Friday, April 17, 2009

VOTE FOR ME : Supermummy Amazing Blogger Award!

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So folks do come and click on the button/ icon for me as and when you're visiting or free ya!! ;p Muchas Gracias!! Mmmmuahhh!!! :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday

This year we didn't get to attend any of the Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and even Easter Sunday of the reasons is that Ethan is by doctor's advice not to be in a crowded or confined area. This is mainly due to him getting cough/mucus on and off since Feb till late March...took him longer than it usually does...he did recovered but it came back again for about 3 times ...this was before his bad throat infection (and no, the throat infection was not due to his cough but due to infection from others) and since he has sensitive airways the doctor is afraid that it may turn into asthma (touch wood!!) if we are not careful. Hence, his paed discourages us to bring him to shopping malls, churches included. Reason being there are bound to be someone ill inside the building which can trigger his cough/mucus. As he is not fully recovered his lung is still vulnerable.

Anyway, since hubby is away for work, both me and Ethan spend our time at home during the long weekend. Only went out for groceries shopping and had a couple of visits from his downstairs cousins and aunt. My parents dropped by too. Ethan got his Easter eggs from my parents and SIL, Lisa. and And to celebrate Easter Sunday, my dad invited us for dinner at the Chinese restaurant at DJunction. Here are some pictures for the sharing :)

Dodu with Ryan

SIL, Lisa with her 3 Muskeeteers - Moira, Joshua and Theodore

Busy lil' E roaming around - I didn't manage to take pictures of him chasing after Joshua and him running around the place coz I was too bz chasing after him!!

After tired of running around it's milk time! ;p

And soon after that...he began to feel restless and wanted to get off from the high chair again!! No stopping for him I tell you, and that goes same to me chasing after him!!

Here him curious about what's in the cupboard...notice his right hand already on the cupboard while the other hand has that ala' Saloma hand gesture!! So not macho la Ethan!! haha..

SIL, Jasica with big eyes Ryan ;p

Wanted to take a picture of Allie but she was in a bad mood - she wasn't feeling so well..poor girl didn't eat anything except for the fruits ...

Candid shot - Baby Ryan was pulling Ethan's hair and had just let go, Momoi was nowhere to be found in this picture coz she was looking at us while Lisa tried to persuade her to join us...Allie was not in photo taking session mood ;p
This was the best we could least everyone was in the pic - yeah all ladies...all the men in the house (except for my dad and the boys of coz) were either working or outstationed ;pCute little Theodore who was very good through out the dinner ;p
Our Ethan boy finally decided to say hello to Lil' Theo as we were leaving ;p

As we got home Ethan was fast asleep just 15 mins after I got him ready for bed...well, with all the running around he would have been really tired!! I then had a relaxing time surfing and blog hopping...phew...what a bliss after the chasing and yelling after Ethan for about 2 hrs!! hahaha...I think I will think twice before I will bring him out alone again...even my Dad told me Ethan really gave me a good exercise that night!! hahaha...Anyway, hope you had an awesome Easter Sunday :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

God is good

Ethan loves to dance to the chorus of the song entitled "God is good". He sort of got familiar with the song and knows when the chorus is coming..He will happily (with a smile on his face..) wait for the chorus before starting his dance moves...have a look at what I meant...

Ethan will dance to the chorus of this particular song even when he is sitting down ;p

Here is my dancing prince dancing to the beat of the chorus of "God is good" again - standing up this time ;p

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

22 months

Ethan turned 1 year 10 months today. He weights 12.2kg and stands at 86cm. I've yet to check how many teeth he has now but seems like most of them are out except for a few...

Lately he is into books especially those with colorful pictures. He is also into colorful brochures and will look at them as if he knows how to read and will keep pointing to certain part of the brochures to anyone of us. He will also look at them for quite a while - same goes to his books.


  1. Kar - car
  2. Bus -bus
  3. Kee - key
  4. Dor - door
  5. Cis - cheese
  6. Apple - apple
  7. Papa - grandpa
  8. Dede - daddy
  9. Grandma/ mama - grandma
  10. Aki - my dad
  11. Dodu - my mum (sadly he has yet to call me mum, my or mummy ;p)
  12. Mamam - food
  13. Nenen - milk
  14. Bol - ball
  15. Star - star
  16. Isis - refers to Mickey Mouse
  17. Elli - refers to his Ikea elephant soft toy (I named the toy Elli short form for elephant..)
  18. Pooh - refers to Pooh and sometimes he calls Tiger, Pooh too...probably he watches them both in Tiger, Pooh & Friends on telly so may probably get confused by their names ;p
  19. Teddy - refers to teddy bears
  20. Fruts - fruits (I normally give him fruits i.e. either banana, apple, papaya or grapes after meal and will entice him to finish his meal by putting small cutlets of fruits on top of his rice hehehe - tertipu tertipa ba si kawan haha)
  21. Shoo - shoes
  22. Hopen - open
  23. Klos - Close
  24. On - on
  25. Aff -off
  26. Buk - book
  27. Botel - bottle
  28. Kip - keep things away
  29. Water - water
  30. Fon - house phone or hand phone
  31. Het - hat
  32. Wawa - refers to his cousin Joshua
  33. Miau - refers to cat
  34. Dog/ woof/ Lucky - refers to dog (the pet dog at PIL's is named Lucky so I think he also thinks dog and the name Lucky are the same ;p)
  35. Duck/ kuak-kuak - refers to duck
  36. Frok - frog
  37. Bid - bread
  38. Chu chu - train
  39. Kuko - chicken
  40. Ello - hello
  41. Kik - kick
  42. Up - up
Short sentences:
  1. Fall down
  2. Go down
  3. Open door
  4. Close door
  5. Lock door
  6. This is box/ this is a box (sometimes he will miss out the "a")
  7. This is star/ this is a star (at times he will miss out "a" too)
  8. This is book/ this is a book (again he will miss out "a" sometimes)
  9. The phone (he will say this whenever the house or anyone's hp rings)
Understands and can follow instructions such as:
  1. Dance
  2. Take shoes
  3. Take remote control
  4. Give
  5. On or watch tv
  6. Wait (unless he can't wait for his milk hehe)
  7. Pompom time (jargon used my PIL to describe "bath")
  8. Wash hand
  9. Off tv
  10. Let's go (we normally say this as we about to go out of the door/house so he will be more willing to be carried)
  11. Kiss and sayang grandma/ grandpa/ Aki/ Dodu etc (we normally ask him to do so whenever we're about to leave PIL's or my parents')
  12. Flying kiss
  13. Sit down
  14. Keep toys
  15. Clap hands
  16. Do tap tap tap (he will tap his hands onto his lap and say "tap, tap, tap" imitating the "Little Einstein" tap hehe...)
  17. Shake hand
  18. Hi-five!
  19. Kick ball

