Friday, November 21, 2008

Times Book Fair!

Ok, listen up all you book lovers and book worms out there, the Times Book Fair is on from today i.e. 21st November till 7th December. 9am-9pm. I was there during lunch time today and how I wish my lunch time was longer coz I would really love to have ample time to browse around for more books. Nevertheless I'm delighted with my purchases :) So if you dig books, wait no more. Go down to Kompleks Asia City and grab some great bargains for you and your lil' ones. There's "Today's special RM1" corner too! Discounts ranges from 30% -90% (Yes - 90%!!) and you can get great novels as low as RM10 - RM12 only! So hurry before the good ones are gone!

The only complain I have is the array of books that are not sorted out by various categories ;p

Some story books for Lil' E

And some for his mommy too :) My happiest purchase is The Toddler Years which I've been wanting to get hold of and today I got it at 30% discount! Yippee!! ;p

2nd Beautiful Sabah Digital Photography Contest Workshop

Folks, if you're a keen photographer or learning to be one, here's a great chance for you to not only be able to take some great photos outside of KK but most of all the opportunity to learn one or two new skills in a workshop jointly organized by KKIPC Sdn. Bhd. and Sabah Journal Association and supported by the Kota Kinabalu Photography Club. BTW, if you have not heard of the Beautiful Sabah Digital Photography Contest, click here. The first workshop which was a great success was done at the Monsopiad Cultural Village last May.

See below for details and if you're interested do submit and make your payment ASAP as seats are limited to 50 only and its a first come first serve basis!
2nd Beautiful Sabah Digital Photography Contest Workshop


You are cordially invited to participate in the above workshop which will be held as follows;

Venue : Kudat Golf & Marina Resort
Date : 6 – 7th December 2008, Saturday & Sunday
Registration Fee : RM200.00** per pax
(**Include aircon coach transportation to the resort and back, accommodation, food & beverages)


DAY 1 – 6th December

7.00 – 7.30 am : Gather at Sabah Trade Centre, Likas before leaving for Kudat.
10.30 am : ETA at venue
11.00 am : Workshop commence

DAY 2 – 7TH December

6.30 – 8.25 am : Breakfast
8.30 am : Workshop continue
3.30 pm : Leave for Kota Kinabalu
6.30 pm : ETA Sabah Trade Centre

Speakers are distinguished members of Sabah Journalists Association and Kinabalu Photography Club.

Detailed program will be provided only to confirmed participants.
Open to 50 paxs only, by a first come first serve basis.

Registration Fee Payment can be done at KKIPC Sdn Bhd, Level 1 Sabah Trade Centre before 30th November 2008.
If you're interested and would like to have a copy of the form or for any inquiry, please call or email Ms. Anne Solomon ( or Ms. Florence Moujing (
at 088-231 101.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The dreaded terrible twos

Nope...Ethan is not going through that stage yet but I came across a blog entry about the daughter getting out of control...looking at her age she is probably going through that terrible phase...I read that kids will normally go through this stage from just before they turn 2 and may last till they are 3. I read that it is due to the reason that they are able to make their own decision and that they want to make their own decision even if you do not agree with them. And when you don't agree with them they will feel frustrated thus the smoke starts coming out from their nose and ears hee...Anyway, if you read more about this phase you will find that most will ask you to be more empathy and give limited options (1-3 options only) to them to calm them down. The degree of "terribleness" among these children varies...Some may become your cute terrible little monsters that you wonder what had happened to you darling little one..while others may not be as terrible...I just hope when Ethan goes through this phase he won't be that bad..hee.. All fingers crossed! But looking at his short temper character (thanks to his mum hee..) I just hope that he won't drives us up the wall!! Anyway, I'm just getting myself and hopefully hubby ready so that we are ready to deal with Ethan when he reaches this phase. So I've listed a few articles here for our reference and perhaps you may want to read them too especially if you have a toddler around the age of 18-36 months old :)

If you happened to have gone through this phase with smooth sailing and successfully please do drop us some tips too :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Here comes Tweety!!

Mummy! Daddy! I tot I saw a Tweety Bird....

I did!! I did!!

On the same topic, we want to wish Tweety Mutley a very happy birthday!!
Have many more to come ok..and oh btw, can I announce to the world your age here???!! ;p Sorry I didn't get you a Tweety merchandise but hope this will compensate it. Besides you get 2 in 1 - Tweety & Ethan!! kik kik kik...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I'm lovin' it!!

Yay! The new Geny cloth diaper cover (you can read the review here) has arrived and I'm sooo in love with it!! :)

See the color combination and the swirly design...I like!!!! ;p
Oh lately am into fitted cds especially during the weekend and when Ethan is taking his long afternoon nap. It lasts longer than pocket cds though it won't last on Ethan without leaking for night use I supposed..I'm assuming it won't last for night use in Ethan's case as the cover will be wet after about 4-5 hrs...I've even tried putting bamboo insert as doubler in between the cover and fitted cd but still it can't last more than 5 hours...anybody out there care to share how to tackle this issue are most welcome :)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Tough days ahead..

