Saturday, May 31, 2008

Daddy's Corner Tag

Aunt Agnes tagged me on Daddy's corner and as Father's Day is just the round corner, this tag fits as a pre Father's Day celebration to honour all the daddies especially my hubby who has been a great dad to our precious Ethan for almost a year now :) He's always there to help me in caring for Ethan when I need him to. Be it during when I need to prepare Ethan's food, his bath, houseworks, self pampering, outings with my friends or even when I'm blogging (like now hehe..) He is in fact Ethan's favourite. Ethan would actually go to him first whenever we come back from work in the evening as he knows his dad will play with him...unlike his boring mom haha...Here's a picture of my dear hubby with Ethan during one of their fun sessions :)

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2) Blog Brag about your husband - yes, the father of your child/ren. As I’ve said singles may also join by bragging about their own fathers, or even grandfathers. It doesn’t matter! Of course, Daddy bloggers themselves may also join, but you have to blog about your fathers and not about yourselves, deal? Okay. Good.
3) Add your blog in the master list below linking to the post that you just made. Or if you wish, do it as how I’ve done it in my other blog by adding a new page.
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I shall now tag two of my friends who has the same passion about CDs and share the same name as me i.e Joyce A. and Joyce S. :) So to the the two Joyces, hope to hear your side of Daddy's story from this tag. Let's join in the fun! :)

Put a spark in your life

I'm pretty sure many of you must have heard so much about SocialSpark which was launched just recently. If you haven't, it is another avenue for you to earn some extra pocket money or if you're a full time blogger and earn from it like many do, it’s another program that you can generate additional income :) It's also one place where you can meet old and new friends. Since I started blogging last August, I've met quite a few friendly bloggers whom I now considered friends. Of course besides my new found friends, I have quite a few personal friends who are also bloggers. Some of them who have also joined SocialSpark include Osindak and Hannie whom have been earning some bucks through the Marketplace. I turn green whenever I see paid post done by them hehehe... But I tell myself , my turn will come...just have to be a bit more patient hehehe...Well,I do hope I'll get some opportunities from SocialSpark soon coz I would really love to see more moolah (well, who wouldn’t want right hehe..) in my paypal after the CDs shopping spree!! So folks, what are you waiting for? Go get yourself registered for another monetizes your blog opportunity!! It's only takes a to bring more moolah to your paypal ;p

Friday, May 30, 2008

Kotobian Tadau Tagazo Doid Kaamatan

Happy Harvest Festival to my family, relatives and friends who celebrate the Kaamatan Festival!! :)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Freebies up for grab!!

Hey all you folks in KK, since we'll be celebrating the Harvest Festival this coming weekend, here's another option for you on how to utilize your long weekend - go watch a movie or two for FREE!! What's more it will be at the new 1 Borneo shopping mall!! So quick go grab this golden opportunity pronto as the offer is only valid from 31 May t0 4th June!!

New Arrivals at LilPeopleBoutique!

Hear ye Hear ye! The new stock has arrived and I've just managed to upload the pics in my online shop. Feel free to browse around and let me know if you're interested ya ;)

Monday, May 26, 2008

Ethan's developments

I'm just jotting down some notes on Ethan's developments for my own reference :)

  • Able to stand up on his own in his baby cot last week - he stood on his own by holding on to the sofa when I was feeding him once
  • More stable when sitting down though he doesn't try to sit on his own that often
  • He will give you a peck or a lick hehe when he is in the mood ;p
  • He is not on all fours yet
  • Seems to understand "nenen" (milk) and "water"
  • Loves music especially on DVDs or VCDs - he is a visual person (his eyes will be glued to the telly especially with singing cartoon characters) rather than an audio person ;p
  • More demanding and will make sounds and body gestures by forwarding his body towards the place that he wants us to bring him to or things that he wants
  • Loves balloon - that is the first thing he will look for as we pick him up from his cot in the morning
  • He has rather good memory as he remembers things quite well e.g. where we keep his balloon as he will automatically turn his body towards where we keep it in the morning
  • He knows which remote control is for what e.g. once hubby pretended to use the aircond remote control as a phone and pretended to have some conversation. He later put it on Ethan's ear but Ethan took it away and pointed the remote control to the aircond instead which left both of us looking at each and other and started to laugh!! And if you give him the remote control that does not change the tv channel, he will drop it and request for the correct one!
  • Still very playful + cheeky ;p
  • Very friendly as he gets all excited when he sees little kids around as he wants to join in the fun

Friday, May 23, 2008

Career in modeling

If you're young and beautiful, love beauty contest, keen to be a model, have the look of the year, and wish to be recognized, why not hope on to to submit your best pictures for the chance to be able to work as a model in Europe and the US. You could be the next top model in Paris, Milan or even New York.

