 only! FYI, the bottom picture, I've bought an exact piece - the one with the stripey light blue print from JS Shopper in Japan for around RM60 (pack of 2)! So u tell me, worth buying or not???!!! ;p But I guess it will not be suitable for fussy buyers la ;p

I loikey.............thanks so much Joyce S.!! :)


Joyce said...

Hehehe punya pantas kau post ;)

Murah bah kan !!! nah apalagi..

chegu carol said...

Wahhhhh..good bargain!

Lama already i didnt go jalan2 kedai bundle in keningau. heard it is becoming more and more better than before. Even a former teacher of mine who is now retired also jadi taukeh kedai bundle.

Deana E said...

ya ba laju nya ko post..getting mine too this weekend. oh, kedai bundle ka u called it. my sis, faye calls it ukai ukai coz have to really ukai to get good one. I ever just bought 1 short pant and 1 small blanky but my mum marah pula i pigi korek korek the things. ini misti pigi sama kawan baru ngam nie.

Aunty J said...

Gara2 kegembiraan ba ;p

Chegu Carol:
Ya siok oh sana Keningau punya huge! Wa getting better...nah mau find a time next time mau p nie hehehe...

Nah tula sia bilang sama Joyce kita buat CD mommies activity p kurik mengurik next time kan hehehe...mau cari kaki baru best p sama2 tu ;p

Hanz said...

Hi there, stubled ur blog frm ClothDiaperMalaysia. I was surprised that preloved CD also got at Kedai Bundle at ur place. Wish that it woould be the same for KL area too. Lucky u! :>