Monday, March 31, 2008

I heart Balinese style home decor

I've always like the exotic and resort like Balinese home interior makes me feel so relax, comfortable and peaceful being at home. What I like most about Balinese home decor is that it uses dark brown and off white linen types of materials. But I must say having off white as cushion covers may not be practical especially with little ones at home. One of my concern is also the posibility of termites invasion to our little crib as most of the Balinese home decor stuff are made of wood. But I guess most of them are coated with some sort of anti-termites solutions... one possible solution on how to kill termites.

Anyway, unless we purchase it straight from Bali or Indonesia, getting these types of home decor can be pretty dear.. So what becomes of our little crib? Well, since I heart wooden furnitures and hubby prefers stainless steel look, we've decided to based our home interior design based on these two themes :) Mind you, we were very strict on the colors of our furnitures i.e. dark brown and/or stainless steel only hee..and we painted our wall in earthly green :) Sorry I didn't take any photos of our home interior yet...will share some pics when I finally get around to doing it ;p So what's your home interior decor like? :)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Photo of the day

Meal time!

Let's get healthy!!

I got this email from our HR last week and I absolutely encourage all of you to please go enjoy the F R E E health check opportunity. If you're thinking of doing a lasik surgery, the Sabah Medical Centre (SMC) is having special offers too! Not forgetting the F R E E educational health talk.

More details :

SMC is organizing a “World Health Week” starting from 3rd – 5th April 2008 at SMC’s Ground Floor Lobby.

Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy various offers such as :-

Free Health Check ( 9 am – 4 pm daily )

  • Body Basal Metabolic Index
  • Blood Pressure
  • Blood Sugar
  • Vision

Lasik Special Offer

  • Offer 1 : Lasik for 1 pax (both eyes) @ RM 4,250.00 (15% off)
  • Offer 2 : Lasik for 2 pax (both eyes) @ RM 4,000.00 (20% off) #
  • Offer 3 : Lasik for 3 pax (both eyes) @ RM 3,750.00 (25% off) #
  • Offer 4 : Lasik for > 3 pax (both eyes) @ RM 3,500.00 (30% off) #

    P/S Offers expires 30th April 2008

    # FOC on Eye Examination worth RM 100 and one (1) RM 150 Blood Screening Voucher each

SMC would also be conducting an Educational Health Talk as follows :-

Date : 5th April 2008 (Saturday)
Time : 10 am – 11:30 am
Venue : Auditorium of SMC, Lorong Bersatu, Off Jalan Damai, Luyang

:Dr. Kunaseegaran Ragavanaidu, Consultant Histopathologist
Talk Topic : Laboratory Role in Early Detection of Diseases

: Dr. Timothy William, Consultant Physician, Infectious Diseases
Talk Topic : Staying Healthy While You Travel; A Primer for Corporate Travelers

: Dr. Helen B. Lasimbang, Consultant Obstetrics and Gynaecologist
Talk Topic : Safe Pregnancy

: Dr. Terrence Thomas, Consultant Paediatrics Neurologist
Talk Topic : Newborn Screening; Giving the BEST to your Child

: Light Refreshments will be served

: Free Admission

: For confirmation of attendance, you may email before 28th March 2008.

Should you need more details, you may contact the Customer Service at 088 – 322 196/ 322 197 or email

Will I be going? Well, our company is offering free medcial health screening for all confirmed staff at SMC too. So I guess I'm grateful that we'll be able to enjoy a bigger slice of the cake hee...

Oh...since we're on the topic of being healthy, I got another FREE health screening info i.e. FREE Bone Density Checking by Natural Green House in City Mall only on the 1st & 2nd April!!

If you're wondering, nope, am not being paid for this post, I'm just spreading the good health news around coz World Health Week is just round the corner!! ;p

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My first blogging awards ;p

I never expected to receive any awards for my blog...let alone 3 awards at the same time! Yippie!! All thanks to Jo-N!! :)

So what did I get? Let me proudly showcase them here:

Let me pass this award to Foreign Beauty, PapaJoneh & Mom's Life

I now pass this award to Jewelle, KadazanBonita, Jurra, Chegu Carol & Osindak

Sharing this award with Hannie's Glad to be here, StoryMorytoShare, Neneth, Mcellen

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

This and that...

This is just a post that hubby and I want to keep for memory's sake especially on Ethan's curly hair, his tinylicious fleshy hands and feet ;p

Side view
Back view
He has fleshy feet like his mom ;p

and fleshy hand like yours truly too ;p

Do you .com?