My poor baby...

As I mentioned earlier...I was away from home since Sunday till yesterday...guess what was Ethan's reaction of my homecoming yesterday...a very angry baby that it took him about 2 hours before he allowed me to cuddle him without poor baby...sulking and angry with his mummy for being away for 5 hurts to see him crying and for being angry with me :( I'm very sorry Ethan but mummy was away for work purposes... yes, this was my first time away from him...poor baby...mummy missed you a lot too that was why I brought 2 pocket albums of your pics along with me during the trip ...

Still angry with mummy...look at the way he stared at me haha...


Yippie...I've finally get some opps from Bloggerwave which I've signed up and got approved a few weeks ago. Now I hope to earn some moolah or make money from here so I can do some CD shopping ...oppsss...hubby will may give me the "look" and says "CDs again!!??" hehehe...ok ok...promise won't buy CDs for now...unless of coz there are CDs sales going on haha...Anyway, back to Bloggerwave, its paid post programme from Europe that you should try and join to further monetize your blog...well, where there are opportunities, why not give it a try right :)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'm back!!

Hello folks! Just a short note to let you know that I'm back! :)

Yeah, I was away attending the World Congress of Information Technology 2008 (WCIT 2008) at the KL Convention Centre. I'll blog about my trip soon, so don't go away as I'll be back!! ;p

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Short break

Hellow folks, in case you didn't hear from me, this blog is going to take a short break as I'll be outstationed from today till next Thursday...till then have a good week ahead!!

Oh oh..just wanna share with you my latest CDs collection which arrived this week...the last batch ...well, for now hee...
Ordered from a WAHM in US via eBay
My obsessions from (new & gently used) + eBay

Friday, May 16, 2008

8 random facts

Spiff the Spaceman tagged me on this a while ago and I only remember about it this morning...opppss thousand apologies Nick ;p But better late than never right!!?? (Errmmmm...btw, have you ever did the smile taggy from me Nick?? Yeah am haunting you now hahaha...) Anyway, this tag is about 8 random facts about me.


Each of you start with 8 random facts or habits about yourself. Once you're tagged, write a blog post about your own random fact and post these rules. At the end of the post you need to tag 8 other wonderful bloggers and include their names. Then once you're done, don't forget to let them know in their blogs that you've given them a tag ... and to come read your random facts ;p

Here goes my 8 random facts:

1. I love chocolate (tht's why I still haven't reach my pre-pregnancy weight and my forever friends tummy is still bulging and waving at me ;p)
2. I'm a blog addict (it's 4.43am now...nah I wasn't online forever.. slept early and woke up just before 4am to wash Ethan's bottles and now am here hee...)
3. Love shopping? (Yes I am!!)
4. New found love - cloth diapers (my latest obsession hehe.. I've bought about 30 CDs in a span of just one month..hehe..)
5. I'm trying (seems like I'm forever trying hehe..) to loose weight (to my pre-pregnancy weight of 51kg currently still at 55kg...blame it on random fact #1 and lack of exercise...sigh..)
6. I'm a bit of a perfectionist (have mellowed down a lot over the years hehe..age factor?? hehe)
7. I'm a planner (I even plan in my head for almost every actions that I take which can be annoying at times especially if you're an impromptu kinda person hehe...and yeah I prefer advance notice rather than last minute activities though I would sometimes adhere to last minute activities such as shopping and window shopping hehe)
8. No matter how late I sleep the night before I will still wake up early the next day (I would normally wake up ard 7.30am even without alarm clock shouting to wake me up!)

My dear fellow bloggers, you've been tagged coz I would like to know you better!! ;p
  1. Agnes C of AgnesCDiary
  2. FloDawn of StoryMory2Share
  3. Chegu Carol of the Guru-guru life
  4. Deana of My Children Journal
  5. JoanDarcy of Grin Mama Blues
  6. Emelda of Kadazan Bonita
  7. Fran of Live Life
  8. Esterllar of Being Stellar

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Two more awards

I can't believe I've received two more awards and this time from a dear friend of mine i.e. Osindak. What have I got this time? Well they are :

How sweet of you Osindak for being generous with your awards...hmm...I could get use to this hehee...Anyway, in order to share my joy of receiving these awards, let me pass them on to:

What is rollforming?

