Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy “Raya-ing”

This year we only visited 3 Hari Raya open house…2 on the 1st day and 1 on the 3rd day (didn’t manage to take any pics on that day though..too bz wt the boys )…hubby was away on the 2nd day of Hari Raya so no visiting…there were more invitations but with an active toddler and a baby I don’t think it will be practical for now ;)

The boys, me and MIL at the 1st Raya open house...

The adorable Kaleigh Anne with her mommy

Hubby and his childhood friends...

Such a darling lil sweet heart isn't she..

Eli with MIL just after his afternoon nap

The boys with their daddy at the 2nd Raya open house...

My happy baby J
MIL with her Aunt i.e. Aunty Annie – Grand Aunty to Hubby and Great Grand Aunty to Ethan and Eli J

With the family of Grand Aunt Annie

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