I think I've mentioned previously about should I go for a .com site or should I not. I even mentioned the possibility of earning more $$ should I opt to create another blog and if I do so I would perhaps go .com

However, there are just so many web hosting providers on the net that many of us including myself find it pretty tough to decide which one to choose from. I know some friends and fellow bloggers did take quite a while before deciding on a host. Some like myself are still searching and deciding which is the best web hosting to opt for. I haven't really done my homework thoroughly yet due to time constraint. But I'm positively sure there are sites who must have done some reviews. If you know any, do share with me okay ;p

On a different note, I'm finally going back to work tomorrow. Yup, I've been on duty mom since last week. MIL will be coming back from her break tonite. Although I love to spend time and care for my precious Ethan (who is taking his afternoon nap now..) as I get to see his new skills or developments everyday, it is time to get back to work ;)

Monday, March 24, 2008

EnfaMama's Club Weaning Food Guide

I've borrowed this guide from my SIL, Lisa, ages ago and I totally forgotten about it till I saw it again in between the pages of a book I was reading 2 nites ago. I find the info useful and thought I should share with all the mommies & daddies :)

As we all know, our babies start to take semi solid food from the age of 6 months old. If you're not sure what are the types of food and how much to give to your baby, here's a useful guide (click on the image for a bigger view):

6-7 months old

8-9 months old

10-12 months old

12 months old

Ok now that I have this on record, I should return the weaning guide to Lisa soon in case I misplace it again ;p

Playtime with Allie

Yesterday after the rain stopped, we went over to my big bro's house around 5pm to let the boys i.e. my lil' E and my nephew Joshua for a playtime session with Allie. Moira couldn't make it as she was down with an infection...poor girl..Anyway, let's see what the kids were up to...

After coloring session, Allie and Joshua played puzzle while Ethan played with the puzzle's box ;p

Allie & Joshua even gave me a nice pose while playing ;p

When the two were done and bored with the puzzle, they've decided to play "dolly" with my happily obliging Ethan! ;p

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Meet the twins of JLo & Marc Anthony

I was blog hopping and saw Cindy's entry on the famous JLo with her twins!!! Yes, finally, I am able to see a picture of Maximilian David and Emme Maribel!! I am excited coz I've been waiting to see the twins pics for quite a while now...I even thought of posting an entry asking if anyone managed to get hold of the twins photos...coz I was hoping someone out there might have started forwarding email with pictures of the twins...but I guess you need to have $6 million (as rumoured but PEOPLE denied...)in order to get an exlusive photo session with JLo's and her twins ;p

Doesn't she looks fabulous even just a month after the birth of their twins...

Anyway, if you're curious to see more pics of the twins, PEOPLE magazine (19 March) is featuring 12 pages of the two superstars showing off their bundles of joy!! I'll most probably grab a copy myself too!! ;p


Although our humble crib is just coming to its 2nd year, I've been thinking if we should consider to refinance our home loan in the near future.

There are several reasons why people tend to refinance their home loan. Some just wish to save on interest cost especially when there are better home loan package offered by other financial institutions. Some just want to reduce their monthly payment. Others would either wish to lessen or to prolong their loan repayment period. On certain cases, some may want to cash out the home equity for other emergency needs e.g children education, medical expenses or business opportunities. Of coz, there are those who would like to benefit better flexibility in managing their cash flow and to consolidate debts into one with the lowest interest charges. However, I believe many would consider to refinance their home loan mainly to save on Mortgages interest which I heard can be an enormous amount....

Have a blessed Easter

I've received this Easter wish from my dad which I find very meaningful. So here I am sharing it with all of you ;p

Holy Week Reflections
  1. Sometimes, God breaks our heart to save our soul
  2. Sometimes, He breaks our soul to make us whole
  3. Sometimes, He sends us pain so we can be stronger
  4. Sometimes, He sends us failure so we can be humble
  5. Sometimes, He sends us illness so we can take better care of ourselves
  6. Sometimes, He takes "EVERYTHING" away from us so we can learn the value of "EVERYTHING" we have

Have a blessed Easter everyone!! :)

Friday, March 21, 2008

Popoi & Momoi

Ethan is sometimes called Popoi, a nickname given to him by his grandma. I was told that Popoi means darling little boy in Tagalog. Can anyone verify this as I can't seem to get it from the net...perhaps my spelling is wrong ;p

