Thursday, July 29, 2010

My boys

As I was busy doing chores in the kitchen last hubby captured this video recording of our lil' boys ;)

Bonding and fun time with their Daddy ;p

It's all about spider...

These are just video recordings of Ethan singing songs about spiders :)

You must be thinking what that small hat doing on Ethan's head ;p Well, it belongs to Eli (once belongs to Ethan of course) but Ethan refused to let it go eventhough I kept teasing him that the hat only meant for babies ;p

This video depicts how Ethan behaves with Eli during one of our usual morning drives to 4 different destinations i.e. Eli to MIL's , Ethan to playschool and both me and hubby to our work place ;p

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Trucking Ethan

Ethan always has a thing about cars but yesterday evening was an exception where he managed to 'drive' a big truck to his heart's content while waiting for me to get off from work ;p

Changing gear...
See the serious ;p

My tiny Ethan in a huge red truck ;p
My lil' truck driver :)

See driving a big truck!
..even though my feet can't reach the pedals ;p

eeeeee...still can't reach!
Oh least I tried mummy ;p

Monday, July 26, 2010

My lil' Transformer

Ethan started to appreciate some of the superhero characters such as Superman, Spiderman and Ultraman a few weeks ago...he could even sit still and watch the Spiderman movie or the Ultraman tv series ...not only that...he started to be fussy about what he wears now...he will sometimes choose his own outfit which makes me pull my hair out at times especially when he pulls and messes up his chest of drawers or the piles of folded clothes! And since his 'new interest' he will always search for his "Superman" clothes...he only had 2 pairs previously but I managed to get a few more pairs from CT Departmental Store a few weeks ago while they were on at least he has a few pairs to rotate when he is in the mood !! ;p


Before the transformation...

and after...

Happy Mum on sales..

Just to let you know that the maternity/baby shop in KK Specialist Centre is having if you're interested be sure to drop by...the promotion started just last Saturday :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My poor kiddos

Both Ethan and baby Eli has been under the whether...Ethan has just recovered while baby Eli is still recovering from mouth ulcer... due to that both of them have not been eating well especially Ethan. He seems to have lost some weight as he didn't want to take his usual meals ... nor does he want to take his milk or water especially for the first 2 days. Actually, I didn't realise he has mouth ulcer and I was wondering why he doesn't want to take his milk or was only when he started to whine and cry and kept pointing to his mouth when he was eating his banana that I realised he has mouth ulcer...when I first saw the ulcer I thought he might have caught the HFMD but a visit to his paed confirm it is not...phew...what a relieve ... but from then on he refused to eat his usual least for 3 days...luckily it was during the weekend so we could do a trial and error on what he can or will eat...though his appetite was bad at least he could take in some noodles and most of all his favourite Baby Bytes biscuits...he could finished up to 4 packets and even more if I didn't stop him ;p He was able to eat the butter/cheese spread sandwich that I prepared for him too.. as for his milk I reduced the hot water so it won't hurt his ulcer while feeding... he has no objection with hard boiled egg (only the white part) too...

Talking about medicine, previously, it was like World War III to feed Ethan his times we need 3 people just to feed him medicines - one person to hold his head and mouth, another to hold his super strong legs while the 3rd person to feed him the medicine... but giving him his medicine nowadays is a lot more manageable...the trick is that we have to tell him that those are his vitamins instead of medicines ;p

Here's Ethan eating his cut and peeled grapes...

As for is more heartbreaking as he can't speak. The only way he could tell us he is in pain is by crying and crying he did...a lot...till he almost lost his voice :( Poor baby his ulcer must have hurt him more as compare to's really heartbreaking to hear him cry for food and at the same time cry due to the pain...but as of last nite...the pain may have reduced as he didn't cry when I fed him his last milk before bedtime (I made his milk with no hot water..just room temperature boiled water...) Just hope he will recover soon ...

But am thankful that despite the mouth ulcer both boys are as active as that is a good sign :)

Just like his big bro, Eli doesn't like to take medicine too. He started to protest even before the medicine goes into his mouth ;p

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

They were in town..

