Sunday, August 24, 2008


Yes, I am 37 years old today!! :)
Ok, I cheat, I don't really look like this... it's all the wonders of photoshop!! ;p hahaha.. I shall continue later on and probably will share the actual photo taken b4 the major photoshop works ;p

Saturday, August 23, 2008

2008 - 1971 = ?

Fill in the blank and guess what it means ? ;p Have a great weekend everyone!! :)

Friday, August 22, 2008

This is what happened...

... when you have cheeky friends at work...I found these pics in my SD card when I was uploading photos to my laptop...

So Missy (you know who you are..) don't blame me if I don't lend you my digi cam the next time you ask ya! ;p

What's left of Servay :(

Remember I mentioned about the Hypermarket Servay caught on fire yesterday which was in fact burnt to the are some photos courtesy of my friend Richard L. for the sharing (pics were taken using Sony Ericson mobile phone). Apparently I was told by a witness that though the firemen came in less than 5 mins but they had to wait for about 10 mins for water supply...I do hope that is not true coz 10 mins would have made a lot of difference in fighting with the super fierce fire isn't it!!?? Anyway, there goes one of my favourite places to shop for some baby stuff :(

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Another birthday celebration

We attended Uncle Tony's birthday party yesterday evening and as usual our sanguine Ethan was glad to meet up with some of his grand uncles/aunties, uncles/aunties and played with his cousins and new friends.

Oh BTW.. I guess some of you would have read in the news or even witnessed the real fire drama at Servay Penampang last nite due to some short circuit on their upper was pretty bad as I could find the "burnt dust" (sorry I don't know what you call those black particles heee...) not just small but quite a huge chunk on my car during the birthday party at Kobusak. As you know, the distance between Servay and Kobusak is quite a distance right...I hope the insurance coverage can cover their losses...otherwise the owner will be having a tough time recovering the losses...but luckily no one was harm... as usual there are some who wonders if there's any foul play...what do you think? ;p Here are some pics from Aunt Agnes.

Amnesty month for parking tickets

If you're like us who sometimes forget to pay our parking tickets, now is the chance for you to make your payment with very good discount rate. As I stopped by at one of the coffee shops to get my breakfast before heading to my work place this morning, I paid one outstanding parking ticket. To my pleasant surprise and thanks to the amnesty month, I only had to pay RM3.05 for an outstanding ticket that would have cost me RM18++!! So if you're not aware of the amnesty month and you have outstanding parking tickets, quick go pay them up before 30th August!! It will certainly save you quite a bit! Oh btw, please be informed 30th Aug falls on a Saturday so its half day for them okay :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Comfort habit??

I saw and read this interesting article this morning and thought I should share it with those who have little boys that may have similar "comfort habit" ;p I would also like to archive it here in my blog in case I do need some kind of info or reference in the future coz afterall I do have a growing little boy at home ;p

Wednesday August 20, 2008
Comfort habit
Childwise By RUTH LIEW

Excessive self-touching should be viewed seriously.

MY three-and-a-half-year-old son is quite active and adorable. Of late, I caught him playing with his penis. It surprised me and I tried hard to be discreet in handling the situation.

I asked him what he was doing and he replied that he was just playing. He then asked me to turn away or watch TV or carry on with what I was doing and leave him alone to play.

The third time, I caught him off-guard. I asked him why he was playing with his penis, and whether it was itchy. I also enquired whether anyone had touched him there.

He quickly changed topic and ignored me. When I probed further, he said his dad taught him. I asked my hubby and he said he never taught him that.

I then told my son that he lied to me and that it was not right to lie. Then he named his cousin brother. He kept on changing his answers each time I asked him.

Just yesterday, he locked himself in the bedroom. I couldn’t get in and he finally opened the door after one or two minutes.

I asked him what he was doing and if he was playing with his penis again. He said no.
I pulled down his pants and his penis was erect. I then asked him if he enjoyed doing it. He said it was itchy down there.

Is this something unusual or part of growing up? I’m worried that he will continue to do this elsewhere, or when he is on his own.

Both my husband and I never behave badly and we hardly get intimate with him around. I wonder what caused him to react in this manner.

A babysitter is looking after my son. She is also looking after two girls, aged two and four. Worried Mother

First, start by taking your child to see a medical professional to rule out a medical issue, such as infection or even possible exposure to sexual abuse.

When a preschooler shows excessive self-touching, you have to look into the matter seriously. Barring all medical issues, it is normal for a preschooler to touch himself as he explores and develops body awareness.

