Friday, October 21, 2011

Lyrics to Butterfly Baby Song - Current fav song ;p

By Angelina Perete
sang by Angelina Perete and her daughter Estee

Fly,fly little butterfly,
got me curious
when you fly by
where you're from,
and where you're going
Did anyone ask Why?

Mommy loves me
That's Forever
Daddy's worry
When i get older
I'm just wonderin'
How far i'll see
How clever i could be...

Mommy. mommy
look what i can do
i can dance and sing real loud for you
how i move now...
you can see..
Oh I hope you'll be proud of me

oh baby, baby...
You're my pride and joy,
you make me feel..
Like I'm the Queen of troy
When you're happy...
sun will shine
Oh we're wrapped up in this moment of time

Here you are, my darling little girl,
There are joy and pain in this world
When you're ready, the truth you will be told,
i'll let you know

but for now, you and your brothers
Fill you lives with love for each other
One you've grown
you're flying together,
My love protects you dears

Mommy. mommy
look what i can do
i can dance and sing real loud for you
how i move now...
you can see..
oh i hope you'll be proud of me

oh baby, baby...
You're my pride and joy,
you make me feel..
Like I'm the Queen of troy

When you're happy...
sun will shine
Oh we're wrapped up in this moment of time

dooo, dooo, dooo, doo , doo
oh baby, baby,
oh baby, baby,

Mommy. mommy
look what i can do
i can dance and sing real loud for you
how i move now...
you can see..
oh i hope you'll be proud of me

oh baby, baby...
You're my pride and joy,
you make me feel..
Like I'm the Queen of troy

When you're happy...
sun will shine
Oh we're wrapped up in this moment of time
la, la, la, la, la, la

Oh we're wrapped up in this moment of time..
ph we're wrapped up in this moment of time...

Current favourite song

Absolutely love this song...sweet and meaningful lyrics by our very own Sabahans - Mother & daughter duet (Angelina Perete and her daughter Estee)

Their live performance...

More on the song and singers:
Angelina Perete sings this heartwarming song "BUTTERFLY BABY" she composed and wrote for her children in the school canteen - together with her own daughter Estee they deliver a duet that you are sure to enjoy. Enjoy it and share it. If you Enjoy and Love BUTTERFLY BABY Song, See More By Connecting with Angelina Perete on her fanpage at - Known for its catchy vibe this was produced and arranged by Roger Wang. Thank you for all of you who supported the song with votes on the Borneo English Top 10 charts! After the song was introduced on the Mothers Day weekend, it debuted at No 1 and remained there for a whole nine weeks. Thanks to you! Mothers and their daughters will love having shared this together. Thank you all for your support. Truly appreciate your encouragement and kind words. Catch it on Facebook too. There is a growing community so come on vote and then connect with others. She has a thank you msg for friends at

Friday, July 22, 2011

Many faces of Ethan

 Ethan having fun with the camera ;p Pictures taken at CKS Millenium meant for the Johnson & Johnson Baby Contest but I managed to get Ethan's pictures taken just for the fun of it...not meant for the baby contest as it was meant for those 3 yrs and below only ;p

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ethan is 4 today!!

Oh my.. how time flies..
Look how you've changed. Look, how you've grown

You've filled our heart with so much joy
We're so very proud of our little boy
Both Mummy and Daddy...and your lil baby brother Eli too

Wishing Happy 4th Birthday especially to you our ever dearest Ethan
As every day passes and we watch you grow
Our love will be constant we want you to know.

Poem adapted from HappinessPages

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day Baby Photo Contest

Dear all,
I've entered Eli's in a Mother’s Day Baby Photo Contest. Please give your support by voting for Eli ;p

How to vote:

Step 1: Go to Mama Babies page here and click LIKE

Step 2: Go to Eli’s Photo page here and click LIKE on this page. TQVM!♥

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mom's the best

Happy Mother's Day to all mommies  and especially to my Mummy and MIL dearest..

Friday, May 6, 2011

Know the ABC..

