Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Birthday celebration

We celebrated Uncle Tony's 66th birthday last Sunday at the Emperor Restaurant and while Ethan was having so much fun with the cousins ...Eli was 'socialising' with other extended family members especially from hubby's side...more pictures in my FB :)
Ethan having the time of his life ;p
Lil' Eli with Uncle Nicky

BTW, see how 'playful' Ethan is even to his teenage uncle...tsk tsk tsk...

and oh...talking about birthday...I turned 39 yesterday!! Looking foward to the big 40 next August and yes I am not afraid to tell my age nor do I feel ashame about it!! ;p what I wish more is to grow old gracefully and hopefully as I age I will be a much stronger and wiser person. So here cheers to myself!! :)

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