Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Simply gorgeous!

Update: FM has entered this scrap page in a challenge (search for "precious little prince"). Cool eh ;p

A dear friend of mine did a scrap book on baby Eli yesterday evening. I was sooo thrilled to see how beautiful the piece of art she made as she passed it to me during our lunch date today. Just look at the pictures below to see what I mean...I am sooo loving it!! Thanks so much FM !!! I can't wait to have it framed up hehehe...

Oh btw, besides this absolutely gorgeous work, she made baby Eli a mini album which I've yet to take pictures for showing off ;p Worry not as I will soon put up the end result to show you how creative this lady is ;p Thanks a bunch once again FM. And if you don't know what else to do with your mountains of scrap book kits you know what you can do with them right! ;p I know I know...don't push my luck eh Moi ;p

I'm a sucker for anything pretty especially flowery stuff u know why I'm sooo liking it!! :)

Well, for those who wants to keep their meaningful photos in a creative and artful way yet don't have time nor the patience to do so, you know who to find :) It's a great idea to give as a present too :)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pre-loved items for sales!

Hi everyone, come visit my online garage sales.

I've just put up the gently used diaper covers for sales there! More to come e.g. Madela electric pump (never used), prefolds (gently used and new), small size fitted (never used) Ftec smartbook/netbook (almost never used - suitable for your little ones), pouches (used and unused)'s a first come first serve basis..

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rolling over

Eli has attempted to roll over when hubby put him on the sofa last Sunday (at 3 months 13 days). He kept putting his legs up and turned his body to the side till he rolled over ;p However, I must say he got a bit of help as the sofa is a lil' bit slanted. So that made it easier for him ;p Hubby did let him try to roll over on our bed just to test him. It wasn't as easy for Baby Eli and hubby ended up helping my poor baby ;p No matter what, it's another milestone for my precious :) Here's a video and a few pictures of him trying to roll over ;p We were all there to give him moral support including Ethan who gave him a gentle push ;p

Eli ready to roll over! ;p

Here he goes...

Yay...he did it!
Here's a lil' help from his Koko...
An attempt on our bed...

It ain't that easy on a totally flat surface for Eli ;p

Do daddy gave him a little helping hand ;p

And yay... good try Eli! ;p

Monday, June 21, 2010

“Steam, flip, blend and serve” - I sooo want it!!

I stumbled upon the Philips AVENT Combined Steamer and Blender while I was blog hopping at Fara's. I thought its a cool and useful gadget to own especially when Eli starts on solid. That will be in about 2 months plus time. I remember I used to press vegetable and meat/fish chunks through a sieve for Ethan when he first started solid. It is doable but very time consuming and can be tiring when you have 101 things to do and you're already tired with other things...but with this steamer cum blender makes preparing and cooking baby's solid food a lot easier as it's tagline says "Steam, Flip, Blend & Serve"... How does it work?

You put your chopped up food in the steamer, insert water in the water compartment and when the water is all used up the unit will turn itself off.

Then, you flip over the container part of it, insert it back into the base and press just one button to blend it!

Furthermore it is a more nutritious and healthier way of preparing baby's food since food will be steamed instead of boiled.... Another good thing about this gadget is that it has a compact design for easy storage - Product dimensions: 16.5cm (Round Base). 30.8cm (High). So I can easily bring it to MIL's during the weekdays and bring home during weekends :) And yes, though it is pretty pricey at RM399 but I sooo want it!! Anybody knows if this is already available in KK? Otherwise I will just order online ;p

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I'm destashing about 8 small size diaper covers including a couple of limited edition prints from Bummis...these are mostly bought brand new except 1 purple Thirsties cover. All small size as they were used when baby Eli was newborn til he was 2months plus. I used it with the traditional napkins :) So stay tune while I sort out the pics and pricing! ;p

Balding Eli

Like Ethan, baby Eli started shedding his baby hair a few weeks ago...previously Ethan's new hair was very curly so I wonder how Eli's new hair will turn out to be :) MIL and myself wouldn't mind at all if he has curly hair like Ethan too ;p

Anyway, Eli's hair loss is pretty bad as I can see hair on his baby cot, his clothes, in his bath tub after bath. I sometimes see hair near his mouth from a 'well-haired' baby...
....Baby Eli is now balding ;p Thank goodness my hair is not shedding...well at least not as bad as baby Eli's ...

Eli turns 3 months old!

This is a delayed post as baby Eli turned 3 months old 5 days ago i.e. 10th June ;p He still has reflux which can be heartbreaking and annoying at times. But at least baby Eli is growing well and happy. Like Ethan, he wakes up with a smile on his face too and its a joy seeing his smiling face during the crazy morning rush :) I've updated his developments here.

Weight : 5.3 kg
Length: 60cm

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ethan's 3rd Birthday

We initially planned to celebrate Ethan's birthday at his playschool this year. Unfortunately hubby was away for almost 3 weeks and only managed to come home exactly on Ethan's special day in the evening. So we had a small celebration just among us at PIL's last nite instead :)

I wanted to have Elmo cuppies or cake to bring to his playschool...since that was cancelled I ordered cheese cake from Strawberry Cakehouse instead...

Hubby lighting the candles while Ethan waiting patiently...
Ethan getting impatient ;p

Birthday boy posing for the camera! :)

Blowing the candles..but it was hubby who blew the candles out in the end ;p

Cut the cake!
Another pose while cutting his cake ;)

"'s a squashed piece for you Daddy!" ;p

Monday, June 7, 2010

3 years old he is!

Happy 3rd birthday to our dearest Ethan!!
We love you unconditionally!!
Lots of love, hugs and kisses from Daddy, Mummy and your Baby Brother Eli

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

"Conversations" with Baby Eli

Baby Eli will be 3 months old in 8 days time.

His reflux has toned down although he still throws up once in a while. But it is much better than previously. In terms of milk intake, he now takes 120ml every 2 hours though there are times (rarely..) it may stretch til 3 hours especially when he takes a long nap. He is mostly on Similac formula milk...I only breastfeed him during his early morning feeds and occasionally during the day when am not at work.. I know am not a perfect mum ;p

Anyway, the two videos below are recordings of him "cooing" with his grandma :)

You can hear some background noise coming from his big bro Ethan who was busy watching his Elmo's World dvds ;p

Say "cheese"!!

Besides "talking", Eli also loves to are some smiling pictures of him :)

This is not his best smiling shot but I just want to show you his dimples! ;p