This is another worth reading article for parents who would like to encourage their children in recognizing the alphabet. Read on :)

How to Encourage Kids to Recognise the Alphabet

By RUTH LIEW in ParenThots

MY three-and-a-half-year-old daughter started kindergarten this year after having been in a nursery. In the previous setting, she did not do much academic learning. 

My girl is now facing difficulty recognising and remembering the entire alphabet. The teacher has given us cards with the alphabets she still doesn’t know and we are to help her learn them. 

My husband and I try our best to go through the letters/words with our girl and have used many “props” like cards, books, etc in the process. 

We are beginning to get worried about her lagging. We are also concerned about pushing our child before she’s really ready to learn all that’s required of her. I hope you can give us some insight and tips.
Worried mother, Sarawak

There is more to reading than just being able to recognise the alphabet or doing spelling. Children need reading readiness skills such as being able to speak the language, listening, experiential background, visual and auditory discrimination, perceptual motor skills and interest.

Parents can do more than just getting children to recognise the alphabet and rote-learn words. Children will learn the meaning in print through hands-on and fun-filled activities.

Reading aloud to your child is one of the best ways of getting your child interested in the printed word. When you read to your child, she will learn that every word is made of the blending of sounds and they stand for the names of things and people. She will also gain pleasure from interacting with you during story time. By reading, she understands how words fit into a phrase or sentence, and the beginning of that stage happens when the child understands the concept of nouns, verbs, pronouns, adverbs and other forms of speech.

As they mature emotionally and cognitively, children with an expansive range of vocabulary will develop a love for reading. 

Learning a list of words will not make your daughter a better reader. She may memorise the list of words in their shapes and sounds. Sadly, this does not mean she is progressing in her reading skills.

Many children get turned off by the idea of reading and writing because the process of learning is just too frustrating when they are not ready. They get labelled a failure at a young age.

Read to your young child at home at all times. Start with simple storybooks with beautiful pictures. Engage her in conversations about the characters and the plots. Dramatise the tales you read in the books.

Write down her stories when she shares them with you. Have her dictate her story for you to write word for word. Later, she can illustrate her story. You may end up with several self-authored books that both parent and child can be proud of.

Research shows that a child’s sense of self is critical to his achieving success at work. Children who are confident and skilful are better at handling stress.

You can involve your daughter in all kinds of household activities that require reading and writing, like making a shopping list, doing up a menu for dinner, writing reminders and even making up greeting cards for relatives and friends.

To motivate your child to learn to read, she needs your encouragement and support. The kindergarten teacher may only require her to learn letters and words, but you can do more for your daughter. You will help her develop literacy competence through her love for books.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

About books again

Yup still under the same topic here is what Times has to offer for the KK folks ;p

Inculcating reading habits in children

I wanted to keep and share these great tips from a mom taken from Paren Thots. I hope both Ethan and Eli will grow up loving books :) And talking about books, do you know you can order books from Book Depository without having to pay for shipping fees? Yes, thy offer free delivery world wide and I've already ordered and received a few books from there ;p

Anyway read these 6 useful tips if you too want to instill good reading habit on your children :)

1- Bring our children to the nearest library every week.
We used to live in Hamilton, New Zealand, for 3 1/2 years. There are some local libraries available there for everybody. So, every week without fail, we would bring our children to Hillcrest Library to borrow some books, CDs and puzzles. They really love to spend their time there. Right now, we make sure that we will buy some books every month so we can have our own mini library soon!

2- Spend about 30 minutes per day to teach them phonemes.
The best way to teach is to make sure that it's going to be an interesting approach like using as a tool or any kind of teaching tools. I used flashcards with my eldest daughter but with my second daughter, I have to let her choose what she likes to do as she has a shorter attention span compared to her sister.

3- Play “I spy with my little eyes" whenever we go out.
It's a must for us to play this game because it can also help me to redirect their attention while waiting in the car before we reach our destination. As both of them have recognised letters and even phonemes, I always ask them to spot some words or letters around them.

4- Prepare a nice corner or even a conducive room for our kids to learn.
Kids love to see something colourful and exciting. So, we have dedicated a special corner with a special bookcase, table and chairs for them to sit and read their favaourite books. They can use the place any time they like and they have regarded it as their special place to have fun!