Anyway, since Moira is called Momoi while Ethan is called Popoi at times, I've decided to dedicate this entry for my precious Popoi and my sweet niece Momoi :)

Demure Momoi with cheeky Popoi ;p

Two's a company :)

Two of my favourite little people ;p

Not very happy lot aren't they? hehe...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Moira turned 1 year old

My lovely little niece, Moira, turned 1 year old recently...immediate family and close friends gathered to celebrate Moira's birthday last Sunday....a cosy birthday party for the little girl who looks pretty in her little blue dress :)

Moira with all her cousins
More pictures of Moira's birthday bash here.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Pink panther in the house

Yeah....I tend to walk like the pink panther especially when Ethan awakes from his naps and just happily playing with his toys (I don't want to let him see me coz otherwise he'll start acting up ;p)...I put his fav toys next to him on purpose so that he can play with them when he awakes. This avoids him from crying for attention or clingy as soon as he wakes up...consequently, having a few mins of free time allows me to do other stuff and of coz my own stuff such as what I'm currently doing i.e. blogging ;p

Of coz I've read and heard that once in a while we ought to "teach" our baby that they can't get what they want all the was also said that we need to be strong and let them cry till they stop as babies are smarter than we think they are...they are just testing us or as my mum put it "gratak" us with their cry and tears...But I've also read that letting you baby cries is not a good method coz it will make him/her insecure thus may grow up to be an inferior or introvert person...So my question is, which is right? Should we let our baby cries till they stop or should we take them as soon as they cry? What say you? Personally, I think I will just play by ear... Sometimes reading or hearing too much can be confusing....

Oh btw, have you heard of the $ 8 Zenni Optical Rx Eyeglasses ? So cheap isn't it!!?? I heard the reason for their super low prices is due to the fact that they only sell their own manufactured spectacles which come in wide ranges. Additionally, they do not deal with middlemen and zero advertising expenses... hmmm...really good deal I would say. So if you intend to get a new pair of glasses, head on to :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Smile with me :)

I've been tagged by Osindak & Kadazan Bonita on photo (yeah, I do notice is a singular "photo" but oh heck...I can't resist to show some of them if not all hehehe...) of a person/thing smiling and what else then to feature my smiley baby Ethan :)

3 months old
4 months
4 months
6 months
8 months
9 months - taken this morning :)

My precious smiley Ethan today :)

I wish I could show all his smiley photos...but it may take me a while to do this tag coz there are quite a few :) Anyway, let's continue this smile tag coz am sure you'll agree with me that a smile can always make your day seem brighter :)

So please put a smile on my face and share your smiley photos:

Should I or should I not...

I've been thinking about creating another blog just on my personal life alone and dedicate Good things in life purely on my precious baby Ethan...I know many have more than 1 blog and they have especially dedicated each blog for a different topic...Jewelle a good friend of mine, has just recently added another blog thus she is now having 3 blogs. Another friend, Hannie, who started blogging a bit later than me is already maintaining 2 blogs now...Well, I guess more blogs means more $$ too ;p

Anyway, if I ever decide to create another blog, perhaps I should consider Thoughts. Here I could 'penned" down my personal thoughts, emotion and upload photos, videos or even podcast (whatever that is...) and chat in forums. Should I want to keep some of my entries private, I could just change the post setting. I could also opt to make my post only visible to family and friends too. The good thing is that it has free unlimited bandwidth too!

Talking about blog, another friend (whom I know when I was about to get married as we both share the same wedding day and church - the only thing was that she had hers in the early morning while I had mine after hers hehe..) hope to start a blog one of these days. I strongly encouraged her as she is also a mommy now and has an adorable baby girl who is about 7 months now. It would be interesting to read about Alexis development as well as keeping it as a record for future reference right :)

Isn't she such an adorable happy baby? :)

So Mama Rona, if you ever want to start a blog, perhaps you could consider :)

Friday, March 14, 2008

Most embarassing moment, AGAIN???!!

Oh nooooooooooooooooo.....I thought I only had to go through this once and was happy that after I've done it the first time, it will be buried and hopefully rot (hehee...) inside my archive... But I guess, I must have done something really bad coz I've just been tagged by Nick on it again!!! Arrrrghhhh...Nick, you owe me one coz I've actually have to embarassed myself all over again and it is not just among a few people okay...its among everyone else in this whole planet!! Oh dear oh dear.....but since I'm in a good mood coz its Friday and am about to go home, I'll do it though did I managed to make you feel bad or guilty Nick? heee...and yes, you better not laugh and roll on the floor, hear me!!

