Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday, October 23, 2008

My wobbly boy ;p

Ethan started walking when he turned 16 months. Here are some videos of my wobbly Ethan :)

Showing off his new skill hee... ;p

Ethan doing his "drunken" cat walk hehehe....Oppps! Watch where you're going sweetie...

Ethan "ilang gaya" (lost his cool) due to his fast like train wobbly walk! hahaha...But watdaya know..he doesn't give up easily..tht's my boy alright haha...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pearly SIE

For those who are living in KK city, you must have heard or been to the recent Sabah International Expo 2008 (SIE 2008) at 1Borneo last weekend. It started last Thursday and lasted till Sunday evening. My colleagues and moi didn't want to miss the chance of visiting some of the booths especially when this event is only organized once in every two years. I've been a loyal visitor to this event since it started especially to some specific booths. Guess what kind of booths am I talking about? Well, being a person who has a craze for accessories, I will always without fail love to visit fairs of any sorts especially international ones with accessories/jewelleries booths/stalls hee...Of coz SIE is no exception as one of my main reasons to visit the event is to grabs some buys from the accessories or rather pearls booths. Unfortunately much to my disappointment..there was only one booth from the Philippines that was selling pearls :( Previously there were a few booths...but this time the group from the Philippines shared one booth and only 1 person was selling pearls. Oh well, I just had to make do and managed to grab these :)

5 sets of earrings but since I don't have any matching pendant or ring for the jade earring (unlike pearls which I have quite a few to mix and match - my colleagues call me the Mother of Pearls so what do you think hehe...) I managed to get one of my friends to help me asked the seller to make a pendant and a ring set for the jade earrings heehee...

I bought these from the previous SIE in 2006 :)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Jalan-jalan di Hari Raya

I've been postponing this post for quite a while now so I thought I better put it up before I forget about it and the story becomes dinasour ;p Anyway, Hari Raya open house visitation was rather limited (managed to visit 4 houses only) this year due to hubby being away because of work commitments. Nonetheless, Ethan and I had a great time with some of my old friends (Party of 5!) and relatives :) I must say I love all festive seasons but I would probably say Hari Raya is one of my favourites because I'm able to gobble some really delicious Malay food such as the rendang, serunding and lemang as well as the ever so yummy Kuih Makmur...simply fingers licking good!

House 1 - Aunty Anda's

House 2 - Party of 5!

House 3 - Izah's (SIL) House @ Kinarut

Houe 4 - Aunty K's house

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

One and small step at a time..

Our precious darling Ethan has started to take his first couple of steps since last week. Though he is not fully confident yet but at least he tries to take 1 if not 2 steps now. But oh...the latest improvements was yesterday when he walked 6 steps at MIL's!! Hooray Ethan! Go Ethan Go!!

"So do you think I have a sexy butt?"

Laughing away while enjoying Hi-5! on Astro - the Chuppa Chuppa song hehe...

He blinks his eyes when he is asked to do so ;p

Here we go again...

This morning as I was doing my environmental scanning I came across this article about the The Malaysian Artistes Association (Seniman) chairman complaining about Shar Rukh Khan (he is so gorgeous!) being conferred the Datukship during the 70th birthday of the Yang Di-Pertua of Malacca. He continues on saying that he does not deserve to such award and that many Malaysian especially the local artistes are well deserving then the good looking Indian actor. Well, you know what, he is probably right but at the same time why should Datukship be given to artistes? Like I mentioned before, why can't there be like in the west where there are special awards for artistes, singers, sportsmen/women etc. In the west, you'll find Grammy Award, Oscar Award, Music Award, Nobel Prize Award and many others. All prestige awards given to well deserving people in the right field. Unfortunately, perhaps we Malaysians are not creative enough or too lazy to come out with such awards...or probably we don't have the budget to do so? If it's budget or financial standing is the culprit, am sure there are plenty of sponsors who would be willing to part with their money and able to claim nontaxable income....the sponsors don't have to be local sure there are foreign organizations that maybe willing to do is just the matter of getting things they say, if there's a will there's a way isn't it? Anyway, if the Seniman chairman thinks that the local artistes deserve awards why not organize a special award especially for our local artistes..why wait for Datukship as recognition...besides Datukship is not an appropriate title to be given to actors/actresses as mentioned in my previous entry...I just wonder why can't we have our own initiative rather than waiting for someone else to do things for us...maybe that is why we are lacking behind in almost everything coz we are so lay back and always the follower never the leader...sad but it is true...just my 2 cents worth on this Tuesday morning...