5- Story time every night.
This is a must even when we are so tired and busy. At least we will spend about 10 minutes to tell a simple story or choose a page from their favourite story book. Sometimes we even create our own story when we want our imagination to run wild!

6- Make a book as MUST for their birthday present.
Every time other people ask what to buy for our kids' birthdays, we prefer that they buy more books rather than toys. Our kids love them too and they never get tired or bored with books compared to toys. They will only get excited about new toys for few weeks and then they will completely forget about the toys.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Eli's wobbly but soon to be steady walk ;p

Eli is getting better in walking...he is beginning to walk more than crawling the time the daddy comes home he might be walking steadily :)

Handy Eli

I hope Eli will not smash his toy to pieces too soon ;p

YES or NO as simple as that

I was reading about the fantastic move that the Health Ministry is doing in trying to curb obesity issue in Malaysia. Various measures are being proposed to keep our children healthy including to list the BMI result in their report cards, banning some unhealthy food, recommending healthy food etc. I totally 101% support the move as both Ethan and Eli will eventually be going to school and I do worry about the kind of food they will eat in school as we will not be there to monitor them.

But what irk me most is when I hear things like this morning over the radio. We now know that the Government plans to ban Nasi Lemak from the school canteen and as I would  expect there are of coz protest especially from the Nasi Lemak sellers. Understand they will grumble especially if that is their main source of income. Anyway, upon hearing the complains and how it will affect a group of people's livelihood, I heard over the radio that there is a proposal to still allow the school canteen to sell Nasi Lemak twice a week. At that point in time I was like, what the heck are they doing??!! Ok, let's say that is allowed, for those who just can't resist Nasi Lemak (btw I do love Nasi Lemak!) after being deprive from it for a day or two he/she may want to not only take 1 pack but perhaps 2 or even 3 packs (breakfast, lunch and tea time) of Nasi Lemak in a day!! So tell me how does tht help to prevent obesity in our community??! It is the same concept as when you are very hungry u tend to eat more to ease your hunger...Why can't thy set a rule that sticks to the MAIN objective which in this case is to prevent obesity. IF they really are serious about it why can't they propose instead of allowing Nasi Lemak to be sold in the school canteen twice a week, please give the sellers a new list of healthy food that thy can prepare and sell instead. HELLOO.... please think out of the box and be creative, smart, forward looking and positive okay...when there is challenge why can't we sit down, discuss and think of a better way to solve the problem before we open our mouths instead of acting 'gabra' and talk nonsense and embarrass ourselves! Come on we're are better than that right?! Double BIG sigh...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The boys 1st trip to the cinema

Hubby and myself have been talking about bringing the boys to the cinema for quite a while...and after some thoughts we finally brought them to GSC Suria Sabah last saturday. Earlier on I was reluctant to bring Ethan to the cinema as Ethan being Ethan will not be able to sit still thus will be a bit hard to handle...I was afraid he will be running up and down the cinema aisle or worst still making so much noise that we have to leave the place in minutes upon entering! But now that he is bigger and has improved in terms of staying put and listening to instructions we thought why not to give it a for Eli, we thought we just gamble tagging him along..if he cries I will bring him out and go for window shopping hee..I had my SCC ready with me in case that happens hehehe..

Anyway, am glad to say that Ethan was okay considering it was his first movie at the cinema. We watched Hop since that was the only children movie available on that day. Ethan managed to finished the whole movie except a trip to the toilet which ended up hubby buying popcorn to perhaps lure Ethan back to the cinema theatre ;p Eli on the other hand was a bit uneasy in the beginning especially with the loud sound effect and the huge screen! hehe...but he settled down after a while though he was a bit apprehensive in between which I gave him his milk to calm him down...but towards the last 15 mins he couldn't take it anymore so I brought him out...and guess what I ended up doing with him?? I had to go up the escalator and down the staircase a few rounds to keep him quiet from his crocodile tears!! Yeah just like his big bro, he loves going on the escalator too. He even refused me carrying him when we went down using the escalator to the parking floor...he only wants hubby to carry him..perhaps he thought I will not bring him on it again after I stopped to entertain his 'request' earlier on ;p Oh well, at least the boys had an enjoyable time and we managed to strike of one of the many things that we wanted to do with Ethan (and Eli for that matter). So yeah a trip (the first one that is) to the cinema is off the list now. And since the boys were rather well behaved we can consider bringing them out for a movie again next time ;p

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tame your inner chocoholic...NOT!!

