Thursday, August 26, 2010

"Tee-hop" means thank you

Ethan has his own way of saying things at times.

Like any other parents, we try to teach some basic or courtesy manners to our children to encourage respect and appreciations of others. 'Thank you', 'please' and 'you're welcome' are pretty common ones. However, Ethan some how refuses to say those words. It was only recently that he finally started to use the word 'please'. As for 'thank you' this is his own version ;p It's either he is baby talking or simply just teasing me ;p

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Birthday celebration

We celebrated Uncle Tony's 66th birthday last Sunday at the Emperor Restaurant and while Ethan was having so much fun with the cousins ...Eli was 'socialising' with other extended family members especially from hubby's side...more pictures in my FB :)
Ethan having the time of his life ;p
Lil' Eli with Uncle Nicky

BTW, see how 'playful' Ethan is even to his teenage uncle...tsk tsk tsk...

and oh...talking about birthday...I turned 39 yesterday!! Looking foward to the big 40 next August and yes I am not afraid to tell my age nor do I feel ashame about it!! ;p what I wish more is to grow old gracefully and hopefully as I age I will be a much stronger and wiser person. So here cheers to myself!! :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Noah's Fullmoon

Time flies and before we realised, Baby Noah celebrated his fullmoon on 1st Aug. Ethan of coz as usual had so much fun during the party.. eating, playing, discovering and 'bullying' his cousins and new friends ;p

As for Eli, it was the first outing for him...previously we didn't bring him out much except to MIL's , the clinics or doctor due to the inconvenient cause by his reflux..but now that his reflux is almost gone we can enjoy bringing him out more :)

Baby Noah being baby of coz was in lala land most of the time during his party but he is such a cutie pie nevertheless!!

Come and enjoy the photos in my FB

And oh.. I've asked Hannie to make a page especially for baby Noah as one of his fullmoon's gifts.

The final look after the page has been framed up :)

And talking about Hannie, here's another page she made on Ethan recently :)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It's in my hands now...

Got this in the mail today...can't wait to try the SSC from Snuggbaby on Eli or even Ethan... that is if he allows me to wear him..then again he might if he sees me wearing Eli ;p

Photos taken from Snuggbaby

This video is just for my reference as how to fold the SCC back into the snugg carrier sleeve...

While this video shows how to use a soft structure carrier (SCC) -I can't find a video by Snuggbaby so I keep this video as reference first ;p

Monday, August 2, 2010

Why French women don't get fat..

I was taking a short break from work and was reading an article when this "The French Paradox: The Reasons French Women Don't Get Fat" article grabbed my attention. I did a quick read and below are the reasons why French ladies are forever slim...

  • French women eat 'good' fats rather than 'bad' fats
  • French women savor their food
  • French women eat fresh
  • French women eat regular meals and don't snack between meals
  • French women indulge -- in smaller portions
  • French women drink plenty of water

Basically, its all the dos and don'ts of healthy eating though it is easier said than done eh ;p If only I have such discipline in following such regime hee...but then again I guess it is easier when it is already a part of our daily life or way of life/ culture like those chic and poised French women...Anyway, its a good practise that I hope to 'master' one day ;p