Friday, May 22, 2009

Mother's Day

A bit late in telling the story in my blog but we (mom, MIL, SILs and myself) had some fun spending Mother's Day on two separate occasions. We celebrated Mothers' Day in advance simply to avoid the crowd and footing the hefty bills on the actual day if you know what I mean...I bet many made the same move as we did am sure ;p

Anyway, that Friday evening, we brought MIL together with FIL, BIL and two other friends to Krishnan Curry House as MIL likes Indian food. Then on Saturday evening us, my siblings and family treated my mum together with my dad for a Chinese seafood dinner at the Gaderian Seafood Restaurant near Solomon Jetty. It was our first time there...We almost didn't get a table as I didn't know the place was soo popular...all the tables were reserved when my eldest bro arrived there!! That was only half an hour after the restaurant opened at 6.30pm!! Holly molly...thank goodness big bro knew one of the staff there so he kindly opened and joined two rectangle tables for us...just nice for all of if you intend to dine there be sure to make your reservation! I was told that the crab dish and the sliced fish with garlic and ginger dishes are nice. We wanted to order crabs but much to my disappointment all their crabs were booked too!! Oh boy...but worry not as we ordered the other dishes...I do like their steamed fish...their frog delicacy cooked with dried chilli and big onions smells yummy though I didn't dare to try haha...the rest of the dishes i.e. Sabah vege with belacan (shrimp paste), Kailan with garlic, prawns cooked with butter (not the typical butter prawn though..), steamed chicken and fish maw soup were quite okay in my opinion.

Sorry I've totally forgotten to take pictures during both occasions as I was busy either feeding Ethan, eating or taking my turn to bring/ chasing him around ;p Anyway, I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day :)

Latest sleeping position

For the past 2 months or so, Ethan has been sharing our queen sized bed with us. His baby cot seems to be getting too small for him. Ethan moves a lot thus he will end up banging himself against the cot's bars. I presumed because of that he tends to wake up a few times during the night if we put him in his cot. He however, will sleep soundly without waking up when we let him sleep on our bed. I guess him not bumping himself to the side of the baby cot and having the luxury of a bigger space to turn and toss allows him to enjoy peaceful sleep every night ;p

For the past few months he has a new sleeping position which makes me and hubby smile each time we see him in that sleeping doesn't look comfortable to me but he can sleep like that for few hours before he changes his position again ;p Here are a couple of pictures of him in that particular position :)

Photo of the day

Lil' E looking buzy on my laptop ;p

Been lazy and busy

Hi ya...sorry for the long silent...I've been just too lazy (or rather not in the mood..) and busy to update my blog lately...but worry not as I'll be back soon! ;p

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

CD Tips: Of Leaks And Stinks And Stains And More

This is purely a cut and paste from Farrah's blog on the title above. Mainly for my own reference and/or reminder. Thanks Farrah for the great tips!! :)

CD Tips: Of Leaks And Stinks And Stains And More by Farrah Rahim
I've shared a few CD tips in some forums. So perhaps I should share them here too.

These tips I learned from my readings over the Internet, and mostly from my CD guru, none other than Sandra of And much of them, I learned from my 21 months of cloth diapering experience.


1) Detergent or/and oil build up due to using too much detergent, poor rinsing, using oil based diaper rash cream, using softener, etc. Hot wash and strip wash your diapers.

2) Wrong diaper sizing, or the diaper isn't put on properly. You will know this if your finger can slip in easily through the waist or the thigh.

3) Using too much inserts. If you use too much insert on smaller babies, it sometimes may result in leaking via the waist or the thighs too. Like for instance, when you use a onesize Wahmies microfiber insert in a small size pocket Drybees on a small 2mo baby. It happened to me.

4) Not laying microfiber insert on top of hemp insert. Hemp is slow in absorbing. Lay the microfiber insert on top of hemp to assist in quicker absorbancy.


As the baby started to eat food, and even more, as the toddler started to eat varieties of food, it is very natural for the urine to stink a little. Just think, if the urine doesn't smell, it is just NOT NORMAL at all!

However, if the smell is sword sharp stink and burns through your nose, something is just not right. Most probably, you have detergent residue in your diapers. Detergent residue acts with urine to produce overpowering stinky smell.

Again, do the hot wash and the strip wash.


The sun is our best friend! It's the best natural bleach for your diapers.

Hang your diapers with the stained parts facing the sunlight. For better results, get the full benefits from the early morning sun.

Some of the stains may not be gone. Don't worry, they will, over few washes and dries. Just remember, if the stain is still there, it doesn't mean your diaper isn't clean. Just think of the blood or curry stains that you were not able to remove from your clothes. The stains are there but they are clean nonetheless. The same principle applies.

Washing : Back To Basic

ALWAYS remember:-

1) NEVER EVER over use detergent. Read the instructions on the label of your detergent bottle/box, and use ONLY 1/4-1/3 of the recommended amount of detergent for that particular amount of wash load.