Yes, am also a chocoholic (well...a rather tamed one as compared to previously hee..). In the past, just the mention of chocolate will instantly open my eyes, put a smile on my face and eliminate the feeling of bored, mad, sad etc. As I get older and probably after eating tones of choc coupled with the need to reduce my faithful FATS, I have better control or rather forced to control myself from indulging too much on those super yummylicious and sinful food. However, once in a while I do crave for it and that's when you see me picking small bars from the shops after lunch at work ;p (and I wonder why my fats stay ever so faithful to me!!? ;p) BUT, I have been good you know...hubby was away in Labuan for some offshore work a few weeks ago and brought home mind you not 1 or 2 but  7 big bars of chocs just for me!! I still have about 4 bars in the bravo to me hehehe...15 or more years ago those bars would have been gone in just maximum 3 days!! I can finish a whole big bar within an hour then!!

Anyway, am sure most of you especially those choc craze lot knows about Loacker wafer - see picture below..this and other flavour of the same range are easily available in the local shops...
Photo 'borrowed' from here.

Well, I am a faithful fan of those delicious wafer choc too BUT never did I know about Creme Noisette also by Loacker from the Gran Pasticceria range until Dawny has generously bought for me and Neneth from her Labuan trip. It looks so tempting that I opened up the package though we just had our heavy breakfast yesterday. So we ate and we savoured the rich, creamy and fine milk choc with the crispy wafer and crunchy nuts to our hearts content... And yes we finished the whole box!! IF you wonder what I'm talking about...this is it

Image from Loacker
YESSS...I'm in lurve with Loacker's Creme the next time hubby goes to Labuan and maybe even to Brunei...this will definitely be in my shopping list for hubby and maybe the only item but with a BIG number to indicate how many boxes I want!! ;p So if you haven't tasted this, you should and if you have don't you just love it!!! I know I do :)

Cheap homemade beauty tip

Neneth shared with me her homemade beauty tip to clear blackheads and whiteheads...after seeing the pictures she took yesterday I was instantly convinced!! So without much delay I tried it just a few minutes ago and...

walaaa...kapish you stubborn white/blackheads! ;p

So folks this is one super cheap beauty tip...will only cost you around RM0.40! And greater news is that it is so easy to do!

What you need:
  1. Just an egg
  2. A few facial cotton.
How to do it:
  • Take out only the egg white onto a small bowl/ container
  • Peel the facial cotton into thin layers
  • Put the facial cotton on your face especially areas with white/blackheads i.e. nose, around nose area, between eyebrow area etc
  • Dap the egg white on the cotton til it is wet
  • Let it dry where you can feel your skin tighten
  • Remove it and along with the dry and hardened facial cotton are those unwanted white/blackheads! :)
Happy me will make this as a once in a fortnight beauty regime from now on! Thanks Neneth!! :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My precious...

My world...brotherly love..
My two boys...thy grow oh so fast....Ethan is going to be 4 in June while Eli just turned 1 early this month. Like most boys at his age, Ethan is into super heroes. His favs are Batman, Ultraman, Spiderman, Superman and Ironman. Eli on the other hand is hooked with the Disney Chanel cartoon characters...among his favs are Mickey Mouse where he will dance to the Mickey Mouse songs without fail! ;p He loves Timmy Time and and Pororo too. And as long as theres' music on he will pause from whatever he was doing and glued his eyes to the telly and start his groovy moves heee...I will have to record his dancing moves one of these days as remembrance..he just look so awfully cute! ;p Can't wait to see them in bit! :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Children see...children do..

Celine shared this video on FB  - scary but good as a wake up call or reminder not only for parents but those who look after children too...