Often, young boys will touch, scratch or tug in that area. In the course of doing this, many toddlers and preschoolers discover that they get a pleasant sensation from touching themselves.
Dr Gwen Smith, retired paediatrician, mother of five and grandmother of seven, says that children at this age are discovering their own bodies.

Your son has probably found that this is an interesting part of him. It is not necessary to attribute his behaviour to someone else having taught him to do so.

He has no knowledge of sexual function. His behaviour is not immoral although socially unacceptable to people who are not used to dealing with small children.

Dr Smith added that it is better not to reinforce his interest by paying a lot of attention to his behaviour. Distraction is the best approach. Don’t make him feel guilty. This is often a self-comforting behaviour.

You may also want to consider whether there is any reason for him to need to use a comfort habit at this time. Is there a new sibling or a new teacher in school? Are you moving house?
Find out if your child is upset over certain changes in his daily routines. Don’t call attention to this by discussing it with other adults while he is there and listening. Any sort of attention will reinforce the behaviour.

Avoid confronting your son with questions that may worry or frighten him. You may want to take some time to explain about his body and his private parts. You can also talk about privacy like when he goes to the bathroom.

If you feel uncomfortable with his self-touching, keep him occupied with “hands-on” activities such as playdough, building blocks, craft play and simple cooking activities.

It is also advisable to do spot-checks at his babysitter’s house. Make observations of your son at play with other children as well as his interactions with other adults.

It is important to know what is going on at different times of his life. This will help you deal with the developmental changes in your son.

There is a parent and child learning together session at Children’s World Kindergarten in Subang Jaya this Saturday, 10am to 12pm. For more information, call Anne (012-653 4975/ 03-8025 9910). This is a community programme.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My lil' tyke

Ethan has definitely shows more of his personality traits lately and of coz it is only natural that at this age (1 year 2 mths ++) he wants to explore more things. Last Sunday was indeed one of his very curios days as he explored our apartment like nobody business that he even refused to be changed when it was time to change his diaper!

My lil' prince trying to reach or perhaps trying to open the door to the wash room

Even after I have moved the lid to face the wall, Ethan still wants to open the dustbin in the kitchen.. not forgetting the drawers even after his fingers got caught between the drawers...I thought he would learn his lesson but NO...he still wants to play with the drawers in the kitchen and master bedroom..

Naughty Ethan playing with the power point...

He was determine to play with it even after I covered it with my palm..

My upset Ethan ;p

There goes my sulking lil' E haha..

See how persistent he is to play with the power point even after I blocked the area with the chairs ;p Really need to get those power point covers soon!

Yup that's our precious lil' tyke alright!! :)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Spread the BLOG LOVE

A tag by Vhiel entitled Spread the BLOG LOVE.

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Let's keep spreading the Blog Love folks :)

Photo of the day

Ethan looking so preoccupied with my handphone. Just look at his serious face ;p BTW, he understands that my hp needs to be slide opened before he is able to do anything with the buttons. He will "request" me to slide and unlock it whenever he gets hold of it :)

Friday, August 15, 2008

Good friends I made...

As we walk through the journey of our lives, we tend to meet new friends or bump into old friends. As the saying goes, friends may come and friends may go...but there are certain friends that you seldom get the chance to meet or catch up with and yet the friendship doesn't fade...Recently, I had a girls night out as one of my friends, Hiew, is in town from Ozzie land for a short break. It was great to catch up with the ever so jolly Hiew and of coz with MeiFong, Cass and Amelia :) These are friends I made when I enrolled myself at UNITAR to pursue my MBA. Without them I would have given up my will to continue my studies during the 1st semester almost 4 years ago (mind you I had very rusty old brain then as the last time I sat for exam was 10yrs ago at that time!!) and without them I would have not been able to go through those crazy exam fever days!! Well, ladies, I'm glad I met you lot and thank you for your support all this while...and while you girls have done your MBA, I'm still trying to start my project paper!! ain't easy working, studying and being a mom at the same time but I do hope I can submit my project paper this year!! Arrghhh....

Happy Hiew & Cass

Smiley MeiFong while Amelia busy drinking ;p

Remembering the good old days and catching up with the lost time...

Here we are after 4 years... Hiew surrounded by ladies in black...didn't notice it till I saw this pic.. must be the monday blues ;p
Our study group preparing for our Finance Management paper about 3 yrs ago...

We managed to steal some time for camwhoring session despite being stressful then ;p

Thursday, August 14, 2008

KK CD Mommies Gathering

Again, am a bit outdated as this gathering happened last Sunday. I'm sure some of you may have already read about it from Suzan and Miranda ;p Well, here's my version of the gathering.

