Thursday, July 30, 2009

Brand new Batman/ Superman training pants for sale!

I bought these two famous superhero training pants i.e. Batman and Superman from for RM15.90 and just received them both yesterday afternoon.

Unfortunately I ordered the wrong size. Instead of bearing additional shipping cost for exchange I decided to sell it off myself.
Brand: Monril (3 layers, 2009)
Size 95cm: Waist 46cm, stretch max 74cm, waist to hem length 26cm
Selling price: RM15.90 each (totally brand new)
Shipping fees:
  • Pos Laju RM8 nation wide or
  • Registered Mail RM4 for 1 item or FOC if you take both items nation wide
  • No shipping fees if self pick up at Sabah Trade Centre, Likas :)

Terms & condition: Goods sold are non-refundable

If you want them quick come grab them now as these are fast selling items!!

Back view

Front view

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tip of the day: Walk faster with chicken legs!!??

Last Saturday, we brought Ethan to Taman Rimba again and this time with his cousin Joshua tagging along. It was all well and as we were on our way back to the car, Joshua stroked a conversation with me that gave us all a good laugh afterwards :)

The conversation:
Uaua, jangan jalan telampau cepat ba...tunggu Aunty J ba (Uaua, don't walk too fast, wait for Aunty J)

Joshua slowed down for me to catch up with him before he said...

Joshua: Haiiiii...napa uncle Alvin sama Ethan jalan lambat oh?? (Sigh....why do Uncle Alvin and Ethan walk so slow??)

Me: Ethan masi kecik ba..mana dia buli jalan cepat macam Uaua (Ethan is still small, he can't walk as fast as Uaua..)

Joshua: Tula dorang tiak makan kaki ayam...kaki ayam bikin capat jalan tu... (it is because they didn't eat chicken feet as chicken feet can make one walk faster...)

Me trying very hard not to laugh and said...

Me: Ohhh ya ka ...makan kaki ayam buli kasi cepat jalan ka..aunty tiak tau oh...(Really? I didn't know eating chicken feet enables one to walk faster...)

Joshua: Ya betul tu...tapi makan tu kulit ja la bukan tu tulang (it's true...but only eat the skin not the bones...)

I just nodded my head and tried very hard not to laugh!! But can't resist to share it with the rest upon bukling up in the car which gave hubby and our domestic helper and the next day Joshua's mum a good laugh :)

As they say, kids do really say the darnest thing!! hahaha...

Oppsss...I almost forgot to share some photos :)

Three's a company :)

Ready, get set...

Go!! Two happy boys having fun :)
My nephew Joshua a.k.a. Uaua :)

Forget American Idol, here comes Ethan!!

Ethan started to sing with some real wordings recently...not the whole song but at least a few short's his version of Row, Row, Row your Boat ;p

Our lil' singer stayed up a lil' bit longer than his usual bedtime last night...he refused to sleep and changed into his pj so we asked him to sing instead heee... this was taken around 9.30pm...although he was obviously pretty sleepy but that didn't deter him from singing us a song with a big yawn in between ;p

I love to see him doing this each time he finishes a song - self praising!?? Nah... he was merely mimicking us as we normally do that (like most parents would) whenever he finished a song heee...

Friday, July 24, 2009

Baby massage anyone?

Ok, I got this info from my SIL, Lisa yesterday and thought I should share it here for those who are interested :)

Workshop topic: Baby Massage
Date: 26th July (Sunday)
Venue: Tang Dynasty
Organizer: Johnson & Johnson
Entrance fees: RM20
For registration and more info kindly call toll free 1300880566

Ba if anyone going do share tips and the materials in your blog later ok ;p at the mean time here's an article about the benefits of baby massage.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

What we did at the park...

Hubby has been wanting to bring Ethan to the park ...and finally we did just that last Saturday...we brought Ethan to the park near the State Archive Department...I don't know the name of the park but Ethan sure had a fantastic time :) We hope to go back there again soon and more often too...If you haven't been there, I would certainly recommend you to give it a try as the place is pretty neat especially for active kids ... the best thing is that the place is of coz free ...and you don't need to worry about your children begging you to buy them toys or ice cream with their awful tantrums or pitiful faces!! :p

Ethan seemed to be amazed with stepping on the grass... I guess he hasn't got the chance to really walk on grass that much since we stay in an apartment hehehe...

Ethan was busy looking at a father playing badminton with his son....
...before he started to run faster to explore more...

I always behind them ;p Not easy to catch up with Ethan who is quite a fast walker ;p

He kept going up and down the staircase before he finally...
Walk further up and see....