So here goes folks...come visit my most embarassing moment AGAIN! :(

And since am in a good mood, am not tagging anyone...see how nice I am NICK! haha...

Have a jolly good weekend everyone!! I'm off from work next week. Yippie!! But I still hv to finish a presentation paper & presentation slides over the wkend...hope it won't be dragged to next week...sigh...Anyway, I will be babysitting my precious baby Ethan as MIL will be away for a well deserved break :) Do stay tune though coz I'll still be here blogging away :)

My superbabyboy!!

I just want this to be on record that Ethan is such a playful baby! His latest craze is when hubs "fly" him around the house. He will really get all excited, laughing and squealing and will not even allow hubs to stop for a minute to take a breather (yeah, even hubby can't hold him too long, well coz he has to carry and run at the same time hehehe)!! If hubs stops, this playful baby of ours will start to make some noise and insists hubs to 'fly' him around again!! ;p Ethan really loves to be "flown" around. This is very obvious coz as soon as he sees his daddy, he will asked to be carried and once he is being carried by hubby, he will conveniently and instantly turn his face and body around i.e. away from hubs ready to 'take off'!! What amuse me is that, he only does this to his dad...not to me, his grandma, grandpa or anybody else...I guess he knows who his playmate is eh haha..Anyway, if you're not sure what I meant by 'flying' him around the house, here are some pics ;)

Ethan getting ready to 'take off'

It's a bird, its a, its Ethan the superbabyboy!!! ;p

Just look at his face...all excited and laughing or rather shouting with joy when hubs 'fly' him around!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Friendship Tag

I got this tag from Catherine and here goes...

~~Begin Copy~~This is the easy way and the fastest way to :

1. Make your Authority Technorati explode
2. Increase your Google Page Rank.
3. Get more traffic to your blog.
4. Makes more new friends.

Rules :
1. Start copy from “Begin Copy” until “End Copy” to your blog.
2. Put your own blog name and link.
3. Tag your friends as much as you can.

1. Picturing of Life
2. Juliana’s Site
3. Shower Your Children With Love - The Right Way
4.Life’s a journey, not a destination
5. Simple Life
6. Life is beautiful; Life is love
7. Lovely Mummy
8. Lemonjude
9. Faith,Hope,Love
10. Newife Blog
11. Good things in life...

~~ End Copy ~~

The tag continues:

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

.com gone bust??!!

I don't know if its only me or there is something wrong with all the .com bloggers' sites...I was trying to do some blog hopping just now to cure my sleepiness (thanks to Ethan for having to wake up 3 times last nite and early this morning...) but it seems many if not all of the .com bloggers' sites that I tried to visit have gone 'dead'. In other words I just can't access to their blogs :( Oh well, probably there's something wrong with their hosting servers or its something wrong with our server here?? Hmmm...I'll just have to try and fight this sleepiness and get back to my paper works then...yawn.....sigh...later folks! Oh ya, sorry for not updating my blog recently...wasn't in the mood for blogging after a let down over the weekend :(

Show me the numbers!!!

I think many of us would like to see our blog site's stats rise as high as possible. This is especially true if you're like me and thousands others who are into making extra $$ via blogging. Well, if you can earn extra income doing what you like, why not join in the wagon isn't it ;p I wish I have joined the boat in making money via blogging ages ago..then I could have earned more by now ...but it is better late than never here I am trying to find ways to boost the traffic to my blog...and guess what, I've just found another way to do so...wanna know how? Well, just get yourself registered with It is very easy to join as you only have to key in your email add and wait for their email to confirm your registration. So easy isn't it. No hassle of having to key in your name, add, etc etc. So go get yourself registered now! ;p

Sunday, March 9, 2008

50 Questions Tag

Jurra tagged me with these 50 questions (OMG....) and here goes:

1. Last person you had a deep and meaningful conversation with?
My darling hubby on the results of the 2008 general election...not thrilled with the results...

2. Where was the last place you went?
Yu Sang mini market.

3. If you could be with your first love, would you?
Nahhh... why should I if I have found the love of my life ;p

5. Who was your first crush????
Shaun Cassidy of the Hardy Boys. He was sooooo gorgeous at that time!! ;p

6. What was the last thing you highlighted?
My hair..

7. Who is the last baby that you held?
Who else if not my precious baby Ethan who is still fast asleep at the moment :)

8. Do you know of any twins with rhyming names?
Errrr none

9. Are you ticklish?
You bet !

10. Have you ever worn a crown?
A small one on my wedding day - during the 2nd reception at KDCA

11. Last time you saw fireworks?
During Chap Goh Mei

12. Who is the last person you hugged?
My beloved hubby... eh precious Ethan hee...

13. Do you have a black dog?
No though I don't mind to have one but unfortunately staying in an apartment doesn't allow me to :(

14. Do you have a little black dress?
Yup, I do own one or two ;p

15. What are you wearing right now?
My colorful shorts and a red spaghetti-strap top

16. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?