Being in the manufacturing industry, my hubby was telling me about rollforming yesterday evening. He was telling me that in the manufacturing industry, having a production line which is able to provide high performance and reliability is crucial to ensure productive production output. He continued on saying that the competitive global manufacturing industry today demands high standards of quality and efficiency so as to remain competitive in meeting customers' demand. He then went on talking about rollforming industry and rollform equipment in general. As a person who is not from a technical or engineering background, I was a bit blur when he went on about metal forming in the rollforming industry. Hence, to make things easier for me, he quoted a leader in this industry i.e. SAMCO as an example. Being the curious person that I am, I quickly search for the company website and its achievements are rather impressive I must say. It seems that due to its extensive experience, expertise and customer oriented approach; SAMCO managed to build up its brand and reputation as a supplier and a solution provider for high quality rollforming and press machines. Moreover, their adoption of positive philosophy on quality management system and positive approach of investing in state of the art technology advancement such as CAD and CAE systems has promoted SAMCO to be even more successful. Thus being an innovative leader in the industry enables them to enjoy the competitive edge in the rollforming industry.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A nice reminder for us

As I was browsing through the Star Online this morning, I came across this article which makes a nice reminder for us all on how important our moms are. They are the ones who made us today and they are the pillars of our success. Mother's Day just passed by but my appreciation and gratitude to my mum will never fade fact it keeps on burning especially now that I am a mother myself.... I totally agree with what the writer writes in her article...let's see what you have to say...have a nice read :)

Wednesday May 14, 2008

Taking loved ones for granted

THE other day, my mum called to tell me that she and my fa-ther were considering buying two placements in a memorial park as their final resting place ''when the time comes''.
I know very well that there will come a time when we will leave this world, but it is not something I often think about.

It is okay to plan for birthdays, weddings and retirement, but planning for death is not the norm. Not because it is not logical or practical, but to think of death is to bring on fear.
My boyfriend asked me a few days ago if I fear death.

“No, but I fear pain. But what I fear most of all, are the deaths of my loved ones.”
Just the mere thought of not seeing my parents and brother again cripples me with fear. When my parents speak of where they would like their final resting place to be, I am afraid to listen and refuse to take it seriously.

My grandfather was taken ill recently, and when I paid him a visit I was reminded that even the strongest and healthiest of us will not stay that way forever.

My father is 53 this year. He goes to the gym a few times a week, takes care of his diet and is far from old. He is able to fix almost anything in the house and he still takes cares of me like he always does.

All these years, I have looked upon my father as someone who is infallible, strong and able to find a solution to any problems that I may have.

It scares me to think of the day when he will not be as he is now, when time and age catches up. I would rather not see the lines around his eyes, or how tired he looks at times. I don’t want to notice him limping a little sometimes because his feet hurt.

My father is not a superhero, but sometimes it is easy to forget that because of how well he takes care of the family and me. Too often, I take his love and his health for granted.
When someone loves you unconditionally, it is easy to be careless with that love, because you assume that it will always be there.

You forget to say thank you, or be polite, or even do something nice in return.
During a meeting with the managing director of a company who is interested in working with me on an endorsement project, he said something to me that no one has ever said before.
“No offence Xandria, I think your work is great but the reason you are here is because of your mum.”

“Your mum is such a good person. I think what you are today is because of your upbringing. So you have to thank your mum and dad,” he told me with a smile.

I couldn’t be happier or more proud hearing this. I have always wished that people could see that. My mum is my manager, and I have had people being nicer to me than they are to her.
Some have even been downright insensitive and rude to her, but sugary sweet to me.
I have never understood that. Being a manager of a company is not an easy task, and if the company runs smoothly, it is very much due to good management.

My career has been on a steady climb because my mum is an amazing businesswoman and manager. I have manners, respect, compassion and faith because my parents have taught me that.

I have written in a previous article that if someone should praise me, they should praise my parents 10 times over.

Many have asked me during interviews if I feel that my mum is overprotective as my manager, and my answer is that I am much more protective of her.

Even then, I cannot be a hypocrite. I cannot expect people to be nice and kind to my mum when there are many times when I have also hurt her with my impatience and attitude.

The worst part of it is that the hurt she experiences because of me is much more painful than those inflicted by others.

And the irony is that it is often easier to be nicer to acquaintances and friends, than it is to be mindful of the feelings of our loved ones.

Mother’s Day has just passed and Father’s Day is around the corner. Being able to celebrate these occasions is just a reminder of how fortunate we are to have known unconditional love.
Death is inevitable and maybe if we stop and think about death once in a while, we would appreciate life better.

On Mommies' Day

What did we do? We had an advance Mother's Day celebration with MIL at Krishnan Curry House on Saturday together with FIL, Uncle Wong + Aunt Roslyn, Dom and Emerson.