THIS!!! The playground for smaller kids!!!...
The first thing that caught his attention was of coz the slide...weeeeee.....
..and guess who we met...cute lil Elil :)
Both parents wanted to take a few pics of them together...but Ethan rather play on the slide then listening to his paparazzi mom ;p
Another failed attempt to take a picture of hubby with Ethan and Pu with lil Elil ;p
They both like yellow slide??...
"See mummy...I'm driving like daddy!" ;p
Busy turning the wheel...
"Look only 1 hand daddy!! I sure can beat those body builders I tell you!!"
Then off he went to play on the see-saw..
...with a new found friend b4 I took over ;p
Then Ethan got more brave and played on this slide :)

And finally..what more could one ask for after a hard play day...of coz his 'nenen'!! ;p

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My little superhero!

This was another one of Ethan's antics when he managed to get hold a small piece of plastic sheet last night and decided to play super hero (not sure where he got this idea from as he put that piece of plastic on his face himself ...) He was happily playing with our domestic helper before showing off to me and his daddy...seeing his cheekiness, hubby used his hp to capture this mischievous moment from our monkey boy ;p
It's a's a, it's Ethan the Plastic Boy!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Backward step?

Recently there has been a great debate on whether science and maths subjects should continue to be taught in English or back to Malay language. And due to great protest from various parties, the government has bowed to the protesters and decided to reinstate Malay language as a teaching medium for both subjects from 2012.

Some of the reasons given are: it undermines the effort to modernize mother tongue; and poor academic performance on those two subjects especially students in interior areas.

I began my schooling days (from kindy to primary 6) in a Chinese school before I went into a public school for my secondary years with Malay language as a teaching medium. From there I moved on to a college in KL to pursue my A-Levels before I furthered my studies overseas. Now, from my own personal experience I must admit it was not easy to study in different languages (Mandarin during primary school, and English during college and uni years) other than the language that I speak at home which is Malay. I struggled but I managed and in the end I would say I've certainly gained especially in terms of language skills hence no regret (though during trying times I did swear and curse hehehe). Though my Mandarin and English are not perfect but there have been many a times where it gave me some special advantage ;p For instant, I've always use mandarin language when bargaining with Chinese sellers of which I always tend to get more discounts ;p I was also able to avoid some insincere sellers (I could understand their conversation in Mandarin of their intentions...).

Anyway, back to the issue, if one intends to further his/her studies whether locally or overseas, he/she is bound to end up having to study from English textbooks anyway. So what better way than to start from young. I struggled quite a bit when I was studying my A-Levels and even during my uni years as I spent quite a bit of time just searching for meaning of words in the dictionary instead of studying and finishing up my assignments/ projects. It was definately a great challenge especially during exams time..imagine the situation where you are unable to answer the question just because you don't quite understand what it meant!!?? I could perhaps have done better academically if my English proficiency was better. That was why I am pleased when English language was introduced to teach both science and maths subjects in schools. It was a very good start coz to me it will definitely give Malaysia that competitive edge in the long term. Personally, I just can't see how teaching these two subjects in English will undermine mother tongue as the rest of the subjects are still taught in their own mother tongue. As for the interior students, I supposed a special syllabus or extra classes/ tuition can be offered to help them cope with the language. Besides, if previously our ancestors could embrace English as a teaching medium during those British colony time, why can't we now? It was even harder for them as they had to study all subjects in English but yet they survived. This include those from the rural areas. Both my parents are certainly not from the city and they were English educated too. But never did I once heard them complaining about it. And if you really look at it, you will realise that most of our parents who came from that era have better English proficiency than some of us. Moreover, I do believe kids nowadays are smarter too. But if we keep on spoon feeding them and always giving them easy ways, I wonder how are they gonna cope with the big jungle out there?!

If you ask me, I would certainly say no and will not change the policy simply because it is just making us Malaysia becoming more backward than anything else. Why backward you may ask, well, for a start how are we to achieve the much talked about Vision 2020 if half of us can't even speak proper English when it is an international language? Furthermore, Vision 2020 aspires Malaysia to be at par with the developed countries and for us to become a knowledge society. You and I know that most of the high quality non-fiction books/ materials including text books, reference books, journals, research papers, patents, articles, magazines, websites/ webpages etc are written in English. So how are we to compete with those big guys in that great big jungle out there if we don't get ourself prepare from now? So please don't just look on the surface but take a good deeper look yo!

Anyway, if you would like to express your say in this matter in a subtle way, you could cast your vote here.