Some of his favourite tv programmes:

  1. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - his current most fav!
  2. Word world
  3. Dibo the gift dragon
  4. Pocoyo
  5. Handy Manny
  6. Banana in Pyjama
  7. The lady who normally sings in a train (the long dark hair lady in uniform...can't remember the name)
  8. The teddy bear cartoon show which I can't remember the name also ;p
  9. Ooh and Aah
  10. Jojo Circus (not sure if this is the right name but its the kid with the lion pet)
  11. The sport pink lady (don't know the exact name too..)
  12. Bunnytown - he loves the music and will dance to it ;p
  13. Higgly town heroes
  14. Imagination movers
  15. The two silly men - a short guy and a plump looking guy who wear the same outfit all the time etc..

Errrrmm this sounds like almost all the tv programmes on Disney Channel isn't it? hahaha...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Preloved CDs (ALL SOLD!!)

Hi all CD mommies or soon to be CD mommies out there, am letting go some of my CDs.

Main reasons:

  • Ethan has the tendency to undress himself especially those with aplix unless we put pants on him. This however can be too warm for our weather during the day! So some of his size L Drybees will have to go...
  • Some fittings just not so right for him -Bumwear OS and WAHM size L
  • Some WAHM cds need extra doublers as Ethan is a super heavy wetter which makes these cds too bulky for him
  • Make rooms for new ones of coz...well, I can't lie can I?! hahaha...

So if you're interested, here are some of the stash am letting go. If you need bigger and more image(s) just let me know and I'll email them to you.

Take note:

  • CDs that were bought from a previous owner i.e. gently used ones will be indicated in the description.
  • All CDs are in good condition except one or two that have slight fading after several wash but their function is not affected. This will also be indicated in the description.
  • Price excludes shipping fees which is to be borne by buyers.
  • However, I may consider discounts/ free shipping if you purchase more.
  • Payment can be transferred to either my Maybank or CIMB bank account or COD for those staying in KK area.
  • Goods sold are not returnable i.e. No refund once sold

Here goes:

Bumwear OS - Navy Dino. RM42. Rarely use due to fitting problem on Ethan. (RESERVED -Adura)
Bumwear OS - White Dino. RM42. Rarely use due to fitting problem on Ethan. (RESERVED -Adura)

Drybees L size - Blue. RM 40. Frequent use but in great condition. Aplix. (RESERVED - Donn)

Drybees L size - Coral. RM 42. Frequent use but in great condition. Aplix. (RESERVED - Donn)

Drybees L size - Lime. RM 35 (bought from a previous owner - gently used). Frequent use but in great condition. Aplix. (SOLD)

Tail Feather Fusion Diaper Size M/L. Combination of pocket and AIO diaper. Similar system to Hybrid Drybees. RM38 (bought from a previous owner - gently used). Good as an in between change or waiting for bathing time. Very trim and good fitting. I love this but I can't fit in more doubler for my heavy wetter boy ;p (SOLD)

Description same as above (SOLD)

My Precious Baby Cute Print Cover L size. RM45 (bought from a previous owner - gently used). Frequent use but in great condition though slight fading due to several washes. Aplix.

WAHM Cow Print L size. Minky inner. RM25. Bought from eBay US. Frequent used with slight fading. Too bulky if I put more than 1 doubler for Ethan. (SOLD)

WAHM Green Camo L size. RM 3o. Minky inner and cotton outer layer.Bought from eBay US. Fitting problem for Ethan. Used once. (SOLD)

WAHM Safari Size L. RM 25. Minky inner and cotton outer layerBought from eBay US. Frequent used with slight fading. Too bulky if I put more than 1 doubler for Ethan. ( SOLD)

WAHM Pirates Size L. RM 35. Fleece inner and cotton outer layer. Bought from eBay US. Fitting problem for Ethan. Washed once but never been used. (SOLD)