2) Use the RIGHT detergent. Do not use detergents that have enzymes, whitener, or any other super powerful features in them. They are bad for baby soft skin and may cause severe diaper rashes, especially whitening enzymes. Read the label carefully. Just use the most basic detergent you can find.

3) Do NOT use SOFTENER! They will cause build up in your diapers and you will end up with leaking problems.

4) Do NOT use BLEACH! They might actually eat up your diapers and before you even know it, your diapers will all already be reput. Plus, bleach is very unkind to baby's skin and may cause rashes. If

5) Do NOT use SOAP (as in hand and body soap)! You may think they do wonders in removing stains but they are also actually very wonderful in creating build up in your diapers. Just look at your bathroom, how often do you have to scrub the walls and floor?

6) Rinse WELL! It doesn't matter if you machine wash or hand wash your diapers. The most important thing is to rinse well enough! If you machine wash your diapers, I would recommend adding a prewash or another rinse cycle. If you hand wash your diapers, use enough water, but remember not to cause water wastage!

7) I would recommend the dry pail method over the wet pail method. Wet pail method is just so yucky. You'll be soaking your diapers in a pool of urine, unless you rinse them first before soaking them. Just toss your diapers from the dry pail straight into your washing machine.

If you follow these simple basic rules, you may find you won't actually need to do any strip washing at all!

Other Recommendations

1) Do NOT use oil-based diaper rash cream. I would recommend the Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm. It works wonders! Not only does it work in healing rashes, you can also use it for insect bites, bruises and small cuts. It heals pretty fast too! Smells nice and not so sticky either. If you really have to use those oil based cream, make sure you use a nappy barrier, like a nappy liner, and just use a thin layer of the cream.

2) When your baby is on medication especially antibiotics, you will notice some brownish stain on his diapers, especially the inserts. That is absolutely NORMAL. Just remember to wash the diapers immediately and not to keep the used diapers for too long in the dry pail. This is important to prevent mold and also the brown stain from setting in for good. What I would usually do is to rinse the diapers before dumping them into the dry pail, and shorten the wash cycle from my usual 2-3 days cycle to only 1-2 day wash cycle. Don't worry though, the brown stain will dissappear over several wash and dry cycles.

3) To increase the lifespan of your diapers, use laundry nets, especially for natural diapers like those made of bamboo, hemp and organic cotton.

4) Snap off GENTLY. Get it? Hehe, what I meant was, handle your snap diapers with care. Take off the snaps gently, don't rip them off in a rush. Otherwise you will find the snaps coming off from the diaper entirely pretty soon enough, especially if the diaper is made of natural fibre.

On another note, just for the record, I just bought our 2nd pack of Mamypoko for this year. This time around, for the first time, I bought the largest pack (66 pieces). Let's see if it can last till the end of the year ;).

Be prepared for peace of mind

I don't think anyone wants to experience burglary or robbery in their own home. We once had a attempted car thief at our home when I was still a little girl. I remember hearing my mum upon opening the back door years ago and was asking my dad how come the doors to the cars were opened. My dad looked puzzled as he remembered very well he had locked the doors. But upon checking the cars he noticed that they have been forced opened. I couldn't remember what exactly happened after that. But I remember a couple of policemen came to the house to investigate the incident. I also remembered the policemen trying to get the finger prints on the cars' windows. I can even remember the footprints (yes, footprints) on the cars' windows. I don't know what those thief were trying to do...But whatever it was, I was glad that the thief didn't not managed to steal our old family cars nor did they tried to get into the house. If only we had a home security system, perhaps the incident could have been avoided. Maybe we ought to install a wireless security system. I do however wonder if we have a similar system such as the Protect America Interactive Home Security System? It seems to have a diverse range of packages from Copper up to Platinum packages. The Copper package which is on special offer now caught my eyes. You'll save $295 on your order with only $29.95/ month payment and the package includes

  • Talking Control Panel
  • 1 Motion Detector
  • 3 Entry Points
  • Internal Siren and door chime
  • Battery Backup
  • One Button Arming
  • 3 Window Decals
  • 1 Yard Sign

That's not bad for the minimum amount you pay per month isn't it? So wait no more, call their toll free 877-470-2751 today!! And oh...I heard you'll get 2 keychain remotes with their order by calling that specific toll free quick dial that number now!! ;p


Monday, May 4, 2009

Be informed: Swine flu FAQs

The recent swine flu epidemic has unfortunately caused not only death but also seems to affect the economy worldwide. People including some governments get panicky... Honestly, I don't blame them for what they have done...including the hotel incident in HK..I guess they just wanted to be sure that the disease does not spread. It may look a bit too much but imagine the consequences if your country is affected...Anyway, if you want to know more about the disease, have a look at the FAQs on Swine Flu disease by the World Health Organization (WHO) that highlighted about the disease, levels of pandemic alert, vaccines for the new influenza A(H1N1), travel, safety of pork, what can you do?, and people at risk.