Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Photo of the day

Our little rock star in the making ! Greng greng greng!! ;p

The last of CDs...for now ;p

The much long awaited CD has finally arrived in the mail end of last week. I've actually pre-ordered this particular OS Blueberry pattern with snap buttons from a few months back. But Grace's supplies (shipment via sea) from the US have only arrived recently. Nevertheless, I'm very much satisfied with the happy and vibrant color of this CD. Don't you think the colours spell "FUN" ? :)

Anyway, I think I shall stop CD shopping for now as Ethan has plentiful of them now thanks to his CDholic mom!! ;p And even if I have to buy more, it will have to be OS (one size) only when we get pregnant with 2nd baby ;) So for now the CDsholic mommy shall rest her poor fingers from clicking away!! Fingers and toes crossed!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Another brilliant piece of art by Hannie!

As I wanted to give something different to Baby Theo as a fullmoon gift, I've decided to once again asked Hannie to custom made another page for me's how it looks like and how it turned out to be after being framed. I certainly love it and so did the others when they saw it :)

The final look of the page with another cute card by Hannie :)

And she remembered me on Valentine's Day too ;p
I am now looking forward to 2 more projects with Hannie i.e. my wedding pics on a scrapbook page and Ethan's page...yes, though we have been married for over 2 years now, yet we have not put up any of our official wedding photos on our wall ...blame it on technology as all the pics are conveniently stored in cds hehe...we do of course have the usual normal wedding album and the coffee table magazine wedding photos...But since I have a feature wall project at home going on where I will showcase photos of my family and extended family..I will make sure my official wedding photos will be up soon..I'll show you once they are up okay ;p
Oh btw, Jewelle did an entry about Hannie's creative hobby too :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Best Mom Award

Got this wonderful award from Shirley who is a great & fabulous mom to her soon turning 2 years old sweet Anniesen :)

My best mum experience was a few hours after giving birth to my precious Ethan. It was just after I've woken up from the anaesthetic effect due to a last minute emergency c-section ;p Ethan was actually asleep when the nurse first brought him to me but he opened one of his eyes when I called out his name... as if he knew his name even at about 3 hours old ;p I just can't describe the feeling that I had at that moment when he opened his eyes and looked at me...I just melt and was just so extremely happy to see my then tiny lil' baby (he was 2.8kg) and straight away gave him a loving kiss...I will never forget that moment as it gives me a warm happy feeling even writing about it now. Ethan is our precious little treasure ...always is and always will and we love him unconditionally with all our hearts :)

The rules:
1. Show the award logo in your post.
2. Pick a picture you have with your kiddo(s).
3. Post should include your best experience as a Mom.
4. Nominate other blogger mom's out there that you consider the best mom, like yourself.

I shall now pass on the meaningful awards to two other supermoms i.e.both my SILs Lisa and Jasica :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

No water supply tomorrow (18th Feb)

My apology as the notice was supposed to be "Water Supply Disruption" whereby the water supply will be reduced by 35% in most areas. Affected areas include KK, Kepayan, Kinarut, Petagas, Putatan, Penampang, Likas, Karamunsing, Tg. Aru, Inanam and Kelombong. Certain areas may however experience complete disruption of water supply.

I saw the "No water supply" notice from the management (extracted from the Water Department) at my apartment this morning. So if you don't already know, make sure you stock up some water supply that will last you and your family till 9pm tomorrow. I know for sure that my area in Kepayan, Kelombong (PIL's) and Likas (work place) will definately have no water supply from the morning till 9pm. But if I'm not mistaken there are a few more areas that are affected too.. So to be safe, just stock up some water tonite ;p Hmmmm...tht reminds me I should do my "white" laundry tonite to avoid the muddy looking dirt on the cleaned laundry especially when the water supply just comes on back...

Cancer warning for talcum powder

I've read and heard about talcum powder not good for babies (that was why I never use talcum powder on Ethan...) but I didn't know that it could cause ovarian ladies and mommies do read on and pass the info around...
Cancer Warning for Talcum Powder
extracted from the Star Online
Published: Tuesday February 17, 2009 MYT 1:13:00 PM

GEORGE TOWN: Be careful the next time you sprinkle yourself with talcum powder or inhale it as it has been found to cause cancers and tumours, said the Consumers’ Association of Penang (CAP).