17. Do you like coffee?
I don't mind a cuppa though I'm not a coffee drinker nor a tea drinker - only rarely

18. Are you missing someone?
Not really coz both my precious baby and hubby are very closeby me - in the room sleeping though :)

19. Reason behind why you last cried?
I can't remember why did I cry the last time coz it was sooo long ago :)

20. How much cash do you have on you?

25. How many rolls of film do you need to get developed?
None coz I use digital camera :)

26. If you had to choose between a million bucks or to be able to change a regret?
I have no regrets so gimme ma' mooneey!!!

27. What's on your mind right now?
Wondering if I should take my shower now or later

28. Do you have a deep dark secret?
My lips are sealed! ;p

29. Do you wish you were with someone right now?
Not really - see answer for Q:18 :)

30. Who was the hottest teacher you ever had?
I can't recall any...maybe I did have school girl crushes on a couple of male teachers but I ain't telling you hehe...

31. What was the last thing you ever got grounded for?
I don't think I was ever grounded...just many scoldings :)

32. What was your childhood nickname?
I'm not sharing it with the world coz it is not a nick that one would be proud about;p

33. Do you have any strange phobias?
Yes, mo-mo!! (ghost!)

34. Have you ever played naked twister?
I have no idea what game is that??

36. What did you fear was going to get you at night as a child?
Again, mo-mo!! (ghost!)

38. Is there anybody you just wish would fall off the planet?
Not really

39. Do you crack your knuckles?

40. What's one thing that can always be found in your refrigerator?
Eggs & butter

41. What color are your bed sheets?
Sky blue

42. How many kids do you plan on having?
Two :)

43. What did you do today?
Changed my baby's diaper, feed him, went to the market & nearby shop for groceries and the papers

44. How would you like to die?
In my sleep...

45. Have you ever been in love?
Definately yes!

46. When is the last time you went out of the state (province)?
Errrrmmm..let me recall first (yes, its been a while hee...), 2 years ago....

49. Do you judge people?
I can't lie and say I don't ;)

50. Generally, in life, what makes you happy?
Seeing my family and especially my baby boy healthy and happy :)

Now... did anyone realised that the questions were 50 - 1? Anyway, am not tagging anyone coz I shall stop the tag here :)

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Lunch date

On Wednesday morning, we gals in the office decided to have a lunch date during the long lunch hours yesterday. It was not an ordinary lunch date as we didn't go to any fancy restaurant or food stall to feed our hungry stomachs. Instead we had our very own Chief i.e. Strictpollyanna and her assistant i.e. Tweety Mutley to feed all 4 hungry cannibals + 1 temporary vegetarian at Tweety Mutley's mansion. It was indeed an enjoyable lunch date especially with the super duper yummy dishes!! Not only did we enjoyed the delicious home cooked meals but as always, girls just wanna have fun, so camwhoring was of coz part of the agenda too!! ;p

The 4 happy hungry bunch... another happy hungry cannibal ;p

...and here introducing to you our very own hardworking Chief

... and his claimed to be assistant...well,actually I was just doing some action for the camera! ;p

...and while the chief and her real assistants were busy in the kitchen...we were busy camwhoring in the living room ;p

I can smell the aroma from the kitchen...but at the same time Ulai said "Smile Aunty J....." and of coz I happily obliged :)

Mind you, this briani rice was especially cooked the traditional Indian way... we were told we'll consume less carbo by doing so

We all love this specially marinated fried curry fish... slurpsss...

Even those who dislike vege will love this one, honestly! ;p

...and of coz with all the cannibals in the group, this was indeed very popular!! ;)

I loves eggs so I was indeed happy to take not just 1 but maybe 2 or 3 pieces of this special Indian way of cooking ommelette :)

Yeah...we were one starving lot!! Look at the little amount of left over!!?? I think if not becoz we had to leave some food behind for Tweety Mutley's helper, we probably would have gulped all of it down our throat without a problem ;p

The very happy & very full to our neck lot!! :)