And on Mother's Day itself, we had potluck dinner at my little crib with me mom, dad, brothers, SILs and of coz Joshua, Allie and Moira :)

And what's a celebration without a cake are the lovely cuppies made by Deana :)

Everybody loves the decor and of coz the little ones love them!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Cloth Diapering Forums

Diapers Asia
Diaper Pin

Photo of the day

I checked on Ethan while he was taking his afternoon nap yesterday and quickly took this picture of Ethan hugging Mr. Smurf to sleep ... I thought it would make a sweet photo moment hee...

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mothers Are the Place Where Love

Mothers are the place where love
Emerges from the earth,
And happiness rings out like bells
In honor of our birth.

Mothers are the sun that lights
For life our inner sky,
So we may know that we are loved
And need not question why.

Mothers are the moon that shines
Upon our black despair,
So even when we weep, we know
That someone's always there.

Whatever fear, or stress, or pain
Might them to anger move,
We know that underneath the storm
We have, always, their love.
Poem extracted from Poem for Free
Happy Mother's Day especially to my dearest mum and mum in law and to all mothers in the world!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Another award

Yay! I got another award and this time thanks to Syura for giving me this kind award :)

And now, I shall pass the batton to these wonderful friendly bloggers whom I got to know through blogging :)

Yes, CDs again..

Well, these are the ones that I ordered earlier from Baby Shasha & Mom but had to wait a lil' bit coz one of the items i.e. HH in butter was out of stock. But it is worth the while coz I love them all are my newly arrived CDs :)

L size Cute Cow by HH, OS Butter by HH and OS Safari by Mummy's Touch

And I bought this Drybees fleece pocket from MiaBambina during the sales together with a few hemp inserts :)

More to come ;p

Oh BTW, you may want to check out these links from LilDanzelle:

I hope your knees didn't turn jelly seeing all these (mine did eeeekkk!!) !!! Hahaha...enjoy!!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What went wrong??

Since I got up early this morning...just before 4.30am I thought I do a post on Ethan being 11 months old today...and since it is still early so I've decided to do another post ;p Anyway, this is a short one just to whine about my face which I've been neglecting lately...I notice that I have tiny pimples...well, they are not really pimples..on my forehead for the past couple of weeks...could it be due to the fact that I've not been to Kose facial saloon for almost 3 months now?? Or could it because I've not been using my treatment essense and toner religiously due to tiredness and laziness?? Anyway, I think I need to make an appointment with my beautician soon...don't want to end up looking haggard...NO NO way...that reminds me I need to restock my sunscreen when I go for my next facial appointment. Oh btw, if you have teenagers around you, I think it is always a good idea to start them with skin care early which include using sunscreen for UV ray protection. If you're not sure which brand to use, you may want to try a new suncreen product by Screen, Inc. Good thing about this new product is that you don't have to worry about it being greasy. Futhermore, it is non-irritating and dermatologist-approved. But most of all, such sunscreens have received the coveted Seal of Recommendation from the Skin Cancer Foundation. So you can be sure of its quality and safety :)

Oppss...its time to get ready for work now...later folks! ;p

Ethan Boy is 11 months old!!

Geez...can't believe my Ethan boy (notice I call him Ethan boy instead of baby Ethan heee..) is now 11 months old! My son is growing up fast! It's now 1 more month to celebrate his 1st birthday hee.... So what's his latest development? Let's see what Murkoff et al (What to Expect the First Year, 2003) have to say:

By eleven months, you baby ...should be able:
  • get into a sitting position from stomach - check though it is not that often yet but he can :)
  • pick up tiny object with any part of thumb and finger (as always, make sure dangerous objects stay out of baby's reach) - just last nite I saw him trying to pick up some hair on the bed and caught him munching small bit of tissue in his mouth...tsk tsk tsk...
  • understand "no" (but not always obey it) - hmmmm I can't tell if he understands "no" but am pretty sure he can protest if we try to take something away or take him away from something when he still hasn't get enough of it hehe...

...will probably be able to:

  • play party-cake (clap hands) or wave bye-bye - he started to claps his hands in the proper way now unlike previously and yes he can wave bye-bye and kiss us (especially MIL) on the cheek heee so manja...
  • walk holding on to furniture - well we haven't let him try this though we do let him stand with us holding on to him
  • point or gesture to something to get needs met - oh yes, especially if he wants to listen to his music or musical vcd, play his balloon, football, he will definitely let us know by making sound and looking at those stuff or even move his body towards them hehe..and when he doesn't want his milk or porridge anymore he will turn his head left to right hehe

...most possible be able to:

  • pick up a tiny object neatly with tips of thumb and forefinger (again, keep all dangerous objects out of baby's reach) - yeah like I've said...caught him picking up hairs on the bed hehe...
  • stand alone momentarily - I think the hubs did try this momentarily on Ethan hehe...
    say "dada" or "mama" discriminately - well, I have yet to hear him saying "dada" or "mama' but definitely "papa" (yeah so sad have not heard him saying "mama". A daddy's boy hmmm...)
  • say one word other than "mama" or "dada" - hmmm...he does say other words but not proper words I supposed...

