Friday, August 31, 2007

Hair salon & swimming pool

Yep that's what I tell my precious when I wash his hair (hair salon) & put him in his bath "tub" (swimming pool) or rather "small basin" :)

From the pics below, it looks like he is going to outgrow the basin soon huh...don't worry coz soon I'll upgrade it to the normal bath tub size...he was pretty small when he was born...2.8kg... hence the small basin :)

Daddy said cover his "puyung" coz dowan to embarass him when he is all grown up hehe...

Ethan's (and I think most babies too..) favourite position while bathing...I wonder why..

Happy Merdeka Day everyone!!!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Birthday Bash for August Babies..

Yep...another bday celebration in the office...this time for the August babies (3) which include yours truly! :)

Wishes from my colleagues...this time beside wishing me happy belated bday, they congratulated me for being a new mom too :)

Shopping is a different story nowadays...

Like most girls...I love to shop and what do I shop for? Well my list include:

1. Clothes
2. Shoes
3. Hangbags
4. Accesories
5. Perfumes

Yep I'm the typical lady shopper...I go gaga when things are on Sales and will brave the jamm and crowded places just to see what's on offer and browse (or "dig" through) great bargains...there are times when I have fetish on buying particular items such as bedsheets , duvet covers, undergarments etc... so you'll find plenty of these stuff in my overly crowded wardrobe (my mum used to say I can open a "night market" with all my stuff hee...where got oh...exageration only..hehe..) But actually, I'm already using half of my other half's space in the closet...opppss...sorry dear...hehe..

But when I was expecting and had my baby boy, my shopping flavour has changed. I still love to shop, the only different is that instead of shopping for myself, I shop mainly for my baby first...I'll buy baby clothes (absolutely love to look at baby clothes!!) , music cd for baby, baby toys or anything to do with baby stuff ...So where ever I go, the first stop I'll make now is the baby's department instead of the woman's department...that would include online shopping :) Recently I bought some good bargains from Your Little Ones. Friends who are mom themselves always remind me to buy bigger size for my baby as baby grows very fast...and so I did and ordered clothings for 3 yr old!! I know, I know my baby is just turning 3 month old next month right...But hey, it was a real bargain.I spent less than RM100 for 4 sets of items (a set = shirt + pant ) which include shipping charges. Beside, I can keep them for future use (same excuses again hee..)...coz for boys the fashion doesnt change much and as I have been told, babies do grow up very fast mah!! :)

I'm sure most mommies especially new mommies would understand my sharing here :)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Time flies...

Today is our first wedding anniversary (legally that is...) for me and my darling hubby...we were talking about it on the way to work this morning...we still can't believe it has been a year since we signed the marriage certificate at time flies...

Although we've actually decided to celebrate our wedding anniversary according to our church wedding date in October (as only then we feel our marriage is complete...) it's still no harm to say Happy Anniversary my dearest!

Here we are after one year of marriage :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Getting ready to work: Now & Then

  1. Wake up 5.45am (sometimes earlier if baby wakes up for his milk..)
  2. Feed baby (if feeding time) and put him back to sleep (hopefully..) otherwise jump to No.3
  3. Wash baby's bottles, teats & pacifier
  4. Sterilize the above (No.3)
  5. Boil water for drinking
  6. Put aside boiled water to cool it (for baby's milk)
  7. Get baby's stuff ready
  8. Take super quick shower
  9. Wake hubby up
  10. Get ready in a jiffy (no more changing to another attire if not satisfied - just grab what's available - ironing was done the night before)
  11. Get baby ready
  12. Leave house by 7am (to avoid heavy jamm) to send baby Ethan to his Grandma's - keeping fingers cross that he will not whine or cry (in case he "poo-poo" or he is hungry b4 his feeding time) during the journey...
  13. Go to work (breakfast on the way to office or in the office)


  1. Wake up 7am
  2. Drink a glass of water and laze around/ day dreaming on the sofa for few minutes
  3. Get breakfast ready
  4. Wake hubby up
  5. Iron clothes while hubby shower
  6. Have breakfast
  7. Take shower
  8. Get ready
  9. Go to work

Such a different experience huh...

But anything for my precious prince charming ...

Monday, August 27, 2007

Constipation Part 2

Finally, my Little Prince did his "big business" this morning at his Grandma's home (hooray!!!) ...I was so relief as we were worried as he hasn't had any bowel movement since Saturday...and as I mentioned earlier, I was giving him all of those listed except for No.4 plus I gave him gripe water and breast milk...thank goodness it works (yay!!)...

Nevertheless, both me and hubby was a bit worry coz his "poo-poo" was pretty loose and dark in color. Just to be sure, I consulted a couple of mommas in the office and they told me they experienced the same "poo-poo" texture with their little ones when their babies were constipated that put my mind at ease...phew...first time mom mah...hehe...but I was also told to monitor his "poo poo" for the next few keeping my fingers cross...But despite the constipation, Ethan was his usual self still...and surprisingly he didnt make any noise after he did his "business" ..maybe he was a bit shock coz of the watery texture...(eeeeuuwww...)

My little prince with his Grandma...
Do share with me your stories on baby being you overcome and the aftermath experiences...yeah including the "poo poo" texture if you dont mind is pretty useful info especially for first time mom like yours truly...
Baby Ethan..."mmmm mmmp....mmmm mmmmp..." (encouraging baby Ethan to "poo poo"..hee..)

My favourite happy little people...

Here they are ....the cute little cousins of baby Ethan...