Socks for Japan

Hi folks, I saw this humble charitable effort called "SOCKS FOR JAPAN" at CathJ's blog and thought although it seems small but means a lot to the victims in Japan. Jason Kelly is the founder of this cause but locally it seems Kristie is generous enough to help coordinate the donation from Malaysia. You can read both Jason's and Kristie's blogs to read more details on the charitable cause and why 'socks'?

So if you're keen to help out you may contact Kristie directly. As I have no time to purchase the socks, I am gonna bank in my donation to her to do the necessary ;p

FYI, deadline is this Friday, 25th March 2011. All donations will be recorded for full accountability and transparency towards this cause.

As Kristie put it in her blog, "Tell your friends, family, school or workplace about Socks for Japan, and please spread the awareness of this cause! Whether you donate 1 pair or 50 pairs, each is equally important."

You can visit SOCKS FOR JAPAN on Facebook for more info too.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mercury poisoning part II

For the benefit of those who would like to know a little bit more about mercury poisoning, I would like to share with you  thanks to Gloria who has researched and compiled (and pinned it on her refrigerator as a reminder of which you can do so too hehe..) on the same topic for your reference :) Happy reading !! And oh thanks Glo for letting me share this useful info ;p

Should I give my baby fish?
Fish is a major source of omega-3 fatty acids (specifically DHA and EPA), which are important for a child's brain and eye development. It's also low in saturated fat and high in protein, vitamin D, and other important nutrients. Fish is too good a nutritional choice – especially during early childhood – to give up, and most experts agree that the benefits of eating fish usually outweigh the risks.
Almost all fish and shellfish contain some mercury, but large predator fish accumulate the most. That's because predator fish eat other fish – fish that have absorbed mercury themselves. And the bigger the predator fish, the more fish it eats. Larger fish also tend to live longer than smaller fish, so there's simply more time for mercury to build up in their bodies.
Experts are still debating exactly how much mercury is harmful, but most agree it's a good idea to avoid feeding your children fish that are high in mercury and to limit (but not eliminate) other fish in their diet.
Fish to avoid
Some types of fish contain contaminants such as mercury. In high doses, this metal is harmful to a child's developing brain and nervous system. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends that you avoid feeding your child shark, swordfish, king mackerel, and tilefish – large predatory fish that contain the highest levels of mercury.
Purdue toxicologist Santerre recommends that children between the ages of 2 and 6 not be served fresh or frozen tuna, striped bass, bluefish, Chilean sea bass, golden snapper, marlin, orange roughy, amberjack, Crevalle jack, Spanish mackerel from the Gulf of Mexico, and walleye from the Great Lakes.
So which fish – and how much – can I safely serve my child?
The FDA/EPA advisory says it's okay to serve your child two child-size servings a week of any fish and shellfish, other than the four you shouldn't serve at all: shark, swordfish, king mackerel, and tilefish. (See special restrictions on canned tuna below.) A child-size serving is 1 ounce of fish for 1- and 2-year-olds; 1.5 ounces for children ages 3 to 6; and 2 ounces for a child over age 6.
By the way, fish sticks aren't part of this equation because they're generally low in mercury. But they're also not a good source of omega-3s.
Fish that are both low in mercury and high in healthy fats: Herring, Mackerel (Atlantic, jack, chub), Rainbow trout (farm raised), Salmon (wild or farm raised), Sardines, Whitefish, Anchovy.

Very sorry as I am unable to give you the exact links of these info but Glo assured that they are from various reliable sources :)
I've also extracted this from the net for easy reading
Extracted from

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mercury poisoning

My mum has always reminded me not to buy big fishes for the boys...reason being the amount of mercury content on bigger fishes which means older fishes may be more than the smaller/ younger fishes. Honestly speaking, I never check the facts but I assumed my mum is right as it does sound logic. Besides my  mum normally reads or pays attention to such info. So I always trust her advice ;p Anyway, back to the title, here's an informative personal experience about mercury poisoning for the sharing.

Mercury poisoning

Taken from Paren Thots

My son is 18 months old now. We started feeding our son cod fish, and occasionally salmon since he was six months old until one year old.

We found out that he was suffering from mercury poisoning during a routine checkup when he was one.