...may even be able to:

  • stand alone well - not yet
  • indicate wants in ways other than crying - yes definately as mentioned above
  • "roll ball" (roll ball back to you) - I know he can throw the ball and hit the ball on the wall and kick the ball though
  • drink from a cup independently - have not tried this on him
    use immature jargoning (gibberish that sounds as if baby is talking a made-up foreign language) - he does "talk" with his own language though
  • say three or four words other than "mama" or "dada" - have not noticed this yet
  • respond to a one-stop command without gestures (give that to me - without hand out) - yes he does move his body towards the item he wants or making sound and keep looking at the thing that he wants
  • walk well - not yet. So far we only guide him by holding onto him while letting him walk.Yep, I'm not putting him on a walker

Well, I guess my 10kg boy is doing alright :)

Picture of my precious taken this morning :)

The rest of the pictures were taken 3 days ago...

Ohhh btw, Ethan started to drink less milk and it is getting harder to feed him he trying to shed some weight off so he can start walking?

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Moira in her pretty polka dot dress

Here's the sweet lil' Moira doing her Miss World smile and walk in her polka dot dress from my online boutique :)

My cheeky son ;p

2 weekends ago, MIL, hubby, Ethan and myself went shopping at Parkson Grand in Wawasan Plaza. As MIL and I were busy browsing and shopping, the hubs came to me without Ethan which startled me for a second till hubby pointed to me where Ethan was. And guess where my super friendly baby boy was? He was happily being carried by one of the baby friendly sales ladies at the ladies under garment section. And guess what happened after that even after the hubs carried him away? He was still fascinated by the big Audrey poster that he refused to be moved away from the poster and cried when hubby tried to bring him away from it!! I just hope that this is not an indication of a future playboy!! Oh dear oh dear...hahaha...

Watch where you're touching Ethan boy!! ;p

Ahaa... mummy caught you red handed ogling at the poster Ethan boy!! Naughty naughty boy! ;p

Oh talking about undergarments...if you're a big fan of sexy lingerie, sheer lingerie and plus size lingerie why not make your way to and see what they have to offer. Their lingeries are specially made for all sort of occasions. Be it for a fun, wedding or naughty occasions, you'll find a variety of lingerie to your liking :)

Monday, May 5, 2008

My sunnies...

I'm not really a vain person but I do love to look good when going out although it is not as easy as before I have my precious Lil' E. As any mothers will agree with me, after having children, our kids needs became the main priority including when we have outings. In my case, I would have to make sure that I have all his stuff ready b4 we step out of our main door. Those stuff include his extra clothings, diapers + diaper stuff (e.g baby wipes, Drapolene etc - so far I'll switch to disposable diapers from cloth diapers when going out), towels, milk bottle, milk powder, hot water, toys, etc etc... My hubby always say that we are like moving house whenever we go for outings as there seem to be so many baby stuff to bring along hehehe... and no thanks to a "thorough" or "just in case" person that I am hee...we always end up having to bring a number of things coz I don't have to worry in case we come home late or in case he gets cold or vomitted etc etc.

Anyway, coming back to being vain, previously I would never leave the house without my sunglasses as not only will it be handy when driving during a bright sunny day, it is of coz for fashion purposes hehe..but of lately I seldom wear sun glasses as I would like Ethan to see my eyes when I talk to him...but if I do wear my Sunglasses he will just stares at me and give me a funny look which I will end up taking off my sunglasses ;p Another reason why I seldom wear my sunglasees nowadays is that Ethan loves to grab it and I'm afraid he may one day drop it. That will not be good as the sunglasses bought as a gift by the hubs is not that now I only wear it when I go out on my own or occasionally when I don't need to carry Ethan for a long period of time. Maybe I should consider replica sunglasses so I don't have to worry about Ethan dropping it. I wonder besides the replica sunglasses from China that we see being sold at Gaya Street is there any other quality Wholesale Replica Sunglasses around in KK?

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Anniesen the next supermodel ;p

Enjoy the pictures of Anniesen wearing one of my items from Lil' People Boutique :)I should have uploaded these photos earlier but was bz with Ethan being not well...thank goodness he seems much better fever in the evening...yay...hope the fever is gone now...