We all have heard of the shrinking economic cake...some are saying that this time it might be worst than the 1997 financial crisis and that it may continue for the next 2 years. Some companies have started their cost cutting exercise (which where I am attached to now is no exception..) while others have prepared their retrenchment have heard of the stock market swings and the oil price instability too...then there's Singapore announcing its intention to retrench Malaysian employees should they go into recession.....due to all these, it has also been predicted that many properties will go on auctions and hence perhaps a plunging drop in properties price...I guess there will be less economic activities as people will not be willing to spend due to lower purchasing power as well as afraid of the unexpected...although I won't be surprise there might be some opportunists and the risk takers that will take the opportunity to buy properties and unit trust at a much lower price?? Just hope that they will do their homework well before making that decision.

We in Malaysia have not felt the full impact of this yet but it is predicted that the recession may hit Malaysia next year... obviously it seems that the world is going through another cycle of world economic downturn...So that leads us to having to be prepared and spend only if its necessary...easier said then done but I guess if that's where the world economy is heading then we have no choice but to relook at our priorities and do the necessary so that we will not be in dire need of cash when it really hits us...

On a similar topic, I absolutely agree with this columnist on how he sees things with the current situation...have a read and what say you? ;p

Sunday November 2, 2008
The Star Online
Please grow up, will you?

With the United States slipping into recession, our politicians should spend time re-evaluating the situation and re-strategising how to ride out the storm instead of squabbling over a shrinking economic cake.

LET’S not lie to ourselves or let the politicians tell us otherwise. Malaysia, like all other economies that depend on international trade, will not be spared from the effects of the global economic turmoil.

Already, private sector employers are adopting cost-cutting measures before the full effects of the financial tsunami are felt next year.

That means no new recruits, reducing business travel, spending less on entertainment, lowering operating costs and even downsizing or retrenchment in some cases.

The reality is that most businesses expect less revenue next year. In order to stretch the dollar, clients are now taking a longer time to settle their bills.

The outlook for next year is not good at all. The general perception is that the effects of the global economic turmoil will run long haul. You don’t have to be an economist to foresee that the problems will not disappear overnight.

To keep their operations afloat, businessmen are keeping a tight control of their budget while seeking new revenue-making avenues.

Ahead of the bad times, Malaysians are looking to our politicians for leadership and assurances – which seem to be lacking.

We want to hear more about the measures that will be taken to soften the blow. It should not just come from Finance Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak. What have the others to say?
We are still squabbling about the 30% bumiputra equity under the New Economic Policy even when the cake is shrinking fast. No one seems to be talking about how Malay­sians, regardless of race, should work together to expand the cake.

What’s the point of quarrelling over how many slices when the cake may disappear soon?
For the vast majority of Malays – from wage-earners to traders – their needs will be greater in the months to come.

Surely, it makes sense for a policy to address the needs of those who are truly disadvantaged; and need rather than race should be the criterion.

There’s no legitimate reason to help those with political connections – regardless of whether they are Malay, Chinese or Indian – to become richer and more powerful while the majority stays the same.

It is equally baffling that there should be a controversy over the decision of the Penang state government to use more languages on a handful of signboards in tourist areas.
It’s not something new. Signages in English, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic are already prevalent at the KL International Airport.

Soon, we may even see Russian signages as the country’s new rich begin to travel extensively. Already the Russian market has been identified as the next “frontier”.

In Kuching and Miri, signs on main roads are in Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese and have been there for decades.

Certainly, the identity of the national language will not be threatened nor will the dominant position of the Malays.

We can choose to believe those politicians who spew racist and narrow nationalistic remarks to win votes in party elections or we can be pragmatic and open-minded in a world that has become more competitive and connected.

It is no secret that some of these hypocritical communal champions prefer to holiday in London and send their children, even at primary school level, to study in Britain or Australia. At the same time, they extol “the world-class standard” of our education system.

Fifty years after independence, many politicians, whether in government or the opposition, are still talking about the same issues that have either been resolved or are no longer relevant.
All of a sudden, we have to look up the history books to learn whether the social contract was cast in stone. Worse still, those who brought up the subject do not know much about it.

There seems to be a vacuum for fresh politics. Some of our more youthful leaders are parroting their elders, either out of reverence or for self-preservation. The result is we are getting more of the same.

The sad, if not frightening, part is that many of our politicians do not realise how detached they are from the New Politics of Malaysia, where the minds and hearts of the electorate have so radically changed after March 8.

With 2009 weeks away, Malaysians have to prepare to face a year of uncertainty.
By March, a new political leadership takes over. There’s hope and opportunity if the country is led along the right path.

The results of the general election show that Malaysians have grown up, yet many of our politicians have not.

It’s time they change or be changed.

The government will be announcing their measures on how to cope during this trouble time tomorrow so stay tune for that and see if they have grown up ;p