Thursday, September 23, 2010

Eli & Noah

When SIL and her entourage i.e. Joshua, Moira & Noah came over a couple of weeks ago, I quickly took some photos of Eli and Noah…both of them were born on the same year with only about 3 months apart. Eli was born early March while Noah was born end of June. Ethan and Moira were born on the same year in 2007 too…about 3 months apart as well…Ethan was born in early June while Moira was born around middle of March...
The two tiger babies...

Noah seems ready for a boxing match ;p

The four cousins…the pigs and the tigers…they are supposed to be compatible with each other as pig is the secret friend of tiger in Chinese horoscope :)

Eli and his Dodu

The bigger kids having a blast…at that juncture, Moira was being outnumbered by the 3 boys and 2 baby boys (1:5) in the house ;p

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