Magnesium silicate hydroxide, also commonly known as talc, is the main ingredient in baby, medicated and designer perfumed body powder.

CAP president S.M. Mohamed Idris said the latest findings from the United States suggested that women who used talcum powder were 40% more likely to suffer from ovarian cancer.
“Talc particles are capable of moving up the reproductive system and becoming embedded in the ovary lining.

“Researchers have found talc particles in ovarian tumour and they have also discovered that women with ovarian cancer used talcum powder on their genitals more frequently than healthy women,” he told a press conference at the CAP headquarters here Tuesday.

He said that researchers from Harvard Medical School in Boston studied over 3,000 women and found that those using talcum once a week had a 36% chance of getting ovarian cancer, while those using talcum daily had a 41% chance.

Talcum, Mohamed Idris added, was also a health risk when exposed to the lungs as the puffy white cloud of powder ended up being inhaled by babies.

“Talc can cause the baby’s airways to swell and lead to pneumonia, and has been linked to asthma in children. Statistics show that several thousands infants die or become seriously ill each year due to inhalation of baby powder,” he said.

He urged the Health Ministry to place a warning on products containing talc and to stop the marketing of baby powder containing talc.

“Consumers should revert to using the traditional ‘bedak sejuk,’ which is made of rice flour or powder made from corn flour,” he added.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Our Dancing Prince

Ethan loves to dance when his favourite programs such as the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Bunnytown etc are on telly. Here's him doing his thang...Well...not exactly a dancing prince yet but almost ;p

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Photo of the day

Ethan! Oh me, oh my! What were you doing young man ??!! ;p
When you're bigger and older please don't be mad with mummy for posting this cute pic of you being caught red handedly digging your cute lil button nose okay sweetheart kik kik kik... ;p

A rendezvous with the Chins

After a few months...well, about four months, we finally managed to set a date with the Chins. It was really nice catching up with them though hubby was chasing after Ethan and attending his antics most of the time hehe... it was lovely to have finally met sweet lil' Janelle too :) Time really flies as it felt like just recently that I posted about Willis & Ivy's wedding...and now they have added the adorable Janelle into their life :) Just look at Janelle's pics...aren't she a doll :)

The Chins family - three's a company :)

She sure is the apple of his daddy's eye ;p

And of coz here's my lil' prince with Uncle Willis :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Monday, February 9, 2009

Our water boy

Ethan loves playing in the his bath tub and especially in the swimming pool...he even wanted to go to the sea whenever he is by the beach! I once posted about him enjoying the pool at Langkah Syabas. Here he is again enjoying himself at the pool at Tweety's mansion ;p

Feeling a lil' bit scared or rather he wasn't feeling confident yet when hubby first put him in the pool...

But give him just a few minutes and enjoyed it, he did!! :D

The happy water boy :)

Ethan doing the splish splash and walking from one end to the other end of the pool ;p

Ethan enjoying the pool ;p

and before you know it, he tried to climb over to the adults pool...tsk tsk tsk...

Our friendly water boy befriended a pretty girl from next door neighbour and wasn't too happy when she had to go home...Ethan practically tried to pull her back into the pull and "voiced out" his unhappiness ;p

Ms Tweety the babysitter a.ka. Baywatch life guard on duty;p

The other Baywatch life guard ;p

Ethan with Aunt Tweety

Ethan: Ok Aunty Tweety that's enough of kissing for the day....

Ethan: Mummy!!! Help!!!

It was indeed an enjoyable time especially for Ethan...and when we finished at the pool...we had to struggle to get Ethan out of the pool!! Thank goodness he wasn't complaining when I gave him a bath him at Tweety's mansion - remember he is after all a water boy ;p And happy to say we were served yummylicious pasta and curry while chilling out at Tweety's that evening after the our special thanks to dear Ms Tweety for letting Ethan play in the pool as well as for the super delicious meals! So be warned as we folks will be back!!! ;p