There were no signs or symptoms of mercury poisoning. We casually asked the doctor whether it's okay to feed him cod fish (chilean sea bass) every day since we read that it contains high mercury content.

The doctor said he was not sure, but if we were worried, he could do a mercury test for my son. We found out that my son's mercury level was nearly nine times higher than the allowed level, which is less than 75. His was 622.

After a dose of DMSA (the treatment for mercury poisoning) and a few months of natural healing, his mercury level is now back to the normal range, that is 48.3.

A lot of Malaysian parents are not aware of the danger of mercury poisoning. We were very lucky to discover this even before the symptoms showed. Just imagine if your child is poisoned and you finally find out, say 10 years later when his mental and physical health have been damaged by this poisonous substance.

I strongly recommend parents take their children for a mercury test if they have been feeding their children with cod fish or any deep sea big fish which may have high mercury content.

Early detection and treatment are effective damage control for our precious children. After all, we feed them with expensive fish because we believe it is good for their brain development, right?

A concerned mom

Fish is served on alternate days for the boys (same reason as the Concerned Mom i.e. for brain development) and normally I will buy Tenggiri (Spanish mackerel) if not the black or white pompfret fish and occasionally red snapper...but last Sunday I got to know another type of fish that is good for babies/young children recommended by one of the lady fishmongers. Since the few left Tenggiri fish seemed rather 'old' I decided to try the newly introduced fish. I can't recall the name as it sounded very Chinese to me but it does sound something like "nguyen" fish... I'll have to go back to her again to ask for the actual name as the fish meat is really nice with fine and soft texture..especially good for babies who just started on solid :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japan, my hat off to you

It didn't register in my head how calm and civilize the Japanese are while on the road to recovery (let's pray that there'll be no repeat of a massive earthquake and Tsunami there..) until I read this article entitled "In tragedy, Japanese impress world"  this morning. Hubby and I were watching the CNN on the situation in Japan particularly on the currently seems oh so fragile nuclear plant last night. But what caught my eyes was how the houses, cars, and even aeroplanes were swept away by the huge waves as though they were of your children toys. I didn't want to watch any of the videos nor the pictures earlier on as I know it'll be too heartbreaking..and after seeing the footages last night, it confirmed my unease in watching them.. Indeed the footage moves me and my heart goes to all the people over there who have lost their loved ones and homes. May more people be rescued and that those who are wounded will have sufficient medical attention. And may those who have somehow got separated during the misfortune be reunited again especially the children and their parents...

Back to my initial thought, as the tv screen shows the aftermath tragedy especially on how the people are coping and reacting...I remembered how a lady who although was 'stucked' at her 'drown' home didn't panic when she saw the rescue fact, she just wave a white cloth to inform she is there and that she is alright...another scene showed an elderly couple being helped onto a rescue boat - both of them were calm and screaming, no crying ..they just quietly and calmly got on the boat and sit down and wait for the team to rescue the other the boat sailed away their face though sad and seem to have lots on their mind were still calm...another scene showed a mother reunited with her daughter...although both of them were hugging each other so tightly and in tears of I supposed mixture of happiness and sadness..their reaction I would say still composed..none of those screaming and yelling or dramatic scenes...after remembering these, yes, I totally agree with the article when it says "Japanese showing calm as they search for loved ones or wait for basic necessities. There is not a hint of looting or violence, even as residents line up at half-empty stores."

I have to say the Japanese absolutely impress me with their calm, cool, unruffled and composed behaviour despite the shocking and heartbreaking disaster. My hat off to all of you over there and and like the article pointed out, I hope and pray that with such fine manner, you will win more voluntary aids to help you 'rebuild' you and your country in no time. I honestly hope and pray that you will get through this day and that you'll have more strength to 'rebuild' your superb country again... I will remember you in my prayer and may God bless all of you..

Monday, March 14, 2011

Ban on BPA bottles starting March 2012

I just read this on the paper after lunch today...glad to hear that the government is finally going to ban those polycarbonate milk bottles. So yeah..always go for non-BPA milk bottles :)

Ban on polycarbonate milk bottles from next year


Published: Monday March 14, 2011 MYT 1:06:00 PM

PUTRAJAYA: Milk bottles for infants made with polycarbonates containing the chemical Bisphenol A (BPA) will be outlawed from March 1 next year.

Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said the Cabinet had decided to ban such milk bottles due to BPA's risk to infant hormone systems.

"The enforcement will be made in stages and the industry is given one year to comply by making changes to their machines and buying new raw materials," Liow told a press conference on Monday.
Enforcement from March 1, 2012, will be done according to provisions in the Food Regulations 1985 under the Food Act 1983.

Liow said the move was in line with the World Health Organisation's recommendations, adding that the European Union (EU) had also made a similar announcement earlier this March to make the ban effective in June for EU member countries.

BPA is used to make baby milk bottles because it made the plastic translucent and stiffer while those without BPA had a less clear and dirtier look to it.

Red red wine

I believe most people will have their one particular favourite colour. But if you ask me what is my favourite colour, I won't be able to tell you what exactly it is as my favourite choice of colour varies depending on my mood. I love all sort of colours especially the bright colours e.g. orange, baby blue, apple green, lilac etc (joy, happiness, love, children etc), pastel colours offwhite in any tone e.g. blue, green, pink and cream,  (soothing, calm, peace, harmony..), earthly colours e.g. brown, beige, earthly green (natural, keep feet on the ground feeling), and bold colours e.g. red, black, silver, bronze (firm, all out, strong, bold, determine, elegance, maturity). And no, don't ask me I should be able to pick one from those many colors as my fave as I will not be able to do I said, it all depends on the mood I am :)

So you may ask what is my fave colour now? Well, currently I'm into RED! Yes, red since end of last year from Xmas to NY to CNY till now red has been my choice of favourite colour... I'm not sure how long this will last but at the moment I'm loving RED :)

Hubby bought this handbag (I was really tempted to get this but luckily I felt in love with this one especially with the 50% discount and it is 10 times cheaper!!)  for me before 2010 ended but I only started using it on Saturday..was too busy to unload and clear my old how much rubbish I have in my handbag hehehe... Well, I think most people will know especially my hubby, mom and MIL how heavy my handbag is ;p

and yes of coz I need a matching wallet ;p
and a red bag organizer too...
and thank goodness my lappy, mousy and hp are already of the same tone ;p
and I have a matching shoes as well ;p (oh please ignore the dry wrinkly feet and without colours on me nails...I used to be diligent in applying lotion on my feet before bedtime but am too lazy to splash some lotion on them after my first pregnancy ;p)

of course I don't  forget my 'ang pow' boys :)
and I've been wanting to use this pic but was too lazy to blog about it but thought it is perfect to use with my red red wine entry ;p This group photos was taken during our annual dinner committee member photo shoot last year...I love that the red colour brightens up the photo ;p

Friday, March 11, 2011

My family through the eyes of Aishah

We have a special visitor at work today and she is a very artistic and talented little lady...see her drawing of my family...yeah she pays attention to details that she is able to highlight my thick lips and Eli's spikey hair ;p
..based on this picture....
..and am not putting her fabulous effort into waste so it became my first new office wall decor ;p
Thanks to our special guest, my wall doesn't look so empty anymore ;p
and if you wonder who's that lilttle lady is, here she is - meet Aishah, the little artist ..aren't she adorable :) 
She's the lovely daughter of my colleague Neneth :) 

To Aishah, thank you so much for your special piece of art..indeed a priceless masterpiece worth keeping!  And as an appreciation of your hard work, Tante Joyce dedicate this special entry just for you ;p Keep up the good work as who knows you might be the next Picasso ;p
Aishah & myself :)
Us again with her masterpiece behind ;p

Thursday, March 10, 2011

1 Year Old Eli

Yay!! Eli turns 1 time flies and my precious lil' guy is growing up so fast!

Happy 1st Birthday my cutie pie...Daddy, Mummy and KoKo Ethan love you very very much....hugs and kisses...