It was good to have finally met some of the CDs mommies in KK. Janelle who's back home from Ozzie land shared with us her experience with fitted cds and show some of her favourite (but not cheap!) fitted cds too. All the mommies brougth their little ones to the gathering except me. Why? Coz Ethan wasn't feeling well then..actually he still hasn't fully recovered from his cold and cough.. my poor baby...we just hope he will have a speedy recovery soon...

BTW, while we mommies were yapping away and looking at Janelle's CDs, Ted, Suzan's handsome lil' boy was busy eating or rather playing with his Vedablu ice cream. Buying him the ice cream (not forgetting a book from the nearby Times bookstore) was Suzan's trick to get him to sit down for a while instead of chasing after him from one end to another end of the place. Poor Suzan as I'm sure she must be very tired chasing after Ted hee...gee I wonder what will I face when Ethan starts walking...

The two early birds were Miranda and Suzan@Osindak then came Janelle before I made my appearance ;p
Now here's one talented coming to 3rd time Mom, Janelle, who can sew cute CDs .
I did ordered a couple of minky CDs from her previously :)

Ted enjoying his dipper ;p

Ted busy playing with Vedablu ice cream...must be slurpy yumms till Ted decided to use his hands too...

Sunita joined us later on too...
Then came Bonnie and we managed to take a group photo - say cheese everyone!! :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A birthday party for 2

This is another outstanding entry which I should have blogged about it two weeks ago, no thanks to me having writer's block (yeah if I have that kind of writing skills to actually say I was having writer's block haha..). Anyway, one of my colleagues organized a joint birthday celebrations for her two adorable children i.e. Qhareef who turned 4 and Qeisha who just turned 1 year old... sweet lil' Qeisha is just two months younger than Ethan :)

Yawn..yawn...I'm beginning to start feeling really sleepy now so I'm gonna hit the sack to get some beauty sleep ...till then...hv a good rest everyone :)

Dear Blog..

Yes, dear blog, I'm truly sorry for neglecting you for a week is not that I don't love you anymore but I was just having some writer's block or some describe it as "blog withdrawal syndrome" (if ever there is such a description or term hee..)or some describe it as losing the mojo to blog ;p Worry not as I should be back on my feet in no time again :)

And to my dear readers, my apology if you have been visiting my blog and yet find no updates lately...Please do not stop dropping by as I shall try my best to update my dear blog more often once again after this, fingers crossed ;p

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Creative Blogger Award

Yay! This is a long over due tag post. I've been given the Kreativ Blogger award by 4 different friends thanks to Uloi, Aunt Agnes C., Neneth's Knitting Corner and ShabbyMom!! Thanks ladies!! :) So here I am sharing it with you ;p

Rules of the award:

1. The winner may put the logo on her blog.
2. Put a link to the person you got the award from.
3. Nominate 5 blogs.
4. Put links to the blogs.
5. Leave a message for your nominees.

I shall now pass on this award to you lot simply because I know that you are creative too ;p

  1. Hannie
  2. Being Stellar
  3. Sandra
  4. Osindak
  5. Ratu Syura

Monday, August 4, 2008

Forget queing, claim your cash rebate online!

I just found out from StoryMory2Share that private vehicle owners can now claim your cash rebate online since last Friday (1st Aug). I feel so happy to hear that coz then I won't have to stand in the long que!! Hooray!! Well done Post Malaysia!! Oh do have a quick read of the Factsheet on how to go about it. My road tax is due I can avoid the que, triple yippie!! :)

Ethan is runner up!!

Ethan is 2nd place!!

Hellooowww folks....sorry for not being able to update my blog recently...been rather busy...Anyway, thank you so much to each and everyone of you who have voted for Ethan!! I really appreciate your support all this while! :)
So if you're wondering what was the result? Let me proudly say that he is the RUNNER UP for the Cute Baby Contest!! :) Ethan managed to get 252 votes while the winner had 306 votes. He was 54 votes behind the winner, Joshua :) You can see the winners' list here. I know the prize is not much but it was merely for the fun and thrill of it hee...Talking about good contest prizes, just the other day StoryMory2Share showed me the Johnson's Baby Contest 2008 and asked me to join. The prizes sure are very attractive. RM15K for the winner, RM8K for the runner up and RM5K for the third runner up. Even consolation winners get RM1K and RM200 for semi finalists and that do not include other prizes yet!! Hmmm...maybe I should get Ethan enrolled just for the fun and thrill again could join too if your baby is born on or after 31st August 2006 ;p