Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Another birthday celebration

It was MIL's birthday on Monday and we celebrated it at her favourite Indian restaurant at Jothy's in Api-Api Centre. Besides me and my clan, there were Clement, Dominic and Dawi. FIL was unable to make it as he had another engagement to attend. The lady owner was kind enough to carry and look after Ethan while we had our dinner. She told me to have my dinner first as she doesn't want my dinner to get cold. How kind and sweet eh :)

Anyway, after a few minutes I think she might have found Ethan just a little bit too heavy that she passed him to one of her staff. The staff brought Ethan to the aquarium where Ethan started to "talk" to the fish. But the funny part was that knowing how heavy Ethan is, the lady owner actually grabbed a chair and asked the staff to sit while carrying Ethan hehe... and when hubby finished his dinner, he took over from the kind staff to carry little Ethan...and guess what the staff said..."this baby is so heavy!!" ha! You can say that again hehe... my little prince is almost a pack of 10kg rice at 9.1kg :)

Anyway, we enjoyed the meal and while we went home after dinner, the rest went for a late night movie. Hope my MIL had a great time! :)


Ethan and his "twin" Uncle Dom - they share the same birthday :)

Yummy birthday cake

MIL & Clement

MIL, Clement & Dawi

Hope you had a great birthday Mum! :)


Kampung Girl said...

kirim salam sama si Domdik aka 'sotong/octopus' haha..he's one of my good friend tu. Hello to Clement too..makin hensem dia kan hehe

Deana E said...

ha..your MIL like indian food? i remember bringing my mum to krishna once and she can't eat i decide it will be the 1st and last indian dish for her hehe

Aunty J said...

kampung girl:
Ada sia kasi tau si Dom especially on the sotong/octopus part...katawa sia...oso he didnt answer me why you call him that hehee...tell me tell me heheehe...evil laugh...

Yeah she likes Indian food...and she prefers Jothy then Krisnha though I don't mind both..besides Krishna is near to my home :)

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