During the last school holidays, hubby's SIL and the kids were in town for a short break. So what better time for Ethan and Eli to meet up and play with their cousins including the latest addition i.e. Baby Sarah...she is such a chubby and cuddly baby...I tell you, those super chubby legs are to pinch and bite for!! ;p
FIL with Adam, Ethan & Farah
And now with Eli minus Adam ;p
Baby Sarah is only 6 days older than Eli but just look at the size difference!! At 3 months old she was already 6.3kg!! Oh btw, pardon the shiny & oily face was a very hot afternoon!! ;p
FIL with his two lil' heroes ;p
Just look at her!!
Me & my precious lil' treasure ;p
If only you could see Sarah's chubby will be like me wanting to bite and pinch them!! haha..
Cute lil Adam who is about 4 month younger than Ethan...
The kiddos with MIL and SIL :)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Baby wearing...

I've been looking at modern baby pouches ever since I had Ethan..but it was kinda late to start on Ethan as he was almost 1 year old then...I tried putting him in a pouch which I bought from Moley Garden but he made so much noise to demonstrate his dislike in it that pouch has been kept in the cabinet til now ;p

But as I had Eli I started to look at pouches again and without hesitant bought another brand i.e. Little Pods which was on 50% discount previously at Tiny Tapir. After purchasing 2 in red and turquoise (yeah I know but the price reduction was too tempting to was like buy 1 get 1 free hehe..) and so I told myself that I will start wearing Eli from newborn...Indeed I started but didn't last long as I only tried it on him for a few times b4 I hang the pouch back ;p I reckon I lack of confident and afraid I might hurt Eli...

Eli was 3 weeks old then...

However, recently as I was talking to Zura about baby wearing I realised I should try to wear Eli in my pouch again as it would be handy especially I'm maid-less now. I need my hands to be free so I can do more things and would be able to move around better ...if Sandra is still around I will surely bug her again but too bad she isn't around now... so the next best person that came to my mind was Joyce... I thought I could ask Joyce if she could show us how to wear pouch properly since she is one of the experts in baby wearing and I know where she lives which is not far from my home ;p So I YM her and we set a date which was last Friday :) Zura is going on a trip to KL soon and wearing her baby will be very handy...

Thanks Joyce for showing us how to use the pouch and for demonstrating us how to use SSC and Mei Tai...Gemma is such a cuddly and lovable lil' princess and your Gaga is sooo handsome! Love it when he obediently let you wear him at your back as a demo to me and Zura hehe..

And guess so glad we went to you Joyce coz during that weekend, Eli has a brand new 'attitude'. He only wants us to feed him while standing up!! At 5.9kg, he is not as chubby as Gemma but it can be tiring holding him on one arm with one hand feeding him... so who came to my rescue??? My red hot Little Pods pouch of course!! Heee...

I can even take some pics while feeding him ;p

My fussy lil' monkey who indeed has a mind of his own!! ;p Nevertheless, we love him to pieces!!

Hmmmmm...I think we should form some kind of baby wearing group in KK coz I think it will be useful for inexperience mothers like myself to learn from the experts like you Joyce :) Ba Joyce kau start la hehehe... Karmilla you oso ..kamu dua la jadi sifu ;p

Friday, July 2, 2010

What's in the mail...

These I ordered from Deana of Pink Apple Design :)

A clutch with matching wrist key chain and a wet bag plus I got a complimentary wrist key chain too ;p

Just to show the size of the wet bag...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Baby Noah

Announcing the arrival of Baby Noah James T.

DOB: 30th June 2010
Time: 2.20pm
Weight: 3.24 kg
Length: 49cm

Heartiest congratulation to my youngest bro and SIL on the arrival of their new baby boy!! To baby Noah, welcome to the family sweetie!! Mmmuahhh!!

"Celebrate" mini album

As promised, here's the Celebrate mini album that was created by FM with all the photos added in. This is the "after" look and if you want to see the "before" look do click here :)

The beginning of another wonderful piece of work by's all about the arrival of Baby Eli...The end
Briliant isn't it?!! :)
Oh btw, FM sent me this card via pos the other day...cute eh :)