New addition in the blogosphere

Ok folks, I know I've been quiet lately...the lazy bug has got into me again hehehe...very sorry if you have been visiting this rather still blog of mine ;p My modem at home has "kaput" and I haven't got the chance to get it fixed or replaced it...Besides I'm too lazy to bring my laptop home for the past few weeks so hence the silence period though I never stop blog hopping ;p

Anyway, my other SIL has finally got the blog bug....well, she has started her blog months ago but only starting to be active recently hehe...Anyway, if you have read about my entries on my niece Allie and my other nephew, baby Ryan, well here's their mum sharing her thoughts, life tips and of course about her two darling angels. Come visit her here :)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Uaua's Masterpiece

A priceless piece of art by my nephew Joshua - notice the very curly hair of Ethan ;p

Party of 5!

Ever since we left secondary school which was waaaaaaaaaay back in 1989 (that was 19 years ago and yes you can do your maths and say I am old!! hahaha), we seldom get to meet each other due to either being apart because of our studies, work or family. But it is always nice to know that when we do get together we are still like the old days. Chirpy and excited to catch up with one another and of coz there was no escape from digging the past and teasing each other too ;p Recently, one of our dear friends, Ina, was back in town for the Raya celebration. As usual she invited us noisy lot to her open house. Indeed besides the yummy food and cookies it was such a happy and enjoyable get together. Funny how we still act and talk like we were back in school even Ina's mum and sis said so - still the noisy lot hahaha...but of coz we have grown more mature (hopefully heee..) and of coz extra kilos here and there especially moi haha...but Ina and Nicky are exceptional as they both have teenagers yet they are looking fantabulous!! You go gurllssss!! ;p
Nicky, Wek, Mitch, Me & Ethan and Ina

While his mommy was busy chatting with all the aunties, Ethan was playing with a spread of toys especially the ones with wheels borrowed from Ina's not so little ones heee...bless you Ina ;p

The party of 5 +1 :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

16 months

Our precious Ethan turns 1 year 4 months today.

  • His weights around 11kg
  • He "baby" talks a lot
  • He can walk with us holding only one of this hands now
  • Climbing may soon be his next discovery as I do notice him trying to climb up the sofa a few times
  • He pays longer attention and seems to enjoy watching his Hi-5 and Elmo vcds more
  • He is more attentive especially when he hears the gate at PIL's being open - he will "talk" to PILs as if he is telling them that someone is home and sometimes will request to have a peep at the window to see who is home :)
  • He understands and can identify car clearly, be it a real or cartoon car - on the road, on his shirt, on telly, on a book
  • He likes to pick up the house phone and starts to speak as if he is talking to someone
  • He wants me to give him a big hug before I leave him at PIL's for work
  • He has 7 incisors to date
  • He drinks 180ml milk 4-5 times a day
  • He is still on porridge twice a day and will sometimes join us during our meals
  • He can switch on the telly and take out the cds/vcds/dvds from the player

We began as strangers....

...We became friends.
We became one with each other...
We remain as one forever.

To the one I love,

There's a special place in my heart
that only you can touch -
a place where I can go and feel you near.
Throughout the the day I think of you.
I see you smile, hear your voice
and in my thoughts you lovingly appear.
The way we love each other
makes it hard to be apart
so when I can't hold you in my arms
I hold you in my heart

Poem author: Unknown

Happy 2nd Wedding Anniversary with all my love darling...

Friday, October 3, 2008

Tired and frustrated

Ethan loves to turn the wheels of his car or train toys or anything that he can turn or's a video of him trying to spin the cap of his how he got frustrated (with a big sigh...) and tired till he dropped himself on the bed after a few tries hehehe...

Jewel of the Js Family

One of our dear colleagues, Jo, who is the wifey of Mr. Badak gave birth to a beautiful baby girl with a lot of number 8 on her baby's birthdate i.e. 28.08.2008 at 1.08pm. What a lucky girl she is eh and a cutie too! :) Anyway, we joined her parents together with their family and friends to celebrate Jewel's fullmoon last Saturday at the Js' residence. Baby Jewel Trinity is such a lovely baby as I don't remember her making a fuss throughout the party when Ethan and myself was there...and I'm glad that Ethan is friendly with most people so I can let them take turn to carry him coz as I previously mentioned before his 11kg weight is a bit too heavy for me after a short while especially when hubby was not present ;p

Look who's in town

If you have been following my blog, you must have read about my entries on Adam and Fara here, and here. They are based in KL but since it is Raya season, SIL and the little ones (BIL can't make it due to work commitments) came back to celebrate the Raya festival with SIL's family. So what better time to let the children get together and spend some time with each other when SIL brought the children to PIL's last Sunday :) Adam will turn 1 year old this October so he is about 4 months younger than Ethan while Fara will turn 5 years olds next January.