Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Musikgarten: family music for toddlers

We've been wanting to enroll Ethan for some kind of activities to let him learn new things and at the same time to socialize with other children of his same age group. This is also to prepare him since we've decided to send him to playschool in January next year. Coincidentally one of my friends have suggested for me to enroll Ethan in Musikgarten since her son is also in it. She told me we could go for a trial which is only RM35 for 4 sessions. After discussing with hubby, we then decided it would be good for Ethan since he does seem to have some inclination towards music and songs.

We've so far brought him to 2 classes/ sessions. We've told ourself that for the first class he may not even bother to join the class which indeed was true except when the teacher started to bring out the music instruments. I think he only joined 1/4 of the whole 30 mins session that day ;p He was more busy running around the class then joining the other children singing and doing movements with the teacher. But the second session was even worst as he kept asking to go out from the classroom so that he could play outside!! We kept coaxing him to re-enter the class which he did but always end up asking us to let him out! But at least he joined for a short while when the teacher took out one of the music instruments and let him have a go ;p Oh well, we still have 2 sessions to let him try...I guess if he still doesn't seem to be interested to join the class we might postpone his actual enrollment to a later stage ..perhaps when he is more ready and after seeing his progress in his playschool ;p

Some of you may have heard of Musikgarten but for those who have not heard about it, Musikgarten is basically an early childhood music education for children from birth to age nine.

You may ask,

Why should I pursue early childhood music education for my child?

The answer given my Musikgarten is that:

"Music awakens and stimulates neural pathways in the brain that are associated with higher forms of intelligence, such as abstract thinking, empathy, mathematics and science. Music's melodic and rhythmic patterns provide exercise for the brain and help develop memory. Remember singing the ABC song to learn your ABC's? Studying music helps children establish good listening habits, which are essential for achievement in school. Overall, music activities are perfect for child development. Music immerses the child in language, evokes movement, stimulates the brain and fosters physical coordination - all in a group setting that builds community - a holistic experience."

Ethan falls under the 16 months to 3.5 years old category and below is the course content for his age group:

16 Months - 3.5 Years
Participate with your toddler for 30 minutes each week in singing, Chanting, moving, dancing, listening and playing simple instruments.

Musical play activities:
– Help develop a strong musical bond with your child and closer family ties.
– Bridge the natural connection between music and movement.
– Enhance your child’s musical aptitude and listening abilities.
– Lay the foundation for singing and vocal development, listening skills, and purposeful movement.

– Movement activities for coordination, body awareness, exploration of space, body control and the pure joys of movement.
– Folk songs for singing, dancing and listening.
– Focused listening examples from both daily life and music instruments.
– Instruments to explore: rhythm sticks, jingles, rattles, drums, and resonator bars.
– 4 wonderful semesters, each with a 60 minute CD, a parent activity book and an instrument or scarf to use at home.

Personally, I do feel this is a good programme as not only will it prepare the children for future music instruments classes. But the programme also encourages social skills, motor skills as well as helping the children to be more discipline.

Fingers crossed and hope Ethan will be more cooperative for the coming classes ;p and should you want to know more details about Musikgarten in KK, you can call 088-721733.

The pictures below were taken during his first session :)

While the rest were following the class, Ethan was busy inspecting the stuff inside the classroom ;p

He was quite happy to join when the teacher brought the xylophone out though ..but the teacher had to persuade him to return it to her so the others can have their turns heee...

You can see Ethan still wanted to play with it even though his turn was over hehehe...

Of labels and satin fabric

Like some children, Ethan has a thing about labels with satin texture or any satin like fabric...he loves to touch and feel the fabric especially when he is taking his milk or about to sleep. At times he will hold on to the ribbons of my tops or satin fabric on my dresses and will follow me around the house just so that he could touch and feel the smooth and soft satin texture. Sometimes he will even take my hand and leads me to the living room to sit on the sofa so he can enjoy the satin fabric without having to follow me around the house hehe... So in the end I asked my friend Zura to make him 2 satin blankies (so when it is time to do washing, he still have another one to play with...) with Elmo as the theme to satisfy his satin fetish ;p

Ethan calls his blankie 'Elmo' and will always ask for it when he drinks his water or milk and while watching the telly,

in the car... the him playing peek a...

booo!!... one happy lil' boy :)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

29 months

Ethan at 2 yrs 5 mths
Weight: 16.1 kg
Height: 89-90cm (approx.)

And we finally remembered to let him have a go on his new car booster seat whihc we've bought a few weeks ago but kept forgetting to replace his car seat with it ;p
A bit apprehensive in the beginning...
then he got excited... I asked him to "play" the violin while listening to the music and he happily did :)
Enjoying the rest of the ride to his class at Musikgarten which I will blog later...

Muttaquinbaby having free shipping!!

Yes, the free shipping offer valid for international orders too!! This I have checked with Michelle the if you've been longing to try one of her fab diapers and missed the buy2get1free offer recently, this is a great chance as you could save $$$ on shipping!! I spent about USD17 on shipping for 3 diapers recently..

Oh oh...and guess what I won a diaper (my own choice of print, inner & size) from Muttaquinbaby last month!!

"Here are the 3 winners for the free diapers from last month! (the kids had a blast picking the names out of a bucket! it was too cute :) )

I have V. Kizirian, J. Tuining, and A. Meegan....I' ll be contacting everyone seperately for your print choices!

On to other good news :) Free shipping storewide with coupon code freeship ! I'll be stocking a bunch of newborn soon and next are babyshapes. I'm ordering lots of fun new aio prints too so stay tuned! Oh and on the topic of orderering fabrics... if anyone sees a really cute woven they'd like to see made into an aio throw me a link!


Happy?? Absolutely and still jumping with joy as I wasn't even aware there was gonna be a lucky dip!! :) Well, the free shipping is oh so very tempting...hmmm...should I or shouldn't I? That is the hardest question....

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Folding prefolds cloth diapers

As I intend to use prefolds on bb#2 during the first few weeks, I'm keeping these videos for my own future reference.

The first video shows 4 basic ways of folding prefolds using a cover and snappi.

The second video shows folding prefolds without using snappi. But it is not a well recommended method because as the baby moves around more and more, the diaper will shift and you will get a blowout. However, this method will do better than a simple tri-fold.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Mutaquinbaby diapers - last day of sale

This is an announcement I got in my mailbox this morning from Muttaquinbaby... just to share with the CDs mommies in case you're interested ;p

"Hi all,
This is the last day for the "buy2get1free" coupon :) I also wanted to mention I stocked more aio's and also some front and side snapping larges :) thanks for your reading!

I got this in my inbox at 4.05am today (1st Nov), so if you're interested wait no more ;p

So did I get any? I certainly did! Ordered the fitted 3 Step Rise 1 Size which I can test on Ethan since he is not fully potty trained yet and of course for our second baby later on :) Yes, I've started my shopping for bb #2 especially on diaper covers, prefolds, just a few sized cds and a few fitted as I intend to fully cloth diaper bb #2 ...that is if he is not as super heavy wetter like his big bro Ethan hehe.. but for sure I will start bb #2 on cloth diaper earlier this time...I only started cloth diapering Ethan when he was 6 months old. I intend to start CDing bb#2 after his confinement...for the first few days or weeks I may put him on either prefolds or the traditional napkins with cd covers on...