As of 8th March Eli weights 9.05kg and is 75.5cm in length...more about him in my next entries especially on his 1st Birthday Bash and his Baptism. Stay tune ;p

Oh BTW, you can have a sneak preview on Eli's birthday party at Glo's from Inspired By Gavin Such lovely pics she took! Oh..Glo specializes in taking children and children events using natural light can contact her if you wish to engage her fine services :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

5 Tips to Develop Positive Kids

I received this in my inbox today and thought it is a good article as reference and reminder for me. Hope you'll find it useful too :)

 I have a confession. Despite the fact that I work to develop positive leaders, schools and teams, I’m not naturally a positive person. The research says it’s not my fault. Turns out some people are born with a more positive disposition while others are born with more of a negative disposition. But there is hope. The latest research in neuroscience and positive psychology demonstrates that we can mold our brains and ourselves to be more positive, which is great news for me and my children.

For the past ten years I’ve researched and practiced countless strategies to enhance positivity. I’ve worked really hard at becoming more positive which I guess is why I’ve become a good teacher. I’ve seen the fruits of these efforts in my life and in the people I’ve taught—most importantly my own children. I’ve seen how simple strategies and daily rituals can make a tremendous impact on their mindset, belief system and outlook on life.

I believe that positive kids become positive adults and as parents we can play a significant role in shaping our children’s perspective and mindset. In this spirit I want to share with you several tips to develop positive kids.

1. Success of the Day - Each night before bed, at dinner or while taking an after dinner walk ask your children their success of the day. The success could be a great conversation, an accomplishment at school, something they are proud of, a situation where they helped someone, etc. The important thing is to help them focus on accomplishments instead of failures. When we help our children expect success, look for success, and celebrate success they find more success and gain more confidence. Of course they need to learn from their mistakes and failures, but let’s help them to not dwell on them.

2. Bedtime Prayer - A ritual such as this provides your children with a foundation of peace, security, and confidence that gives them the strength to take on the daily challenges of being a child.

3. Implement the No Complaining Rule - It’s a simple rule that says you’re not allowed to complain unless you identify one or two possible solutions to your complaint. This empowers children to become a driver of their bus instead of being a passenger griping on the bus. They also learn to use complaints as a catalyst for positive change and positive action. Visit

4. Teach them the Positive Shark Formula, E + P = 0 - This is from my latest book, The Shark and The Goldfish, which is a story about a nice and positive shark who teaches Gordy the goldfish how to overcome his fear of change and find food. After all, Goldfish wait to be fed. Sharks go find food. The formula reveals that we can’t control the (E) Events in our life. But we can control our (P) Positive Response to these events and our response determines the (O) outcome. This formula helps children develop a strong locus of control which is a perspective that through their beliefs and actions they have an influence on their life. They come to believe that they are not a victim of circumstance but rather a hero in their own inspirational tale and that they can turn their challenges into opportunities and transform bad events into good outcomes. This helps them stay optimistic and believe that their best days are ahead of them, not behind them.

5. Feel Blessed instead of Stressed - As parents we need to realize that children, like adults, deal with a lot of stress...and stress is the enemy of positivity. Well, the great news is that when you are feeling blessed you can’t be stressed. The research says we can’t be stressed and thankful at the same time. Thus, a simple ritual is to help your children identify 3 things they are thankful for each day. You can create a gratitude journal together or you can encourage them to write these blessings on their blog, diary or simply talk about them at dinner. And anytime they are feeling stressed you can encourage them to recall something they are thankful for.
I encourage you to think of your child’s mind like a garden. Each day you want to help them weed their negative thoughts and plant positive thoughts. One day of weeding and planting won’t do much. However if you practice these strategies each day, over a week, a month, a year, a lifetime, the garden grows more healthy and vibrant. Nurture your child. Take time to coach them and nourish them with lots of love and positive energy and you shall see the fruits of your efforts.
Stay Positive,
- Jon 
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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Men in uniform

He might not be a man yet but to me he does look good in his school uniform ;p

Finally, after weeks of waiting, he finally gets to wear his new uniform along with his new white rubber shoes & socks. The look of a growing boy... I loike :)

This is what friends are for ;p

Aren't life more interesting when you have colorful and beautiful 'background' in your life heeee ;p
BTW, nice pose Yato! Wakakakaka...