Friday, July 10, 2009

4th SIFF

Since Sindut have blogged about the event, I shall not repeat it here...I know.. I know...I am such a lazy ol' cow hehehe....Anyway, you can go to her blog for the story okay ;p

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fun filled activities for 2-year-olds

I was taking a break and was browsing at one of the local news papers i.e. Borneo Post when a particular article caught my eyes. The article was entitled "Activities for Two-Year-Olds" (Borneo Post, Nature & Health, pp8-9, 4 July 2009). According to the author and I supposed many other child experts, at the age of 2, the hand-eye co-ordination, motor movements and speech are in developing stages. Hence, activities that will help the child's motor skills, linguistic skills and overall development would certainly benefit the child in the long run. And read this, kids at this age LOVE TO BE MESSY!! Oh no...there goes your nice furniture and walls!! ;p

Anyway, the author had highlighted 8 fun activities for such purposes and they include:

1. Kitchen activities
Get a tiny table and chair set for your child. Provide large plastic bowls, spoons, plates along with real food like bananas, cornflakes and milk. You could show your child how to peel a banana and let him/her peel it on her own - am fine with the bananas and cornflakes idea but milk?? I can imagine the mess on the table, floor, everywhere and I doubt if I could handle that hehehe...but I guess I'll just have to learn to let go and loosen up a bit ;p

2. Play dough activities
You could either buy playing dough from the shop or DIY at home. Playing dough is very simple to make and all it needs is some flour, water and food colouring. Making a DIY dough will not make you apprehensive about the health and safety of your child - this sounds fun :)

3. Gluing activities

You could put bits and pieces of different wrapping papers into a cardboard box and ask your child to glue them onto a large sheet of paper.Tip: Tape the sheet of paper on the table/floor so that it doesn't interfere with the pasting. Glue sticks are less messier - you can also make a DIY glue at home by using corn flour and a lil' bit of water..

4. Colouring & painting activities
Prepare large thick uncovered non-toxic crayons and a perhaps a few pieces of papers that you tape them together to make one big piece on the floor. You could draw different shapes and figures for your child to colour in. Hand painting can be done too. Just prepare a bowl of child friendly paint for them to dip in and get their hand impressions on the paper - fun but not sure if I would allow this knowing Ethan may decides to "paint" our wall instead ;p

5. Bath-tub activities
Fill the bath-tub with some water and provide containers, plastic bottles and other bath-tub toys to keep your child entertained. You could also provide your child with his/her doll to give a bath in the bath-tub. You could even let him/her wash some of the doll's clothes - hmmmm...the clothes washing will be a good training eh hehehe...perhaps can let them play bubbles too :)

6. Throwing activities
This will help to develop your child's motor skills. Just crumple some newspapers or papers into medium-sized balls and ask your child to throw the balls into a waste bin. Adjust the distance of the waste bin according to your child's throwing ability. Alternatively you could use colourful balls or have a small tower of blocks at one end of the room and have your child roll a ball to break the tower - bowling games can be introduced too ;p

7. Sorting activities
Sorting coloured blocks and balls. Place all the blocks on the floor and ask your child to sort them according to the colours. You could provide boxes to sort the four colours. Alternatively you could use blocks in different shapes - sounds interesting

8. Tea parties
Organize tea parties. Invite her toy friends too. Dress her up for the party and let your child make sure each toy is seated has a drink. Some snacks can be prepared too. A photograph session would be good where you can ask your child to pose with her toys - more suitable for the girls ;p

Talking about are some pictures showing busy lil' E doing his 'thang'! ;p

Eaten by piranhas??

This fish was finished in less than 10 mins by 10 hungry ladies...look at the poor state of the dish...even the sauce were all gone!! You say piranha or not ???!! ;p And when we're done with our fish, the other tables were still enjoying their fish with the fish only half "attacked"! And mind you they have quite a number of guys sitting on their tables okay!! ;p This happened during the recent Sabah 4th International Folklore Festival launching at the Grandballroom in 1 Borneo..will blog about it later ;p

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Pap smear campaign @ Sabah Family Planning

If you or your mom, MIL, sister, SIL, niece, daughter, daughter in law, girlfriend, wife etc haven't done your or their pap smear this on for the details:

Date : 1st – 31st July
Venue: Sabah Family Planning
Price: RM15 (test using normal method – results in 3 to 4 wks) ;
RM50.50 (test using liquid method – more accurate – results in 1 wk)
Time: Monday to Friday - 8.00 am to 4.30 pm (I think thy close during lunch time – do check wt them)
Saturday - 8.00 am to 12.00 pm (closed on every 1st and 3rd Saturday)

For detailed information and clinic operating days and hours, please call 222703 or 217553