From left to right: Allie, Moira & Joshua

Mind you, little Moira (yes, that 5 mths old little girl in the middle...) was a bit cheeky last night when her mama laid her down beside Ethan first she looked at her little cousin Ethan who was enjoying his pacifier @ "cucut" before she happily and innocently took the pacifier from Ethan...poor Ethan was a bit shock for a few seconds, looked at her before he started to complain and cried...cute little Moira just looked at him with her big brown eyes innocently and acted so cool as if she hasnt done anything ...hmmm....I find the whole incident was so cute especially with the two tiny people!! hee...

Friday, August 24, 2007

Fish & Co. anyone?

We had a great time during lunch at Fish&Co in Warisan Square this afternoon. Knowing that the waiters & waitresses at this restaurant can do the "b'day yell" upon request, we gals especially Ecila and myself decided to go for it...(the motive was to surprise Anne rather than me...)

How do they do the "bday yell"? All the waiters & waitresses will gather at your table and start shouting and clapping their hands, yeah they literally shout while doing the yell (like in the army or if you're a Scout or once a Scout, you'll know what I mean...) So it can be pretty embarassing if you're the shy kinda person when they do the yell everyone can hear and will look at you...but for us...our face was thicker than the crocodile skin (what's new eh)....but what actually attracted us to go along with the silly idea was the FREE (get this, its FOC ok!!) yummy chocolate cake for the b'day dude (that's me!). But of coz I have to share it with the gals (cisss...)

Anyway, being the playful and greedy lot that we are (blame it on the yummy chocolate cake!!), we decided that we shall plan for a "bday yell" at our table...there were 5 of us and all of us knew except for Anne...we actually planned to put a prank on her by giving her a "surprise" (at my expense but worth it especially after seeing her surprise look) just to see her reaction and boy did we had a good laugh at her funny surprise face expressions!! I was actually nervous (coz I was being used for the prank on Anne!) and couldnt stop laughing as the time drew nearer for the yell...Ecila was ready with the video camera in hand to capture Anne's reaction...Anne was a bit curious why we kept laughing and smiling while Ecila was pointing the video camera at her instead of me...though it was a bit embarassing as everyone knows it was my bday (thank goodness, I was facing my back to most of the people there...) but it was a great fun as Anne's reaction was really funny and it gave us a good hearty laugh! :) Unfortunately the video is not ready...but when it is ready, i shall share with you ...but for now, let me share some photos taken....

Yay! Its Friday! :)

A year older...a year wiser..??

Yup there's an additional candle on my cake for me today :)

My first birthday wish was of coz from my darling hubby who just came back from outstation...he is such a sweet hubby for making the effort to come back on time for my birthday although he was supposed to come back only tonight...thank you darling...

Sms messages started coming in very early this morning and the first one was from an ex-colleague who is also a great friend of mine from Spore..this followed by bday wishes from friends in KK, Brunei and KL...I feel so greatful and happy to have such thoughtful friends who made efforts and remember my birthday...friends like them are hard to come dear friends...thank you very much for remembering lil' ol' me ;p

Looking back over the past one year, I think I've completed quite a number of "tasks" let's see what they are...

1. Got stucked with a 20 yrs loan for an apartment

2. Got hooked with a wonderful man

3. Me being preggy hehe...
4. Me being a mommy

So with all of the above accomplished within a year, what more can I say beside "I'm a happy and contented woman" today :)

Oh two sweet colleagues pasted these self made bday wishes cards in the office and got me they are...

 is so beautiful....

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Nexus "Merdeka" Escapade...

I just got this from my email...promotion package...seems like a good bargain...

How I wish I could go away for at least a day to chill out...once you've become a mom, this is one luxury you will have to forego for a while...having said is complete with a mini me&hubby as he brings joy to our world :)

That first smile...

Guess what... my precious gave his first widest and sweetest smile to his grandma 2 days ago! I was thrilled to hear when my mom in law (MIL) told me (and of coz I felt a bit envious coz I missed that special moment...hehe..) as I got back from work on baby is growing up fast....

Baby Ethan...mommy can't wait to see your smile(s) you precious... getting the hang of this blogging thingy eh...hehe...seems like I've been blogging away as this is my 3rd posting today...woowee...


My precious prince has been constipated since does not seem to bother him as he is his usual self who loves his milk (of coz what else can it be right hehe...), stretches A LOT (he really does!! even when he is sleeping...), "busy body" especially when he hears voices or new voices around him where his eyes starts searching...or he simply stops what he's doing and just try to listen and recognize the voice(s)...and at times he will look at you with a frowning face as if your voice is annoying him or simply starts to cry especially when he hears his mommy's voice ( sweet...he loves me hee..)...

I consulted his paed as well as other mommies on what can I do to ease the constipation and this is what I've gathered:

1. Change his formula (from Annum to Similac...)
2. Give more H2O
3. Give "buang panas" herbal
4. Try soya milk for abt a week or two till his bowel movement back to normal
5. Dilute his milk (not encouraged as baby will get less nutrients..)
6. Do leg cycling exercise (with the mom's help of coz..)

Except for No.4, I am trying the rest...hope it will help my precious and that he will have a normal bowel movements soon...

Share with me if you have any other remedies for constipation okay...

Darling Eathan...mommy loves you very much...

Can't believe I'm doing this...

Although friends who have joined the blogging world have been persuading me to give it a try , never did it cross my mind that I will actually start one..bcoz, for one, am just too plain lazy to write and secondly what on earth would I write about??...but hey, here I am doing it right now ( this for real??!!...). Anyway, since this is my first posting, I won't be rambling too much...let it sinks into my head that am actually blogging away first...(oh no...what have I done...?? arrrgghhh..)